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  1. From the patch notes: - Level limit no longer applies in Freeports on non-dedicated session modes This would include single player I assume.
  2. The blueprint for the submarine hull is in the same folder, this spawns a working submarine ingame: "BlueprintShip":"Blueprint'/Game/Atlas/Vehicles/Ships/Submarine/Ship_BP_Submarine.Ship_BP_Submarine'", "BlueprintHull":"Blueprint'/Game/Atlas/Vehicles/Ships/Submarine/ShipHull_BP_Submarine.ShipHull_BP_Submarine'" You can find the correct path and blueprint name by browsing the atlas folder to the desired .uasset files. e.g : <ATLAS INSTALL FOLDER>\ShooterGame\Content\Atlas\Vehicles\Ships\Submarine
  3. You can use the command "cheat enemyinvisible 1". They will still be there, but won't attack you.
  4. Check the current patchnotes: Structures: The grill can now be attached to water pipes It's a good thing. We don't have to hassle with waterskins and such anymore.
  5. I agree, or at least do it more often besides the usual harvesting etc! Although it still takes hours and hours from the start until full maturity, it's actually doable for players like me who can't spend that much time on the game. I'm having a blast these last days with the breeding and searching for new potential breeding candidates. I completely forgot (and couldn't care less) about the boring resource gathering, which I'm normally doing on these weekends. Breeding is so fast, when I was on a short trip away from base, even my guard bears had time to do the sexy thing and gave birth without me noticing lol. rip that little one.
  6. The max counts for lvl 1 crew in freeport. You need to level them and then you can buy more. Thats how it was in the past...not even sure anymore with all these ninja updates.
  7. This is the one I use. As far as I know this is up-to-date
  8. I have used a diving platform on a sloop before, not sure if it is still possible. It was used to build a harbor with docks which needed 20+ pillars deep every few meters. The small sloop was handy for navigating through small spaces because of all the ships, rocks etc.
  9. Since The Hoppening update my game keeps crashing when joining the server (EU PVE). It either crashes with the below output, or will load into a black screen were I'm not able to do anything. I didn't had any problem, and played for hours, before the update. ps: There aren't any crop plots on the island I'm spawning in Grid: B13 Island: Zara's Spot (small Island in the SE) Company ID: 1307291721 Edit: I'm able to load the game on another account. (same computer/installation and world location)
  10. I'm certain there is on the small island in the SE. Not sure about the other islands in the grid.
  11. We have rosemary in tundra (B13)
  12. I'm also on a (small) tundra island and nothing around my base respawned after yesterday's last patch. The island is so small, if there were more settlers there wouldn't be any resources left and indeed turning it into a wasteland. This doesn't seem right.
  13. You can install a css addon for your browser, like StyleBot for Chrome. With these addons you can define a style (or get rid of certain style features) for every website you visit frequently and you're not dependent on the devs design choices. e.g. This is the (top of the) page of these forums as how I see it:
  14. I agree. I can put up with having to start with zero resources, bases, tames, ships and land. Rather not, but it comes with the EA territory. But losing my character, leveling, discoverypoints etc. is too much. That's a showstopper for me.
  15. Although it's hard to give up my invested base, ships and tames after grinding hard as a solo on PVE, it was expected. But tbh I somehow didn't expect them to also wipe character progress (leveling, powerstones, beating the kraken etc), especially on PVE. That's a bit too much for me and I'll probably give this game a rest for now. Maybe try it again in the future to see how it developed. It was fun while it lasted!
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