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  1. its not possible, because u would need to have access to the redis db and u dont get it from nitrado. even if u would it would be not easy to merge them together. u can use both server in the same cluster, but u need a fresh start and upload the json map to both server, etceteta https://wiki.nitrado.net/en/Setting_up_an_Atlas_Nitrado_Server
  2. i saw the name of ships in the redis db (entityinfo namespace), maybe u could change it there.
  3. We had a server crash and on the map file (ocean.atlas) a single ship disappeared?!!! But on the live-map and also in the ingame map of the player, he still can see his ship (and even the bed). I figured out that this is because in the redis the entity is still there: bukanier.org:0>HGETALL entityinfo:2920139020 1) "EntityID" 2) "2920139020" 3) "ParentEntityID" 4) "0" 5) "EntityType" 6) "Ship" 7) "ShipType" 8) "Brigantine" 9) "EntityName" 10) "Black Betty III" 11) "EntityClass" 12) "BrigantineShipBuildingTest_BP_C" 13) "TribeID" 14) "1518232720" 15) "ServerXRelativeLocation" 16) "0.115346" 17) "ServerYRelativeLocation" 18) "0.142410" 19) "ServerId" 20) "65538" 21) "NextAllowedUseTime" 22) "0" 23) "bInLandClaimedFlagRange" 24) "False" Can I delete this key e.g. DEL entityinfo:2920139020 or do I have to check for something else? I guess maybe if some other entity has the ParentEntityID (e.g. a bed on those ship). But anything else?
  4. Buccaneers

    map Sunk and Salvaged Ships Still Showing

    In my case I have a dedicated server and the sunken ships are displayed on the map viewer (web version), but NOT on the ingame map. I found out, that the entity id is still in the redis db. Can I delete this element from the redis database?
  5. Jetzt mit etwas Deco Mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1677521039 und Karte sieht so aus http://map.bukanier.org (live map).
  6. Buccaneers

    dedicated server [Anleitung] LAN & DEDICATED Server 2x2 Deutsch

    .. aber schon nur beim QuestEntries, richtig? (Finde ich interessant, wie ein Questline dieses beinflusst)
  7. Buccaneers

    dedicated server [Anleitung] LAN & DEDICATED Server 2x2 Deutsch

    Wo siehst Du das? Beim Quest Generator? Beim Quest sehe ich sowas (X=0.5,Y=0.166667), müssten diese somit immer 6 stellig sein?
  8. Thanks @JetFox for the feedback, hope you can update this tool soon and also bring the redis backup :-). But FIRST nice vacation...
  9. When I fast travel from bed to bed (or use TP as admim) to another grid, that after a few transfer, I receive an system crash with the error message: Assertion failed: inPlayerControl -> isLocalPlayerController (see below). Please note, that mostly the first and second transfer/tp works but after a while it always crashed. Im on my own dedicated root server and other players have the same issues. This happens only since march 2019. Client crashstack: Assertion failed: InPlayerC Assertion failed: InPlayerController->IsLocalPlayerController() [File:H:\YARKUpdateLIVEReal_SHADERS\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\LocalPlayer.cpp] [Line: 138] https://gist.github.com/LotekHeavy/73f5655d32a88a48d256a2d84c7b85a8 I believe that this crash is more "client related" because the server itself is not crashing. When i check my PC I see that my memory from 16GB only has 4GB free. Maybe something memory related and thats why the game crash?! But do not understand why from decemter till february I did never had an issue!
  10. what?! does this tool contains a bitcoin miner or what ? I found nothing, please send him more details, thx!
  11. has @JetFox really quit working on this or is this just another gossip? it a great tool, rigth! but it would be better if we could get the sourcecode...
  12. hmm, why not make a full standalone install of redis (running as a service) and use different db entry in the serverconfig.json? just an idea, not tested!!!
  13. Yo Ho Seeräuber und Freibeuter! Willkommen auf Piraten & Bukaniere! Das ist ein kleiner aber feiner PVE Server für Seeräuber, Freibeuter und Piraten. Auf der Webseite https://www.bukanier.org sammeln wir einfach mal alles wo ein Jolly Roger gesichtet wird, Singen ein paar Lieder und trinken etwas Rum! Der Server hat folgende Haupteinstellungen: 3.5x Harvesting, 3x Taming Reduzierten Hunger/Durst (25-50%) 3x3 Grid mit vier Karten (mit PVE Inseln) , Livekarte ist verfügbar! Standort: DE (Nürnberg) für CH, DE und AUT Wir wollen ein familienfreundlichen Server sein. Weitere Informationen zum Server und Regeln auf unserer Webseite https://www.bukanier.org/de/server
  14. does ur mode-update honor the way that it only restart first a single instance, download the mod(s) and after this is done the other server restarts (otherwise I believe it could happen that the parallel downloads (from the different instances) of mods into the same server/directory can coz corrupted files). thx
  15. any news? i do have the same problem. but i can test too much, coz im live with my server. i had once an error because i copied the names from a website and they had utf8 chars. I couldnt see them until i changed the file from utf8 to ansi/iso ....