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  1. Luna Ravenstar

    NA PVE Kraken kill

    We are members of the NA PVE End Game Alliance discord. People get together to go after the keys, stones, essences, Kraken, Ice Dungeon, quests, etc along with sharing information about the game. The discord is https://discord.gg/FFtTvy6. You’re welcome to join us!
  2. Luna Ravenstar

    NA PVE PowerStone weekend runs

    I sent the link to our NA PVE End Game Alliance discord
  3. Title ^^ Does anyone have a link to a site that has real time, accurate player information?
  4. Luna Ravenstar

    this is getting sad

    I think you mean https://atlas.hgn.hu/ It's an Atlas Player Tracker showing the number of people playing on official servers in real time, along with other info.
  5. I’m a member of The NA PVE End Game Alliance here: https://discord.gg/FFtTvy6 People get together to go after the keys, stones, ice dungeon, Kraken etc. There is also a Trade channel with some very serious breeders who would be happy to help you. You're welcome to join
  6. Luna Ravenstar

    Okay Grapeshot - you had me faithful. but after...

    I too believe they should either make it VERY clear what the ship timers are or replace them or their components. However, as it was noted in another thread, GS will not replace the ship or any materials as a matter of policy as stated under Support Tickets: " At this phase in our development cycle, we will not be providing restoration for items, creatures, ships or other in-game assets. "
  7. Luna Ravenstar

    When should we just pull the plug

    Me too. Just log in long enough to reset timers, feed critters. For us it just took waaaaay too long to sail anywhere even with enhanced ships. Had fun building and doing treasure maps so I'd say 1100+ hours I got my money's worth. Since the content is "one and done" we played primarily to interact with other players but all the zones are mostly ghost towns now. Next mega update will determine if we get back into the game or quit.
  8. Luna Ravenstar

    where`s the hat?

    I supposed no negotiation could be a bit of a silver lining since I'm still not sure how much catnip I had left ever around to give them in exchange.
  9. Luna Ravenstar

    where`s the hat?

    But what if the hats have been kidnapped and the nefarious evil doers demand a ransom ???!?
  10. Luna Ravenstar

    How Atlas died.... :(

    Well since game launch day 1 we have played NA PVE and have always lived on lawless (nonsense claim system). Atlas may not be dead but it's dying out quickly. Case in point: for whatever the reasons, for the past few months, the number of players in our zone has been in the single digits with very few exceptions. I play to interact and have fun with others but there's hardly anyone around anymore so we only log in to reset timer and feed critters and that will probably end soon. Get out, explore, go to where the players are you say? Well I only have 1 monitor and spending my time staring at it for hours to get anywhere in this game is not entertaining or fun which is the reason I for one play video games in the first place.
  11. Luna Ravenstar

    Nice to see some new things coming BUT

    They're welcome to visit our base since it's pretty easy to reproduce there. Just demolish a ceiling tile then turn around and replace 6 others. Every freaking time.
  12. Luna Ravenstar

    Ship Rope Ladders

    Same thing been happening to us. Just use a grappling hook, latch onto your ship mast and climb aboard. Much faster.
  13. Luna Ravenstar

    icebox feedback

    @Karmacona Great info. Thx !
  14. Luna Ravenstar

    icebox feedback

    My next test will be to see how long ice lasts in the bag vs. salt unless someone already knows
  15. Luna Ravenstar

    icebox feedback

    Preserving times experiment: 3 onions just picked from garden. I live in Western Temperate Official server NA PVE lawless Spoil time in my inventory 2 hrs 23 min Preserving bag #1: 1 onion + 100 salt = 3 hrs 14 min Preserving bag #2: 1 onion + 100 ice = 19 hrs 20 min Preserving bag #3: 1 onion + 100 salt + 100 ice = 19 hrs 17 min