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  1. I added additional tools to the atlas section of www.databygram.com Treasure tracker/planner Discovery Point tracker/planner Upkeep Assistant
  2. Check out this excel tool for planning your treasure runs. Feel free to DL and use. http://www.databygram.com
  3. Anyone planning a hydra or dragon island run and want some additional firepower? Say when and where!
  4. Ship is ready to go. 20k Built with Dark Blue Shipyard
  5. Freelance Patriots in N11 will deliver silver, softwood and rushes @ a 8:10 exchange rate. We bring 8 silver, you give 10 of other metal. Etc. Can do other resources if interested. See below for full list of our local supplies. Also have Wheat. Gold also accepted. https://atlas.gamepedia.com/Resources/N11
  6. Gramadin

    pve NA PVE, I need a starter kit.

    Some. What are you looking for? Just noticed in first post. Have bears and elephant. Maybe giraffe this weekend
  7. The Freelance Patriots have set up shops in the NE island in N11. ORDER AHEAD and pick up! Or browse the store. Available shipyards for those lost at sea or wanting to upgrade. Can set up a pin for temporary use.
  8. Gramadin

    pve NA PVE, I need a starter kit.

    Come to N11. We have a player shop set up with all kinds of goodies. NE island. At lighthouse.