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  1. TerrorTrooper

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    Although I’m not too bothered about the long sail times, (sometimes I actually find it therapeutic and relaxing) one thing that annoys me about the long sail times is safe harbour on PVP. for example, if you’re unlucky with the wind one evening, you may have to ask permission and park up in someone’s island. Ideally one that’s just started peace phase. its not fun when you come back on the following day and find several days of hard work was destroyed and looted an hour after you went to bed. This happens too often. Really limits your possible sail distance from home.
  2. TerrorTrooper

    Wipe a island

    It wipes everything. Basically puts the island back to a blank canvas.
  3. TerrorTrooper

    How to change peace phase

    Walk upto the flag, press E, there should be an option to change it
  4. TerrorTrooper

    Fix the weight exploit!

    I thought they changed it so anchored ships won’t sink when overweight/overcrowded?
  5. TerrorTrooper

    Attacked in Peace phase but cannot fight back

    Were they the island owners?? if so, then yes, they can attack people on their island even in peace time. if they were not, then something has gone wrong somewhere, during peacetime you should not be able to be killed. on a side note, If it is the landlord that attacked you, it sounds like they’re assholes, as that’s a proper douche move. I’d suggest moving as short of taking the island from them by force, there’s not much you can do about it.
  6. TerrorTrooper

    bug Ship destroyed in the freeport [BUG?]

    This thread is nearly a year old
  7. TerrorTrooper


    Although I’ve never tried it, I remember people saying it razed everything on the island.
  8. TerrorTrooper

    Treasure Maps

    Just to add to the above, AoD are only killable with melee or a tame. The guy above mentions oil jars and pistols, however, some people found an exploit to use ApD to level ships, so rather than fix it, the devs just ruined it for everyone and Made AoD immune to everything other than melee/tames. Thus removing any creativity or excitement in killing them in the game, bring a pike if you want to do low level ones by hand, ultimately you need to tame a bear, failing that, take a few pigs, easy to tame and 3 or 4 of them will do most maps upto fine.
  9. TerrorTrooper

    After 2 Days

    1:- tropical, desert, and equatorial can be brutal on the temperatures, as stated above, I’d strongly advise on sticking your first 10 points into Fortitude. It just makes everything more manageable. 2:- its honestly easier to die at this stage in the game. Personally I don’t manage my vitamins half the time anyway, it’s a useless mechanic that brings nothing to the table. That’s another story however and they do get easier to look after later. 3:- you’re in a Freeport, aren’t you. Freeport’s have accelerated decay timers on ships, the purpose behind this is to prevent it cluttering up with abandoned player craft. Anywhere else in the atlas, a ship will last almost indefinitely (assuming no one sinks it) as long as someone visits it every 2 weeks, In a Freeport you’ve got about 8 hours. Again, it’s a frustrating mechanic that does more to upset new players rather than protect them. Personally, on death, I’d change my home region to lawless, you won’t be bound by any of the Freeport’s odd mechanics then. 4:- a sloop, (built in a small shipyard rather than a bought ramshackle) can mount a single medium sail rather than 2 small sails making it easily solo sailable. instead of actually mounting the sail, of its within reach from the wheel, bring up the radial menu and adjust rotation and percentage open on that.
  10. TerrorTrooper

    Advice on claim flags.

    I’m not new to atlas, but am new to PvP, so looking for some advice from you seasoned vets. Having recently fought for, and taken an island. (Purely by chance, we got suckered Into someone else’s fight and won) I want to understand how the claim flag mechanics work defensively. firstly, I’ve seen people fortify their flags, at first I assumed this was an effort to prevent people contesting and taking their claim, but the radius is massive making it difficult to do that, so why fortify a flag, can other people steal from it? Etc. secondly, peace time. I understand that protects your buildings and Anchored ships within the islands discover boundaries from damage but you can still kill and be killed, does peace time also protect the ships/buildings of settlers, allies, random people who land? For example, if someone else anchored there, are they safe? finally, any tips on protecting our new island? Although we’ve become quite adept at learning defence through the constant assault on lawless, claim mechanics may be different As most info online is outdated. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. TerrorTrooper

    Pvp land base

    At the moment, base raiding is very heavily biased towards the attacker if the defender is offline. I’ve found the best defence is misdirection. Our main base is heavily fortified, but is technically our decoy base, anything valuable is stored in a very well hidden base elsewhere, so when we are raided, the only stuff we lose is basic resources and whatever happens to be in the benches at the time.
  12. TerrorTrooper

    Ripped off

    There’s plenty of land. On PVE you can pretty much build wherever you want, on PVP there’s plenty of space in lawless. what your actually saying is “I’m solo and I want to own an island that’s just given to me”
  13. TerrorTrooper

    Who is (123) player, please answer.

    No I don’t think so.. you’ve totally missed the point I think pal. the 123 thing isn’t “cheaters” it’s people stopping other people tracking their in game movements using external resources not provided by the devs. so the 123 thing is in essence an effort to prevent cheating. ironically you, as an Xbox player can track me as I’m a steam player (essentially cheating) but I can’t track you as you’re an Xbox player. so, in reality, this has zero effect on your game, and the 123 things isn’t cheating, so I dont think the Xbox players are going to leave in droves because of it.
  14. TerrorTrooper

    Anyone else not seeing map bottles today?

    Yes actually, I’ve noticed they’re few and far between too.
  15. TerrorTrooper

    After advice on taking an island.

    I can do that!