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  1. They should build one on every freeport. It is useless howmuch ships are on the island with the fountains at the moment. I dont find one ant still waiting that my char dies. This LAG party in the caves is a joke. Let them run normal on a freeport to it and go on.
  2. I tame nothing anymore. Last time drove about 4 hours to an island for an elephand and he lifed in our base not 1 night. complet useless
  3. Where to start? Lame Claiming system, no real fights, griefers, Alphas wo kill our tames IN the base ......
  4. We lost all our ships last night. We build nothing new solong the dont patch anytrhing about it. If its not fixed till weekend i leave the game.
  5. We had the same problem with our bear. Mate runs down the beach, respawn and all his Stuff and the bear are gone. Devs dont do anything until now.
  6. There are so mane China Griefer on Sirens call so enough from his countray find a way to play
  7. I think the biggest problem is that we have nothing to eat ecept the eggs who hold long. When iam on a tour with the ship and want to farm stuff, i cant because the meat and fish rotten faster than the ship traveles tru the lag. Give as a Larder where the normal meat or fish holds about 1 week per unit. Than you can make a big farm round with all mates und have enough meat and fish. Than we need a Grill where we can plug in a water pipe from a Stone Reservoir. There are 200 in so you can cook 200 meals. That is a benefit and nothing else. When that all cant be done in a day make the stacks 4 meat aber 500 or so that you lost not over night all your stuff.
  8. Make the food hold 1 week in Larder or longer. than you can make in team a large amount of food. Today you can start almost every moring with nothing.
  9. Lost my Gallone and 2 Schooner this night. DEVs this has to be fixed. Its ok that the game has bugs but this is too much. After the claiming bullshit now you lose over night all your ships and you cant do anything about it. I want my Ships back, how can i make a ticket.
  10. i think there are bigger problems then a player who calls him self like an idiot whos already dead for 70 years. There are running griefers on the Server and kill docked ships and nobody does something. Lost Gallon an 2 Schoner now over night and losing all fun on this game.
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