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  1. There are lots of games in EA that have potential, including this one. But after a few months of watching these devs stumble, fall and just do and say idiotic things. At this point after seeing the last couple laughable "MINI-UPDATES", I have lost all confidence in this developer delivering what they originally had intended (THE ORIGINAL PROMO VIDEO). All i see is a developer who isn't addressing the real issues properly and just hard nerfing things to the point the might as well just remove them from the game all together (Torpedoes). And their updates are full of crap we don't want and tames that are useless (We want more ship types, not cats!). I mean seriously isn't anyone losing their confidence in these guys? Oh wait there coming out with a seahorse that can't be tamed.......NVM ....The game will be perfect after this next mega update. (Cause I know so many of us wanted seahorse!) (I'm trying to give constructive criticism, I'm really struggling with not hating on this game) PLEASE DEV'S HELP ME STOP THE HATE!
  2. I spend most my time traveling from island to island exploring the cookie cutter islands for abandoned players bases and I have to say. I don't see that much foundation spamming. But I'm on the NA PVE server mostly these days. I gave up on their broken pvp mechanics weeks ago.
  3. sgzeroone

    Box/X-bow nerf against Treasure Guardians?

    Yeah, I'm not sure what version of their game they are playing if any. But there is clearly a huge disconnect between the player base, the current meta for everything and the development team at Grapshot. Perhaps they should jump down in the trenches and actually play this hot mess and then perhaps they might come up with better updates, tweaks and changes. Seriously disappointed with this developer.
  4. I don't think there will be a change back to the old system anyways. I think both systems are flawed. I don't understand why everyone seems to think they need to live on a claimable island anyways. I have never lived on one and probably never will unless they nerf lawless and force people to. And lets be honest, there tons of space available that's not claimed anyways(there has always been plenty of space in lawless). There isn't a big enough player base to even worry about not finding a place anymore. The claim that there is no land left to claim in only made at this point by ignorant players. But then again if you must live on a claimable island you better be ready to cough up some coin to keep it. Which on most island eliminates the smaller groups from ever affording the ability to own. And actually with the current player base of maybe 1k players actively playing the old system would work now. Its not like there are 50k+ players trying this game out anymore. And the old system did allow new players a place to build....it was called lawless. Do you really think when/if this came comes out of alpha/beta (whatever you call this mess) there will be some big influx of players? I really doubt it. It's going down just like Ark did. And Ark didn't see any increase in player base after leaving beta. Why would you think this game will?
  5. sgzeroone

    Template for Sails & Flags?

    The interface for coloring sails is just terrible.
  6. sgzeroone

    @devs. We love you guys for giving us single player!

    Single player? #facepalm
  7. sgzeroone

    Really hoping you make build anywhere

    I don't get comments like "To Save The Game" and the likes. I've been sailing around quite a bit lately and only been seeing 1-3 people in most regions. So if you run the numbers on that there probably isn't even 1k player on during prime hours and that pretty much equals a dead game. Well maybe not dead, but definitely dying unfortunately. I wonder how many players this game needs to have for Dipshot to warrant maintaining the official server cost of operation? I fear this game might not make it at this point.
  8. But Don't worry they are adding even more islands with the next update so there will be even more islands that cost too much and are left abandoned. With the current tiny player base they could easily go back to the old claim system now without any problems.
  9. sgzeroone

    False Representation.

    I don't know if this question is just ignorance or humor......
  10. sgzeroone

    SoD fleets are a bad idea that needs to go away

    They have already nerfed this game to the point that there is no challenge on land....and now you want to remove all obstacles on the sea. GTFOH....this is a survival game with nothing left to survive! If you think this game is difficult in its current state.....you should get gud or just quit. #bringbackthechallenge
  11. sgzeroone

    Ship Rope Ladders

    Yeah, so glad were getting cats to tame, but forget trying to get on your ship with any ease. (I won't rant about how stupid the cat as a new creature is) Grapple Hooks are a good work around, seems like the best thing. Wish I could use the rear ladder but my aft cannon setup gets in the way of getting on the ship that way. Hopefully this bug gets fixed and doesn't become a permanent bug like so many did in Ark.
  12. sgzeroone

    Ship Rope Ladders

    Does that work on a Galleon too? Cause I usually get up eventually, if the sharks dont kill me first.
  13. sgzeroone

    Ship Rope Ladders

    Is it just me or are the rope you climb to get off and on your ship completely buggy since a few days ago? Just wondering if anyone else is having problem just getting back on their ships. It's really getting annoying and I have been playing other games because of it. Spending 10-15 mins trying to glitch back onto my ship through a ladder bug is annoying as all hell.
  14. sgzeroone


    Can you change it to soap on the rope? so it's safer. I keep dropping the soap and bad things keep happening.
  15. sgzeroone

    2x weekend Friday!

    It's sad that allot of us don't build or harvest during the week and wait for the weekends due to the fact that standard 1X is just terrible. Just make 2X the new standard and give us XP weekends......many of us would probably play more.