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  1. sgzeroone

    alone What are you doing when playing alone?

    I would offer my single player experience here, but I uninstalled the game. Still waiting for "Atlas to be great again"......
  2. I played NMS at launch and it was still more stable than Atlas. It reminded me more of the state that Satisfactory was in about a month ago as far as that goes. The biggest problem with NMS was that they promoted it as having multiplayer when that feature had not even been implemented yet. So when I look at the overall general bugs and lack of features implemented, I really can't compare the two. NMS was 10 times better at launch than Atlas is even now 6 months later. Hello Games perhaps launched their game a little early before all the main features were implemented, But Grapecard launched their game in a state of like pre-alpha ( they didn't even have a stable core of a game). They also lack a roadmap or any sort of direction it seems. I don't think comparing Hello Games to Grapecard is fair to Hello Games. Yes both companies have mislead the public about what their game is or has. I would like to see Atlas survive and become a better game. But even now with NMS the damage is done to the credibility of Hello Games and all that Grapecard is doing is following in their footsteps, unfortunately.
  3. sgzeroone

    It's not too late.

    Dear Grapeshot, I wanted to like your game, but unfortunately in it's current state I simply can't. Every reason I came to play this game has evaporated either because of bad game mechanics, incomplete feature implementation, or just game breaking bugs. I know it's EA, but I have played a tremendous amount of early access games over the years and this particular game is on my top 10 of worst EA games I have played. I truly hope that you guys figure out how to fix this game (or at least have a plan) and make it into what was originally advertised or at least make it into something worth the time spent playing it. Perhaps get in touch with Hello Games (No Man Sky) and ask them how they managed to save a great game from being abandoned. I wish you guys the best and I will be following the forums and watching the patch notes in hopes that things will turn around. Good Luck Sincerely, A hopeful Atlas player who wants to return
  4. sgzeroone

    Atlas and steam charts

    I think the problem with Atlas when it comes to deciding if its alpha or beta is because it keeps shifting between each the two. Personally, after the original release failed they should have just went back to pre-alpha stage because most of the features on the game were broken and just terrible at launch. The band-aid fixes they have been doing since launch are pretty much terrible. I personally think that no game should go on Steam EA without being at least a beta state. Unless your goal is to get terrible reviews on steam... Atlas is still in a early alpha state at best, they don't have all the features of the game completed from what I can tell. And if all the main features of the game are implemented then I understand why it's failing. It's just not good....
  5. sgzeroone

    Mega update 3?

    If they are planning to push the current state of the game into console, I'm sure the response from the console community will be almost as bad as the launch on pc, maybe a little bit better. But it's unlikely due to the fact of all the problems with pvp. I really hope that's not their plan.
  6. Realist doesn't even play the game at all. So why are you wasting your time trying to change his imagination. Because the only thing hes doing is imagining how the game is played because he's not actually playing it. This is so ridiculous....
  7. I'll be really surprised if they do crossplay honestly.
  8. I don't know why you waste your time trying to educate Realist, he hasn't even played Atlas. So anything he says is pretty much mute. He also is clearly a console gamer who only cares about console games. Probably due to his dependency on aim assist. And as far as console numbers, I'll believe it when i see it. I don't think there will be much of a influx of players and even if there is a slight bump it will fade fast. The game simply isn't good enough yet.
  9. I have heard there is a glitch with the submarine decay timer taking out the ship its attached to also. Cause apparently raising and lower the ship anchor does not reset submarine timer. Not sure if it was ever fixed. Did the ships have subs attached that disappeared?
  10. sgzeroone


    I haven't lost interest in Atlas. Just this game. I'm waiting for Atlas II : Return to Blackwood
  11. sgzeroone

    Who actually wants crossplay?

    What's all the brew-ha-ha about crossplay anyways. I'd rather just have lag free PVP/PVE. Besides everyone knows that console gamer's are sub par with all their aim assist crap. LOL I want bug free stable gameplay not crossplay.
  12. sgzeroone

    Mega update??

    I remember when Ark suddenly came out of EA, sometime after the first DLC, lol... I was actually shocked that it was coming out of EA because of all the bugs and poor optimization. I assumed the dev team just said where done working on it and left it half-a$$ optimized. To date, I think ARK is one of the worst games I have played when it comes to optimization during EA, besides all the abandoned ware in EA titles. Considering its popularity I always thought it would get better, but it really didn't. I really don't expect Atlas to get much better than it is right now tbh.
  13. sgzeroone


    When you design/develope a game with pvp and pve elements combined, you have all kinds of unintended problems. Best example is Eve online. PVEer's, Industrialist and New players suffered at the hands of Wardecs in Eve online from greifer corps. I mean come on hulk-a-geddon? Yeah balanced pvp my ass? The list goes on and on. High sec suicide ganking? Don't get me wrong the early days of Eve were great, but what it has evolved into is just terrible. If the developers of Atlas are truly molding their design to something like Eve, I would probably not be as interested in this game as I am. I'm just here to explore the world created by this team and build a nice little ship to sail the sea's. If I truly wanted to pvp it would not be in this type of game. Plenty of other games out there for my pvp fix.
  14. sgzeroone

    where`s the hat?

    Pretty sure the thread was about the hat, not game development. Not sure what the relevance on my knowledge of game development has to do with anything. I also don't recall ever saying that I know how Grapeshot's dev team is setup, not do I know the size of their team. So I don't know how many people they have working on the different aspects of the game. I also don't know if they have certain team members working on the creative side or the bug fixing side of things, or both. But hey if you have the breakdown on their team and who's doing what at Grapeshot, please share. I would be semi-interested. But you don't have the hat, so it's clear its not a priority for them. Whoever is working on whatever.