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  1. Sleepinator2000

    Looking To Charter a Ship To Go Whale Hunting

    Schooner with 3 rear ballistas and 200 bolts is more than sufficient for this task. I have done it with a sloop and 2 ballistas, but top speed makes that one dicier. Damage levelled galleons with one good blueprint ballista is also sufficient, and easy for the aggro polar whales. Not nearly as easy for the blues because they lose interest and dive pretty quickly.
  2. Sleepinator2000

    Does mineral oil exist in the game??

    Found some on the little island in L14 the other day. Definitely still in game.
  3. Sleepinator2000

    your first sloop its emergency ladder

    I got stuck climbing it in the default spawn position in A6 Western Freeport. External camera showed only my arms clutching it, my body had become invisible. Talk about a bad new player experience. Screw em just trying to get on their first boat.
  4. Sleepinator2000

    Spawn Locations Upon Entering Game.

    Haven't seen this myself recently, but I also don't log out on ships. There have always been recurring problems with that, especially if somebody else moves it while you are offline.
  5. Sleepinator2000

    Please Fix the Galleon Bug.

    FWIW, the old workaround I mentioned above still works exactly as described after the wipe. The sad thing is that they did actually touch the bounding boxes on the Galleon recently which resulted in nullifying some of my old structural optimizations for reasons I cannot fathom, but while they were at it they didn't even bother to fix this longstanding bug. One step backward, one step back, it seems.
  6. Sleepinator2000

    Cross Play = Endentured Servitude

    To be clear, the only people who actually PAY anything in PVE are the island owners. The tenants get exactly as much from harvesting as the island owner does, and they don't have to pay an upkeep. Smart island owners make their island attractive to tenants because it reduces their taxes, and they get a bonus when you harvest. I have no idea which, if any of the tenants on our island are Xbox players, and frankly don't care. As long as they are respectful of others, that's all that matters. I am curious what is the critical thing you feel you are missing with PC peers? Voice comms? Controller handicap? Performance gap?
  7. Sleepinator2000

    So what did you do in Atlas today?

    If you are building your first galleon and you don't have a good mix of tames to make it easier, find a spot in the center of a nearby forest and build a smithy. Don't get tricked into thinking you have to cart everything back to your base to build it. You can do all the planks, decks, and ceilings right there on the spot, and then carry them to the boat when you are done. I get perverse pleasure out of carrying everything to build my ships in one trip.
  8. Sleepinator2000

    So what did you do in Atlas today?

    Your definition of overcrowded must be very different than mine. There are many whole islands without a single claim or structure on them yet.
  9. +1 Been seeing this since January. Happens about 50% of the time (to me), sometimes in chains. Haven't noticed a difference in frequency between land beds and shipboard beds. Sometimes a green map, other times a total failure as if I had died. Worst I have seen is 5 consecutive failures.
  10. Sleepinator2000

    Grenades vs Army of the Damned

    They broke everything against AoTD back in May. Must use melee or bear.
  11. Sleepinator2000

    keymap Keymap reset to default every session

    This was a problem that I encountered between March and May on PC, but went away eventually. The new wipe has resumed the problem, and everyone in my company appears to see the same thing, namely: Our custom keyboard remapping is reset at every login. For most of us this it is specific to unmapping the center mouse button (because most of us use that for voice comms).
  12. Sleepinator2000

    Army of the Damned - 'random' spawn?

  13. Sleepinator2000

    Fps drops

    That has been there forever. My Titan X chokes on it every time. I think the problem is with too many transparent textures suddenly drawing on top of each other, so the number of render passes goes up exponentially until the leaves fade.
  14. Sleepinator2000

    Patience people!

    An icebox can definitely be placed on a boat. Parking in the Arctic overnight will usually rack you up a couple stacks. Tundra probably 1 stack per night. This is before they raised the ice threshold temperature, so your results may vary. Be careful of the weight though. the ice weighs 1kg apiece, so leave it for a week and you will rack up literally tons of ice. Not recommended for a sloop.
  15. Sleepinator2000

    Patience people!

    And ice is dramatically better for preserving. If you are in a cold climate, build an icebox.