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    Ship speed calculations based on weight

    If they removed the misleading information from them, I am happier. At least the silent masses won't be throwing good resources at them anymore.
  2. Sleepinator2000

    You guys already know what to do

    I don't remember that either. What version of Risk are you playing? It has always been 3 dice for the attacker and 2 dice for the defender, but defenders win ties.
  3. Sleepinator2000

    Painted Sails Not Visible By Everyone

    I notice this most frequently after zoning, and the further the ship, the less likely the graphics will display, or the longer the delay for them to appear. I can't recall seeing this problem when I have been hull-to-hull with another ship.
  4. Sleepinator2000

    Zipline blocked for no apparent reason

    I noticed this in proximity to several of our ships a few weeks back. Once the ships were moved, it worked fine. Note that at no point were any of the ship structures actually blocking the line, they weren't even close really, but there seemed to be an enormous invisible bubble around the ships preventing usage of the zipline.
  5. Based on my experiments, you might have temporary success if you can delete your bottom deck and then replace with a new one. That's assuming of course that you don't have much to lose on your bottom deck. I suspect that the problem will return again once you have logged off.
  6. Sleepinator2000

    Under Water Rocks

    Tried an underwater cliff platform? Sometimes that can provide foundational support if the lines from your dock horizontally trace down to them, even without being attached.
  7. Sleepinator2000

    icebox feedback

    Luna's analysis is right. Disregard my blabbering. The one thing I never thought to do was to remove the salt to see how the timer changed (it doesn't). The timer with ice is so long that it seemed implausible that ice could be THAT good by itself, but it is. My Fish & Chips will last for 70 days before losing one off the stack. We'll probably be wiped before that happens.
  8. Sleepinator2000

    Sail Variety

    Nice analysis, though I am not certain I understand your method, I do like the principle of having more variety be viable. I didn't realize there were speed "points" associated with the various speed sails (i.e. 22 for small, 46 for medium, 100 for large). That was purely from testing the impact of one mast on one boat (presumably a schooner with no extraneous weight)? I am skeptical that the math is that simple, however I can't argue that mixtures of other types of sails are just dramatically slower.
  9. Sleepinator2000

    Treasure Maps at the top of temples

    When you say the top of temples, did you actually get one on the roof? I have done a lot of maps at temples, and I have seen one atop a wall, but I can't tell if the location you describe was inaccessible or could be triggered from the ground? I have almost always been able to pull them down to a more fightable position. I don't personally mind having some of them on mountaintops, since it makes people who only know how to use tames adapt a different strategy, or at least admit that they can't adapt. I have developed about 6 alternate strategies for difficult maps, some involve explosives, some involve traps, some involve artillery, and only one of them involves tames. I have had more fun with the hard ones than with the easy ones.
  10. Saw this prior to the wipe, but not recently. Sad to hear it can still happen. The most painful part was that they were occupying important slots in a weapon group that I could never again fill, and never again remove, so my "right 20" slot had only 12 valid guns in it, the rest were ghosts. I have no way of knowing if they were still applying their weight.
  11. I have seen this under two circumstances Being rammed by enemy ships will commonly dismount cannoneers local to the impact area. To me that seems fine, and kinda accurate really. You can see the dismounted ones on the UI, so just have to hold right shift for a couple seconds to get them back on the cannons. Firing arc impacting on my own structure - if the cannon hits a part of my ship, even though the shot goes through to my target, and doesn't actually do any damage to my structure it will almost always dismount the gunner. It took me forever to figure this one out. You mention it being related to your design, perhaps that was it? I have had high level enemy ships straight up kill my gunners in exposed positions, but I don't recall ever having them dismounted due to fire.
  12. +1 hugely. I would suggest a lightening pass for most of the text colors, if possible.
  13. Sleepinator2000

    Cargo Racks

    Yes that's my biggest problem now too, and tames only barely help. Wish I could get those lazy NPCs to help. Would love to see the Caribbean conga line marching back and forth to my base container while I smoke a pipe on my observation deck.
  14. Sleepinator2000

    Structure Limit Hit

    Wow ships count? I had no idea. So presumably you could park all local ships out of the area to lower your overhead?
  15. Sleepinator2000

    What is network range?