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  1. TerrorTrooper

    Are you sure there is enough sharks in the sea?

    Perhaps we need monstrous sharks, like the monstrous whales!! definitely ately!
  2. TerrorTrooper

    Any advice on surviving a heatwave?

    Strangely enough, I’ve recently dabbled in single player, and I’m on the same island, and I have the same fortitude as on official. The heatwaves seem more severe! Had one 56 degrees C and it wiped me out twice in minutes.
  3. Indeed! i honestly can’t fathom the mentality of this one. Mall the shorter timers I’m all for as island owners should have a means of “housekeeping” in terms of spam and abandoned structures, but essentially carpet bombing from shore to shore is a bit much! With such a small community I can’t see it being much of an issue if I’m honest as land certainly isn’t scarce anymore. But if the server populations were perhaps 3 or 4 times what they are now, I reckon the forums would be full of unbridled rage in a week. Hey! Carpet bombing! That actually sounds like fun!
  4. I have to admit, I did a double take when I read this one! I do have a fair amount of faith In These devs, as although they may struggle with the mechanics some time, they have built an amazing world. but this... what were they thinking??? Months and months persuading smaller groups of people to move away from lawless and Settle elsewhere then this.... although we own an island, we have outposts all over the atlas, one in particular is a large hub for us that has grown massively. We had a good relationship with the original island owners as we imported stuff for them. They’ve long gone inactive and the island has changed hands twice already! Next time it’s almost certainly going to get razed. also, island flipping, let’s say if the game was busy enough due to people coming back and settlers were a common occurrence. What’s to stop 2 companies intentionally flipping an island once a month to intentionally farm settlers. There would be outrage! Also, PVE is more likely to have grand builds and long standing established bases. Hence more to loose. I also don’t get the devs tendency to treat PVE like the unwanted stepchild. PVE is half their playerbase on average across the 4 servers. When you google atlas and see an impressive build, it’s good advertising, but you can also be relatively certain it was built in PVE.
  5. TerrorTrooper

    Changes to AOD mean solo players must engage in taming

    I too feel it was a ridiculous Fix for something that wasn’t really a problem. I enjoyed getting creative on treasure maps, the thing about open world survival MMO’s is the players make their own content. Now I’m no tame hater, I love my bears! But I thoroughly enjoyed finding new and alternative ways to do maps! Now, however, it’s “bring a bear or go home” I’ve been a stout defender of these devs as I understand development cycles and testing and realise that they will move the goalposts to either side of balance to test effects, but I am starting to lose faith in their competence as slowly, but surely, they are removing all the sand from our otherwise amazing sandbox. its a crying shame as I really want atlas to succeed but I just don’t get them.. so many heavy handed and unpopular changes on an already dwindling player base isn’t a great way to promote the game, again, neither is the complete focus on PvP balancing at the expense of PvE. Especially when the numbers are about equal.
  6. TerrorTrooper

    So what did you accomplish over 4x?

    I took my maxed level battle brig into a fight with a lvl 58 galleon and it’s escorts to get some company members the achievement. Was too close to land, foolishly grounded myself and the galleon preceded to pummel me senseless. Many missing planks and insane damage but it looked like we may just pull it off, with about 10% of its health left, bam! Cannon deck collapses, in a totally pirates of the Caribbean 3 slow walk ending death scene, I was helpless and watched my proudest warship plunge into the drink. So I did the only thing one can do in these circumstances. Spent the next day rage building a battle galleon.
  7. TerrorTrooper

    Please Fix the Galleon Bug.

    Galleons are annoyingly buggy!! ive got a couple of tiles I simply can’t place, no matter what I try. I’ve had multiple that were difficult to snap, ive also noticed the ladders issue occasionally in certain spots. Although I’m happy with the rate the devs are addressing issues and adding content, I do feel ships and sailing has been somewhat neglected.
  8. TerrorTrooper

    Why wind should never die down

    Totally agree! It drips way to low to a point of “no point in playing” the minimum needs bumping up a bit.
  9. TerrorTrooper

    Cats, has anyone figured out where they are?

    Ahh! I thought they had already been added. Explains why we can’t find them. I’ve already been practicing my nay saying and crazy mumbling too.
  10. I’m not sure what constitutes a cave, I thought maybe the ice cave but sounds like a strange place for a cat to spawn, anyone have any ideas?
  11. TerrorTrooper

    Request for new ships

    His usual mega blah blah stuff aside... he isn’t wrong!! We need more ships! they are after all, the supposed backbone of the game and are at the heart of what we do across the atlas. Admittedly , schooner and galleon are pretty much at the opposite ends of what we need, we don’t really need anything smaller than the schooner, or anything bigger than a galleon. But what about some specialised ships in between which have specific strengths and weaknesses. for example, a frigate. Maybe slightly bigger than a brig, substantially more gunports, perhaps it has a higher gain for resistance and damage, but lower for weight and crew? Or a Barque that has bigger gains for weight and crew, and smaller gains for everything else (kind of a specialised transport) ultimately, we need more ships as let’s be honest, no one asked for a seahorse, and now it’s been given to us, no one really wants it.
  12. TerrorTrooper

    thank you for officially breaking the game

    Doing the map isn’t the problem. Not Having variety and multiple ways to do the map is the problem. Rather than the devs addressing the actual problem, they’ve added an across the board nerf and turned maps to bring a bear/crab only.
  13. TerrorTrooper

    thank you for officially breaking the game

    I think some people have missed the point. Yes maps and such are still very doable with a bear. But with the grapeshot ship exploit. Instead of addressing the actual problem or exploit. They’ve completely nerfed something that didnt need nerfing. Creatively finding wars to do maps you couldn’t get a bear or grapeshot to was fun! Not anymore. As someone aptly said, they keep removing the sand from the sandbox.
  14. TerrorTrooper

    Really hoping you make build anywhere

    What?? Console players want ark?? Well this isnt ark. also, this isn’t the 90’s console players don’t want diluted gaming experiences compared to their PC counterparts. also, you already can build anywhere, there’s little consequence to not owning an island. Also, the arrogance that you are some console diety and no one else here is a console gamer is presumptuous
  15. TerrorTrooper

    Box/X-bow nerf against Treasure Guardians?

    Yes.. it’s intended. Its also absolutely ridiculous! Honestly cannot even guess the devs thinking behind this absurd change. Removes all creativity and strategy from maps and just turned it into “bring a bear”