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  1. DeBruns

    Anchored ships should not sink

    DOES THAT MEAN IF I SKILL ON RESSIST THE ship i can stay longer than 8 hours in freeport? as solo player it would be helpful so long pve is ooffline ! only like the game for sailing around the world and dont get griefed by a poor sausage while im offline.
  2. DeBruns

    Feeding carnivors

    If they dont move they didnt Need much Food. Few days wouldnt be a Problem without feeding i think.
  3. hi ppl what is the fastest way to farm mythos? we tried cyclops but a balista didnt make so much damage like pre wipe ( eye hit) what is ur ways?
  4. DeBruns

    Does the game really have trench squid?

    same problem . its not hard to tame crab , only hard to find trech squids
  5. DeBruns

    Turnips.... where do I find then ?...

    we have it in O13 if u on pve eu i can give u seeds and fruits
  6. DeBruns

    Squid Killer

    Thx long time ago that i hear that song u cxan find it in powerstone islands in the dark zone under water best to fight is submarine with bolts
  7. DeBruns


    pre wipe we found in O2 but it was rare spawn found only 2 nodes
  8. Do Sods attack the submarine?for collecting the loot?
  9. DeBruns

    LF PVE EU alliance to do Kraken

    We would happy to Join too . egon which Country u are? we are germans so i have to Look for Time !
  10. DeBruns

    eu pve powerstones

    it was a surprise for us we only crossed H8 on the way to H5 and then the dome opend with our fight brig it was ok
  11. DeBruns

    eu pve powerstones

    yesterday a group fight the kraken! if someone have a plan to fight it pls tell me, a few of us didnt get the skill
  12. DeBruns

    kraken Skill

    today we fight the kraken but i died, now only one of us can build the submarine and i cant drive it so can only the ones that alive the kraken can drive with it? does someone tamed a giant crab ? what to feed and how it goes under water?
  13. DeBruns


    but still useless or do they make now insulation?
  14. DeBruns


    thx for info
  15. DeBruns


    is breeding still buggy? do they eat from the through when u log off?