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  1. My daily sessions go, depending on what happens.. like, the other day, had a good day then I went and slammed my sloop against a rock and it sank next to my temp lil base.. so, I unloaded my suff, secured it and called it a day knowing that my next log in was going to be hitting up nearby freeport for a new one or farming for an upgrade schooner instead. No stress, just part of the game.. lol Not in any "hurry" to get to the top, enjoy the adventure it takes to get there.
  2. I really like how this game plan here is lined up … Yea, def don't live in fear if dying and loosing things along the way.. it is not just a maybe but a certain that you will lol, so might as well just go for it
  3. Keep in mind that Solo players will not be able to do everything that needs to be done right off the bat.. when In large groups.. 1 can focus on the weapons. one on taming for bears.. one for getting to stone for building bases right away and another for ship building asap.. the rest just farm the resources for a quick start to a large company... IF there is only you and or a friend.. got to take it a bit more slow.. even them maybe decide who is going to be your ship builder early on and who the tamer or base builder.. EArly levels that is once you get up in levels you should slowly be able to fill out the other trees enough to do everything.
  4. Liatni

    Baby's???? And resource description???

    Animals can breed, people can not. When you hit uh.. think 90yrs?? you need to find the fountain of youth if you want to be young again.
  5. Liatni

    How do i make a poop machine?

    Yup, pigs still poop a lot and they have a command on their action wheel that tells them to poop even but, don't find that I usually have to use it since.. they poop a ton, naturally. lol
  6. Liatni

    Q about moving between islands.

    On Singleplayer you don't need to claim an island, the world is your playground, do what you like.. On official, only 1 person/group can claim an island, to do so, they place the company flag down and wait for it to raise up.. to place a flag down they need enough points for any specific island (larger ones or ones close to a powerstone grid cost more points) the higher the point value the more it is going to cost in gold.. for the initial claim as well as daily upkeep in payments. Lawless islands: No one can claim, anyone can build. freeport grid islands: no one can claim or build on. If an island is claimed by another group ask them if it is ok to build somewhere on the island many do not mind as long as you keep your footprint small enough as to not disrupt resource spawns or their main base.
  7. Liatni

    Xbox lag baaaaaaad for me and my friend

    People always complain that in Atlas the fighting seems slow and chunky.. When I watch people fighting it looks more like what you would see in real life two average joes throwign punches or swinging a heavy weapon around.. People are too use to having super hero ninja moves when fighting in games.. but, it does need some work to it, even saying that lil more momentum with many actions. When I try to picture myself running down the street throwing punches without stopping.. I realize how absurd that is... I mean me running down the street for no reason, let alone being able to free punch everything like a boss
  8. Liatni

    Xbox lag baaaaaaad for me and my friend

    I got that stat thing too, was told to hover my curser over my stam stat and the health stat would light up.. and it worked.. donno whats up with that.. Curser over stam stat suddenly makes health stat able to click again.. heh. You can do a lil hop to the side as a dodge mechanic in atlas.
  9. Liatni

    Xbox lag baaaaaaad for me and my friend

    You get em, Realist! hundreds of pigs to tame out there! lol, glad you are enjoying to "doing stuff" erm.. playing the freaking game, part of the game.
  10. Liatni

    Bow does zerzo damage to damned

    I have seen solo players take the lower end ones out with a handful of tamed pigs more than a few times YOU can NOT cheese them with Bows though, use to at first but, they removed it. Lower end ones are actually doable solo w/out bear.. upper end ones are doable in a group with melee/shields and some opt for a grenade round, opener. but, bears are usually the easiest. They are not an easy fight without. I consider myself a decent player, I do most of my stuff solo but, I even use a bear for the treasure chests, makes me concerned that they are going to take that (ability to do it with a bear) away because, as a solo (SP or not) I do no see being able to do anything but the lower grade chests then.. unless they add change something so to be able still.. I have gotten to the point of finding it fun to just run up and do a punch and run game with the lil guys.. I have done many chest solo lol but, eh.. no way could do the upper ones solo without the bear.. (but would be fine with another option, not attached to a bear meta, just use it as a need to do thing, currently.) Do agree that the Bear is the most used beast in the game, it is used to assist in many aspects of the gameplay, gathering, chests, yeti, hauling, cart antics, basic protection vs wildlife. It is usually the only beast I will always go and get and have at hand. Others, like cat, can help with chest as well but, again, it is not useful or as useful for the other things I have listed. heh.
  11. Liatni

    Babies born with higher stats than parents

    That is what get people hooked on breeding a "perfect beast" they keep breeding only the best stated ones or include a new one if they find it was a better stat, along the way. until they have a tame that is "the best stats for level" that they can get.. and how they can boost the over all Level as well. and label them for the stats the have the best like, weight, stam, melee.. "that's my stam male over there, going to breed him with my weight female to see if I can get a baby with both the high stats" and often a mutation that will crank up level or stats along the way. lol people go all out, making folders to keep track of what has what stats. Na, I bred about 200+ bears in Atlas to come out with solid black, high health/stam ones for taking on larger chests and yeti and stuff on one server. Was fun but, frustrating trying to decide what ones I needed to cull all the time and still keep the line improving as I went lolol.. Horses as well.
  12. Liatni

    Where is my Game

    keep up with twitter as the news rolls in they got what they need from Microsoft now, they need to implement it.. lol
  13. Liatni

    How did we get here?

    I agree this, if it was/is an option for em. mmMm
  14. Liatni

    How did we get here?

    They said that they finally got what they needed. NOW they can start implementing it.. IF they got what they needed earlier then they would be getting done just now :P
  15. Liatni


    Yeah, they moved islands around, changed things up and added more . Is that site updated to the new stuff?