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  1. Great, awesome. Thanks for noticing.
  2. My personal opinion, there should be tiers not increased astronomical cost. Just to keep it short and sweet, this is a horrendous change that will surely damage the games reputation as well as player count.
  3. Good morning, The recent patch is well disliked throughout the community because of the increased materials required to assemble stone structures, as well as the buffs to stone foundations. Currently the majority of players utilize stone buildings for housing etc. Materials required to assemble stone buildings now cost metal, and organic paste which in itself is not entirely common, and is crafted from two other materials. This all without a boost to stone building properties. Essentially it is nor more economical to spam Wood structures for the recent buffs and expense than it is to build stone structures at no buff with added expense. Essentially we are buying building and name brand prices for value brand quality. It's a sour deal at best. I'd like to suggest that tiers are incorporated rather as well as the requirements are rolled back, boosts to wood structures are fine as smaller groups might be using them as well as their prevalence on PvE realms. I'll list some ideas, and what they could possibly do. Tier 1 - Thatch Tier 2 - Wood Tier 3 - Stone (Revert changes) Tier 4 - Insulated Stone (By all means require Organic paste, provides Heat/Cold protection) Tier 5 - Reinforced Stone (By all means require Metal, provides extra durability) Tier 6 - Metal (Stronger than Reinforced Stone) Tier 7 - Insulated Metal (Heat/Cold Protection, as strong as regular Metal structures) Tier 8 - Reinforced Metal (Stronger than Metal) These options would make more sense overall, as well as potentially add more ingredients to the game rather than re-purpose stone. Lastly more depth would be added to the game which is desperately needed. I ask that these building block changes are reversed, I don't believe this is uproar generated by sudden change that will go away in a hot-minute. This is uproar that will stay, and in my opinion could quite adversely effect the game in a negative light.
  4. Just an update, we're getting Free-Port Shops, with actual gold exchange. Player ran!
  5. In the first line, I said I am horrible at modding, so I'd toss suggestions.
  6. Hey guys, I'm just going to jot down ideas as they come to me. I can't mod worth a damn so I'll just suggest some. # U.I+ > Something to make the skill-tree look more appealing, laid out better, something where you can see where all the branches lead to. Just a cleaner setup/page for it would be nice. Also "Tier" icons instead of all these separate icons) # Farming+ > Just more emphasis on farming in general, less "Go out and get 10,000 berries" and more, own some cows, chickens, pigs, plant crops till them etc. # Farming Plots+ > Also, can we get some small "field" size plots, like 10x the size of the regular plots that can hold as much, I'd like to have the immersion of farm lands instead of little shit wood boxes everywhere with a single plant in them) #Cooking+ > Just more balance to cooking, more meals with buffs, more ingredients from animals than just the standard meats, and primes. Also more items from plants basically just more depth) # Stacks+ > Just larger stacks, not necessarily dropping the weight, I just want clean looking cabinets) # Spawns Re-balanced > Since the Devs won't do it, and we've been complaining about 100 Wolves spawning on our doorsteps for about a month now, I'm hoping someone could attempt a fix. Note different zones and islands have different spawn rates so it would be quite the attempt to fix) # Buildings+ > This one is a big one for me, could someone maybe make towers and such and have them as pre-fab structures. A defensive assortment would be a great place to start. Also, higher wall pieces, 4x Height would be fantastic.) #Ships > Okay so this one is another important one, Galleons can be pumped out by a 5 man group in 6 hours, and they're like this because the PvE community uses them for Cargo, and the PvE community needs big ass Cargo ships, so if someone could make more larger Cargo ships for PvE that can be hammered out in 6-10 hours, while also making PvP ships that take days to weeks to hammer out but with more PvP impact that would be great) # Armor+ > More Armor sets, more importantly better armor sets. Layered gear, Plate with fur underneath etc.) # Melee+ > Someone please fix melee) # Trade+ > This one is two part.) > First, some sort of place-fab building that goods can be placed in by the owner, and purchased from for gold by "Listed" players or Allies) > Second, Free-Port Auction Houses (NOT CONNECTED) that anyone and everyone could sell goods out of, with gold gained from sold goods going back to another pre-fab structure, while goods purchased must be sailed out of the Free-Port, so Piracy content is created) # Piracy+ > Ships of the damned are kinda gay, unless you're 13 and hitting your edge-lord emo stride, all this "Damned" stuff is very edgy. I'd rather see more NPC "Pirate" ships while making SoTD much more rare, but hard experience to fight) # Sea+ > Fix the Sea, I'm sorry but 100+ of those (Bigger than Great Whites) sharks would not be in a 50 yard radius of eachother at all times) # Regional Animals > Polar: Polar Bears, Tropical: Panda Bears, Tundra: Grizzly Bears, Temperate: Black Bears etc) # MMORPG+ > Weapons, Gathering tools, more tiers we have Stone, Metal, but what we really need is, Stone, Tin, Bronze, Iron, Black-Iron, Refined-Iron, Crystal, Gem (Gem tools can be spec'd per the Gem material used to make them, higher rates, less stam use etc) # Flags+ > Larger Claim Radius, less flag spam, but more important claims, set fight times (think EvE) structures built inside claim can only be attacked for a 6-10 hour period set at "server time" by the owner, prevents off-line raiding, encourages quality PvP content. Time set to attack can only be changed once a week so as to prevent never being able to be attacked) # Rental Empires+ > An in-depth re-imagining of the tax and claim system that allows for the creation of "Rental-Pires" where territory can be handed and off-handed to outfits underneath the umbrella of the owning corporation with ease, placing more political emphasis on the game) # Alliances & Allies + > A fix to Alliances & Allies, Alliances no longer have limits but are broken down into categories and types. Showing a re-imagining of the current system.) > Main Alliance - Shows members in Blue) > Alliance Friends - Shows members in Purple) > Coalition - 2 or more Main Alliances Allied (Shows in Orange) >A new Alliance U.I would need to be created) # Chat+ > Better Chat system, tabs, General, Local, Help, Alliance, Friends, Coalition. Also better more visual friendly text) # Alert+ > Better System Alerts, as well as making Alert boxes smaller as not to take up 80% of the screen) # Management+ > More resource sheets, claims lists etc. Also U.I to declaim remotely and or trade claims with Alliance members remotely) Anyway, I'll keep adding as I go.
  7. *Admins Steam Account compromised* So I imagine the reports were true, one of the Admins kids got on their account and was using dev commands. If so, causing a company to have to rollback their servers, my Dad would have made my ass grass. I wouldn't have been able to sit for a week after that belting.
  8. So far the poll is at, A. 23 B. 6 C. 27 Seems many folks would like the Trade Hubs Auction house option. Overall seems most so far would like to see an AH of sorts. Yes: 50 No: 6
  9. Interesting post, as well as your link. A quality read I highly reco to anyone.
  10. Very thought out post, well said. It is my hope the Devs see your post!
  11. Right, and I'd like to continue to see a further push away from Tames. Aside from farming purposes of course.
  12. Now personally, and this is just me. I actually would rather the game move away from Tames being the global end-game meta. I'd like to mostly leave that gimmick in Ark. I'd like more focus on Ships, Infantry, and Empire building.
  13. Actually, I don't believe we would need A.I ships. The game is built around Piracy, more so than EvE as this game is directly a Pirate game. The Freeports themselves would still act as a "no shoot" zone, but outside of those zones, would be completely up to players. Would it be farmed absolutely, but that in itself creates content, opens up opportunities, and makes the goods more valuable.
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