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  1. Pretty sure that just means that the stat didn't get a roll, much like it doesn't list stats on armor that aren't boosted.
  2. Standard procedure instead of logging out on a boat that will be zoning is to place all items in a storage container, and fast travel (via bed) to a land bed, then logout. Reverse the process when you return.
  3. I think the imbalance you are referring to is from the one-sided nature of safety timer versus no safety timer. I get that you like to live in fear, which is all well and good when you are actively in game, but a whole different story when it comes to offlining. Two thoughts there: Perhaps the devs could introduce an arbitrary, unchangeable peace timer for Lawless islands, and have them all be different, but with more of them focused around the peak player times. Part of selecting an island in the first place would be considering what times are best for you to defend your stuff, versus offlining. This would have the bonus effect of getting players with similar playtimes/timezones/locations to join together geographically, and make a tighter community of each island. Perhaps instead of the above, attacks against structures and anchored boats could somehow be mitigated or prevented from players while their home island is invulnerable to attack. I assume this would require a player to select a "home" island to base their character from, and couldn't just be changed on a whim for companies who own multiple islands. Not as strong an idea as #1 above, but at least there is quid-pro-quo of vulnerability when island owners descend from their ivory towers.
  4. If you are really, really good, maybe Santa will give you a 2x wipe!
  5. Going back to claimable zones in PVE would solve some current granularity problems, but also eliminate 90% of the mutual benefits of curated islands. It would solve some problems and re-introduce MANY more. Claim zones were cancer, our current system is arthritis.
  6. Interesting theory. Never dawned on me that it is the same range as creatures. Maybe "alpha" maps are the boosted ones? Never have personally found a boosted map on a lawless island (where alphas don't spawn). The top i've seen this season was a 27.8 Masterwork.
  7. If you say so, but it also sounds like you've got nothing to lose in trying. If everyone adhered to required prerequisites, we'd still be banging two rocks together.
  8. Sounds like you have a dog in this fight. Have you considered applying despite the requisites? You sound passionate. If that comes across in a cover letter, you probably have a shot, even if you think you don't.
  9. Xboxes have awful memory constraints when compared to modern PCs. Custom textures take up a lot of memory.
  10. Filtering doesn't get you very far. Sorting by region would allow you to scan for maps nearby, rather than typing in every individual adjacent region. I don't normally have less than 100 maps at any given time, so building a path is tedious in the extreme. Especially with the awful text coloring. Edit: Sort by distance would be an amazing brass ring for me.
  11. Some developers prefer to be a big fish in a little pond. With all the potential promise of Atlas, with some chops, you could really make a difference there that you could be proud of, whereas even amazing lifetime developers can't budge the wheel in a huge shop like Ubisoft or Bioware.
  12. As I understand it, you need to wait 24 hours after successfully claiming to initiate a wipe, then you have a 48 hour period before the option goes away. Full disclosure: This is second hand knowledge, I have never actually done it myself.
  13. Mostly involves grappling a shark. Did it to a Dolphin on accident once. Went kilometers in seconds. I'd imagine that a shark ride would be somewhat less thrilling. He would probably turn around to eat you as soon as you hit the water.
  14. All good ideas, the alphanumeric sorting by region would be bonzer, but frankly I'd be happy by starting with a revisit of the text colors on UI. Journeyman maps are almost completely unreadable.
  15. Truth! Likely most, if not all of the developers are working on Ark code that is set up like a house of cards. They can probably barely understand it themselves and probably curse the original architects every day they are forced to work on it. Working on legacy code, the only thing safe to fix is trivial things at the periphery of the systems.
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