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  1. Liatni

    Can't drop meat and a saddle issue

    Welp, at least people are not dropping stuff on accident now. As of yesterday, many people couldn't drop anything, had to use drop all or transfer items. Have they put out a fix yet for all that?
  2. Liatni

    Atlas and steam charts

    Are not games that are "cash grabs" typically, quick easy set up platforms and or copy paste with little effort into making them, for profit? Seems Atlas is in no way and easy game for them to make and a whole lot of effort and time has been spent in development since it's been out, with more content added and bugs to be addressed and all that, that comes from a game in development. Its not like real "cash grabs" where someone tosses out something and they are done. The only reason people started using that term is its the current "in thing" to be doing in a couple months they will start flinging around another one.
  3. Liatni

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    Ah, I see. Again, am not a console player, thank you for clearing that up. Being a PC player hell yeah, 100% wipe. Lets get this battle get started the right way, on a clean, uncluttered and untouched, battlefield! .. now back to my SINGLE PLAYER game. lol.. but, ADD those Badges, Grapeshot, let them all know who your "vets" are with a lot of time served behind the helm, in your crazy world, here.
  4. Liatni

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    Well, I can see them doing something simple like, awarding badges for console view and steam as well, to players who have spent an X amount of hours in the game while it was still in Development, pre console even as a way to give back to those "loyal" time consumers. But, those loyal players should always keep in mind the same thing many of us tell others "The game is EA, meaning it is not a finished game." Ant let the wipes happen as the need to. lol. All that said, If you want to play Ark on xbox you have to purchase an xbox copy of the game and each expansion, don't you? If that's true, I don't see Atlas PC servers for PC to have anything to do with the console ones... ?
  5. Liatni

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    Yup, from a business standpoint, money is indeed king. Being a pc player, I wont touch ark, for instance on console even cross.. Have friends who have invited me to join them and was … Sorry, I need to pass, am busy doing other things. Have fun tough . Do we know how they intend on introducing Atlas to console yet? Will it be a 1 pvp server thing, or are they going to include the coop stuff they are working hard on, it seems?
  6. Liatni

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    Well, I am suspecting they will go with what the targeted player base wants, for fresh bodies and cash flow.. What company WOULDNT do that, that's not a "grapeshot" thing. I guess they could stop all progress on the game as to not hurt any feelings for those currently playing the game while it is in development but, that kinda is not going to get the game to a finished state. They may NEED to wipe for it though..
  7. Liatni

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    I vote 100% wipe when its time for a wipe, get rid of the old litter, not just inactives but, clean up any left over imprints from old system/changes to the game/additions/. Your and mine EFFORTS and time are being spent on an unfinished game. Once it is a finished game 100% wipe to boot it off as one. About the console.. donno don't care to know... People are going to whine and bitch bout things, no matter what the decision is. lol. Can't please them all If they have to wipe at ANY time during the games Development they will, if they have to do so.
  8. pirates give their all in everything they do I guess. I think the they are meme that every swing they do to chop down that tree is only reminding me that they will have to chop down many many many many more before its all over.. they need another slider on options that only turns down human sounds.. Can quiet the laughing and all but then you cant hear gunshots and stuff..
  9. Liatni

    Under Water Base

    Ring the door bell?
  10. Liatni

    A wild seagull sinking a galleon!

    I always leave one crew spot open because of this, always have, when park ship, call one crew off ship.. before log out, or on some ships always up at least 1 crew slot more than I need and nearly never have to worry about a pesky bird. I tend to collect beasts while out if I find one I really like, that's what got me into the habit of at least one free crew slot as a must for my gameplay but, it comes in handy because of dem birds.
  11. With the decay rates upped and all, I was wondering it if affects a servers performance at all when a lot of things are decaying at the same time?
  12. Liatni

    Wiping is bad.

    I do agree on one thing. Would like to see the game progress and aim for a game where, you would see MORE Naval battles than, land raids However they end up doing it.
  13. I thought cats were going to be introduced as a means to both spread and cure the plague. Want a pirate game, get plague infested rats along with it? If anything, would like to see cats/plague as an event that goes off every once in a while. Make cats non breedable.. So they don't mass produce in-between events. imo.
  14. Liatni

    SEA BATTLE/LAND BATTLE (New features)

    I like this list, well thought out I think ship cannons should stay with good dmg vrs land.. its the cannons use on LAND that should be less damage vrs buildings.. Just a thought. It should be harder to bust into a building on land from land using anything really... than to blast one within range of a ship. imo.. anyway
  15. Liatni

    Wiping is bad.

    Then again, I am all for monthly/bi monthly wipes of Atlas. Not a place you are suppose to build and stay forever but, a place you are suppose to build up, go out and conquer. If there was a time limit, people would have goals to "win" by the end time, they would not be building and breeding tons of ships and beast that sit around doing nothing for weeks(months if not attacked or decayed).. they would be focusing on offence and near the end, you will have people using all they got to wipe others off the playing field.. That being said having, some sorta of standing at the end would be nice. Hides, because the no wipers are going to start stomping.. lol. Just my opinion all, not saying you are wrong with yours. Edit to say, ON the PVP servers.. Pve.. let people build their dream vacation spa. and let it set for months along with the limit cap of tames and ships until they get bored and someone else can swoop into the spot