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  1. Sleepinator2000

    Group Unseat Command

    The Red Alert will only apply to currently selected groups on your hotbar, so for instance if you want to unseat your left gunners, select only the left group, hold N until the timer on the hotbar counts down, and then release, then immediately hit the chill command ";". The chill command applies to everyone on your ship including tames regardless of current group, you may want to substitute hyphen "-" which puts everyone on neutral instead of passive.
  2. Sleepinator2000

    Diving Suit Light

    Just put the lantern on your belt. Only your armor unequips when you don the diving suit, nothing else.
  3. Sleepinator2000

    Ship won't move in the middle of the ocean

    If that worked, a ballista/harpoon probably would have worked as well, with no risk of damage.
  4. Sleepinator2000

    Group Unseat Command

    When you select a group, if you press and hold "N" for 3 seconds they will all unseat on button release. They will also become aggro, so you should have your finger on the ";" and hit it instantly to calm them down before they start chasing seagulls. To reverse the operation, press and hold "right shift" and they will all return to their most recent position. Obviously the above isn't as good as the unseat command you describe, but it does the trick until they give us a better suite of whistles to work with. I don't suggest you hold your breath waiting.
  5. Sleepinator2000

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    At risk of getting perilously close to "speed up sailing", I think a nice replacement suggestion for the currently broken mechanic on Speed Sails would be something to mitigate the slowdown associated with low winds. Something where a perfect +200% speed sail would have no slowdown in terrible winds, and a +150% would only see half the current slowdown. I wish I could take credit for the suggestion, but somebody else thought of it before me. I think the real boredom kicks in when some people have to sail really far (7+ zones), but there are only a couple good reasons to do that: Whaling (if your base is equatorial), High Level Maps, and resources. I think Whaling is fine as it is, both a benefit and risk associated with polar life. I also think that resource distribution is fine as is, scarcity is the bread and butter of other trading games like EVE online, so really maps is the one place that could get some love. Two ideas to improve maps: Make them chain - Instead of always having every masterwork send you 8 zones of pure boredom away, have it send you up to 2 zones for a lesser treasure with an additional reward of the next map up the difficulty chain to the grand prize. Map quality could simply be an indicator of how many links there are built into the map chain, and boosted maps always add one more link to the chain, and always end on a Golden Age Ruin. Make maps last A LOT longer on activated merchant shops so that enterprising map hunters could make a reasonable living just hunting maps, shipping them afar, and selling them closer to the region they could be used. This idea would probably be mutually exclusive with the above idea about map chains, since it would eliminate far maps.
  6. Sleepinator2000

    Message in a bottle

    Depends on how much you want to invest. I suggest a dedicated Schooner with speed sails, minimal accoutrements, two blueprint Ballistas facing rear, a diving rig, around 400 ballista bolts, and a carbine for pulling. Get some good fur armor and you can go Polar where the whales hunt you, not the other way around. Try to put alot of your sloop levels into +damage. You can easily outrun any whale even in a sloop, but you need the speed to cover alot of ground while hunting for them. Stick with the prevailing winds and you'll cover more ground. Once you kill one, use your diving suit to stay warm and avoid shark aggro while chopping blubber. Don't forget to loot it before you start choppin.
  7. Sleepinator2000

    Magic Mythos

    Did some breeding recently, and man you guys have a thankless job. I think it would be great if they added some cooking recipes that could accelerate some of things you folks do via the troughs. Make them expensive/rare components so they aren't just a straight up gimme, but at least you could get an excuse to get away from your sweatshops, or find someone who likes to do harvesting/cooking to help you out.
  8. Sleepinator2000

    Information for the next updates!!

    I believe that many of these are to replace duplicate islands in many of the zones, although I haven't downloaded the latest PTR. Is there anyone who can confirm that many of these are swaps?
  9. Sleepinator2000

    How You Know You're Playing Too Much Atlas....

    When I am hiking and I look at a scrawny patch of trees and the first thing to come to mind is "I wonder what kind of thatch that produces?"
  10. Sleepinator2000

    atlas graphics bug? or my gpu giveing up the ghost?

    I agree that it seems to have gone backward at some point. It has been a real rollercoaster since January. I actually thought performance was pretty good after the wipe, but player made content just keeps piling up and bogging down everything, which probably forced their tweaks to deal with it. The hitches I see now when a new island comes into view are brutal and jarring, and I know that at least some of those islands are completely vacant.
  11. Sleepinator2000

    atlas graphics bug? or my gpu giveing up the ghost?

    If the above image is indicative of what you are seeing, I see the same thing upon first loading with a very high end video card. This became more pronounced after some patches about a month ago, probably because of rendering optimizations. It is a pretty typical loading optimization to start with a low LOD (level of detail), and then gradually swap/replace with the higher resolution textures as system resources become available. If your video card has low VRAM (<4GB), you might never get all the high resolution textures loaded in a scene.
  12. Sleepinator2000

    Does Decay cause any sort of load?

    Saw an enormous hitch (like 30 seconds long) about a week ago where someone's entire base disappeared in the zone I was in, so yes.
  13. Sleepinator2000

    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    When it used to happen to me, I'd just keep building whatever I was working on and ignore stuff falling apart elsewhere, then only when I was certain that I was done with the new project would I go around and fix up the battle damage. Maybe it was luck but the one thing that never happened to me was having an infinite loop of triggering remote collapses. Primarily because I was very careful when placing fixes, so I never had to re-destroy them.
  14. Sleepinator2000

    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    Yes, when I used to see it (many months ago), it would only happen when someone was destroying something, not just out of the blue. Knock on virtual wood, we haven't seen it since then, but we also haven't been renovating anything at our base. I am pretty sure that you have to reach a critical mass of pieces within a certain radius before you start seeing this happen, but once you do, it will probably happen alot in the exact same spots every time. I am pretty sure it is either related to attach point chains, or duplicated object IDs. It is almost certainly exacerbated by some kind of optimization between play sessions or server restarts. I still see a somewhat similar problem with losing foundation support on Galleons if I just leave the Galleon alone for a day.
  15. Sleepinator2000

    Mega update 3?

    I'd choose: install base second chance critical mass less jaded beta test