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  1. Poot Pootington

    Zone Transition Crash - One Big Vokop

    Happening to me as well. Either fatal error crash, or I have 255 ping for 5-10 minutes before it goes down. What's odd is my wife has no problem with this. We'll swap computers, load into a new zone together, and only my profile had the issue. So it's a problem with my account; not my hardware or internet connection.
  2. Poot Pootington

    255 ping 1 player

    Same issue
  3. Poot Pootington

    Fatal error or 250+ ping when loading into any grids

    Having same issue Validate files did nothing
  4. I gather all maps I see. When I have a couple good journeynan level maps, I'll plan a trip to hit those, and I'll grab any lower level maps I have for on the way. If the actual spot is hard to get to (on top of a cliff, inside someone's base) just ditch the map and move on; especially if it's lower quality. I use a speed schooner (lrg and sm speed sail) with a diving attachment to hit any shipwrecks along the way. Bring a bear or two... Bears and grenades make short work of AotD. Usually, if I can't get to a treasure with my bear, I'll skip it unless it's a really high quality map. Spears have higher spike dmg than bows; so I bring a bunch in case I have to fight Warriors of the Damned so I can take them out before they regen their health. Knowledge of the Damned and strong arm are a heavy skill investment, but it'll increase your bow and spear damage by 90% if you max them both.
  5. Poot Pootington

    Can you put a diving rig on a ramshackle sloop?

    For the record, yes you can. And the reason why I wanted to was to get gold for an island (PVE) from shipwrecks as fast as possible. Thanks!
  6. They added ship decay in the last patch. My guess is they put the decimal in the wrong place and they're disappearing way faster than they should be. Silly devs.
  7. Poot Pootington

    Warriors of the damned bugged hitboxes?

    I've done a lot of maps and it wasn't always like this. Hopefully it gets patched.
  8. Poot Pootington

    Warriors of the damned bugged hitboxes?

    Headshots are impossible and only shots directly to the chest count for warriors of the damned. Anyone else seeing this? Can't finish this treasure map because I can't kill the warriors before they regen their health without headshot multiplier
  9. Poot Pootington

    Warrior of the Damned bug

    Ran into same problem, and arrows don't register head shots either. You have to hit then square in the chest, or all your shots will go through them. I couldn't kill then before they regen their health because I couldn't land headshots.
  10. Poot Pootington

    Any interest in a trader’s alliance on NA PvE?

    If you're near the East most part of the map, there's a trading post based out of O4 that gets a lot of traffic. Castaways & Cutthroats run it on the NE island, Kerroview. Discord link: https://discord.gg/Zbx6tUW
  11. Poot Pootington

    Luring SOTD's and knocking victims unconscious

    True "For all we know..." Key phrase though. Bethesda banned players and it ended up as headlines. Players then knew they'd get banned for accessing exploits. Ban these fools and make it public. And I'd argue that having to buy the game again and start all over is a pretty significant consequence. If they're just bored as mentioned above, then good. Now they're forced to move on because they're not willing to buy the game again, and they'll go torture players in some other game.
  12. Poot Pootington

    Luring SOTD's and knocking victims unconscious

    It's a shame that the same companys and the same handful of players are running amok chasing away a player base trying to enjoy the game as intended, and nothing is being done in the moment. I understand Jat stated they're trying to prioritize fixing the exploits instead of the time it takes to chase griefers, but their efforts to patch the exploits are taking way too long and are clearly not working (yet) Send Polly to ban these fools, wipe their progress, and make it public so at least there's a fear of some sort of consequences. This is a situation of opportunity. Currently there's no risk to griefing, they know nothings going to happen, it's easy to do, and there's a huge reward of looted mats. Please, do something devs!
  13. Poot Pootington

    sotd still sink anchored ships after 18.6

    Damn... That's awful. That'd be enough to make me rage quit.
  14. Poot Pootington

    Crew unseats mid fight

    I swapped toggle to sprint to left shift and hold to sprint to right shift. That probably messed up my key bindings. I use right shift plus A or D to turn my sails. I tried left shift to get crew back on cannons but it didn't work. How does one whistle all to passive? All 28 of my crew leaped off my ship to dance with a seagull in the ocean. Hilarious to watch, pita to get them all back on my ship.