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  1. Sleepinator2000

    Treasure Map Sorting.

    All good ideas, the alphanumeric sorting by region would be bonzer, but frankly I'd be happy by starting with a revisit of the text colors on UI. Journeyman maps are almost completely unreadable.
  2. Truth! Likely most, if not all of the developers are working on Ark code that is set up like a house of cards. They can probably barely understand it themselves and probably curse the original architects every day they are forced to work on it. Working on legacy code, the only thing safe to fix is trivial things at the periphery of the systems.
  3. Sleepinator2000

    Despawn rates need to be adjusted!

    You prefer the multi-month abandoned rafts? They collect like lice in islands adjacent to Freeports. Some of those islands look like beaches for the homeless. 10 days would be reasonable. These make a lot of sense on owned islands where the owners are marking important locations for building, resources, and shops, but those aren't even eligible for decay. 95% of these I see outside of that usage are in little clusters for animal traps that nobody ever cleans up. I'd say 10 days would be reasonable. The developers did this on purpose apparently, and are quite proud of it. No idea why, I agree with you, but don't expect them to see it your way.
  4. Sleepinator2000

    Last server down made me loose my ship

    I would like them to implement an on-screen 30 minute countdown timer for every non-emergency patch. If we are going to wish into the void, we might as well wish big.
  5. Any ships that are full green anchor won't get damaged by whales. We've had them dance in our harbor before, coming up directly through the decks of the ships and no damage was inflicted.
  6. Sleepinator2000

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    I have to assume that you are talking about PvP? Unless you are unwilling to take a 1 minute detour to the closest island so you can anchor, you should be able to do this anywhere in the world, Freeports and Golden Age ruins notwithstanding.
  7. Sleepinator2000

    Why is there this button here

    Always wondered what that button did. Yikes.
  8. Sleepinator2000

    Treasure Map Assist

    If you can really nail down the center of the spawn point, make an X with two perpendicular walls and then walk your bear around to each quadrant. That way you won't need to waste time tearing down walls until the battle is over. If you don't get it centered you will end up with one room chock full of guys, and the others with just a few stragglers.
  9. Sleepinator2000

    Treasure Map Assist

    Assuming the spawn point is not adjacent to other player's structures, you can always unequip the map, and pre-build a wooden structure to subdivide the spawn into cells, then slowly work your way through the rooms you created.
  10. Sleepinator2000

    Saling very time consuming

    I definitely do, but I also stop playing them after 130 hours or so. Atlas has me for over 2000, EVE had me for over a decade.
  11. Sleepinator2000

    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    They were investigating in February, they were looking into it in May, they were aware of it in July, they spent some time on it in September. It hasn't changed, I'll let you connect the dots.
  12. Sleepinator2000

    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    Considering that we have been through multiple full wipes since this bug started occurring, and that it begins occurring as soon as people start building large bases, this does not correlate to the mountains of data we have. They've had 9 months of reproducible scenarios to investigate. They just need to dedicate an engineer to review the connectivity and support code and figure out where it fails in those scenarios. When they fix that code, they won't need a wipe to make it stop.
  13. Sleepinator2000

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    Knowing that you live in polar is important context for my previous comments. It feels like they tuned the Monstrous Sperms around the same time as the wipe. They used to move lightning fast on first aggro (like 30 knots), and then slow down to your boat speed on approach. Now they seem to always stay about the same speed. I went through six whalestrikes before the wipe, but haven't had a single one since the wipe. Maybe it is just my player knowledge, but they seem easier to avoid now. Has that not been your experience?
  14. Sleepinator2000

    Increase Minimum Wind Speed

    I take it from the Galleon/Schooner comment that you play on PvP? Aren't you more worried about going AFK on long transits with hostile players nearby? If you don't have fantastic blueprinted maneuvering sails, you will see about a 2 knot increase in speed for every one that you swap out for a speed sail.
  15. Sleepinator2000

    Sail Max Velocity Does Nothing

    They removed that from the blueprints during the last wipe. It hasn't worked since May. Where are you seeing it?