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  1. So this hat is one of the most difficult projects in the game.
  2. it`s been months , but why didn`t i get the hat ??? did they forget the hat as well as the new content?
  3. We want to buy hard music scores,XP or gold can be added. we are at b7 , our company is ooops. you can place your store on our island to sell the items you want to sell .
  4. You may have just met that bad apple
  5. We claim that an island needs to pay 1300 gold per day for maintenance,but it does not prevent someone from maliciously placing foundations in our ports, making it impossible for other players to produce, reducing our profits in disguise,and we have no way to stop this from happening. We can't evict him !! There is no way to patrol the island on 24x7 to remove the maliciously placed foundation. btw i found an island that is the same as our island but with less general cost ??? which is unfair Can anyone tell me how the island points work? is it a bug?
  6. kapp

    Discovery Points

    My newly acquired underwater power stone does not double the number of points.
  7. We claim an 86-point island. Then we found a 100% island with 57 points. WTF? Even every tree has the same location. So why are our islands nearly half as expensive?
  8. We are on the largest island of B7, we hope to establish a free trade port on our island, we will be responsible for the construction of the port and the road, and to ensure the island is clean. I hope that everyone can visit our island and participate in the trade port plan we initiated. btw We have a large number of animal trainers, as well as all the seeds, can make all kinds of food, we can accept customized orders, catch all kinds of difficult animals, and even help you beat Clarken.
  9. The animal trainer is full of tears
  10. It would be better if there were some drum music
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