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  1. Liatni

    Terminate Jatheish for Unprofessional Behavior!

    People keep abusing the " difference of opinion" explanation for antics that are out right harassing and threatening when provoking others into things. Its childish (and the kind of child a parent needs to step in and correct) no matter how old you are. I do see something wrong with that tweet and it isn't Jat's reactions.
  2. yeah, they really need to get that settled, maybe after a few more wipes. I do understand some will not bother since they know wipe is coming, now... but I bet many more will do things not related to building.. take more chances than they would otherwise, exploring, attacking people they normally wouldn't in fear of retaliation and losing stuff, attempting fights of pve npc's they normally wouldn't.. I mean its like you have 3 weeks of, nothing to lose so yolo
  3. Besides, many players will hit then game just after the wipe, to get a foothold and an island before they are all taken. I play a lot of unofficial, I am use to wipes, I enjoy then now. A fresh start on a clean map to build "bigger and better" in a new location, applying all the things I learned from the first time. that sorta vibe. heh.
  4. Expect more wipes to come before it is a finished game. People, like you are the only reason many of us have to suffer through not have em more often. lol. They really should maybe wipe every month while they are still implementing several changes to the game to clear out the old leftovers. imo
  5. Liatni

    Less is More.

    Do have a question though... Has there been an actual use of the throwing knives, discovered? They seem kinda pointless to me. lol
  6. Liatni

    Less is More.

    I Think making the game harder is a good thing in the long run. Maybe just keep a slightly more weaker version of PvE in while they juggle everything else they are working on and once its is a "smooth gameplay", then up the PvE gameplay to tough mode again. I do not want to see a EZ mode game but, with all the EA troubles piled onto other troubles it causes the PvE aspect to seem ten times harder than it actually is, unless you storm beaches in groups of 10+, maybe. To eliminate many of the things? Na, they are wacky when you first start out but, can be managed through stats/skills when level up a bit, players have to be willing to drop points into places other than Pvp advantage is all . IMO of course.
  7. Liatni

    DEV's Need to READ THIS NOW!

    Most games wont list names or make a shame wall, don't know if that is just policy for the sake of policy or a legal thing. I know that if someone broke into my house and destroyed all my stuff irl and the police arrested the suspect.. I would want to know wtf it was who wronged me but, again.. donno if that is a doable thing or not without problems attached.
  8. Liatni

    Can we have ships like this...

    lol, some have said it is in the gamefiles though, same as the sub. I do know it is in the pack as well devkit stuff. btw, ooh we are already seeing lots of modded googies popping up for unoffiicals as well know of a couple unofficial servers that have modders on their team who are working on a few specific larger ones.
  9. Liatni

    Can we have ships like this...

    I am actually a huge fan of steampunk. lol. I am giving a pass on the sub, again because, fantasy based game. I am a lil nervous about that zeplin contraption, if it will be added but, only because if it is, I hope it is a slow moving, non combatant, passanger only deal.. because, if not, Kinda will draw the attention away from the sailing/ships what is the core of the gameplay.
  10. Liatni

    Can we have ships like this...

    Yes, they have already gone over that about the concrete and pumas as well. I don't mind some contraptions, my favorites have been the 1. Grapple 2. Glider 3.climbing picks and zip lines. Every since they entered their games. Grapple is a must have, for me. But, I think most of us agree, Ships go down too easy and in too many unintended ways. heh heh. Not saying, make stone ships, though.
  11. Liatni

    Can we have ships like this...

    Pretty sure the issue is, Op wants his ships not to be sunk daily. :P Krazmuuze has a point about that, reality.. I mean it is a Fantasy based Pirate game. They could pop up with a end tier ship that is built with fantastical materials and powered by the Golden Age, Power stones, for all that "reality" is worth. :P NOT that I would approve, I stopped playing when tek came out, but for unofficial severs where we never used it. lol.
  12. Oh, and devs.. IF you do change it, please for the love of fluffy bunnies and mean badgers a like.. do NOT make it something that uses Salt!
  13. Liatni

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    Tundra needs love, devs.
  14. Remember that this grind seems worse now, in general, only because you are both playing the game, what is not easy mode game and dealing with the EA changes constantly and other things that have nothing to do with the actual gameplay, currently in its development. Keep in mind how the game "will be" after the EA process and not "in the moment of gameplay"
  15. Maybe the metal for the extra armor stripping on the uhh..walls? Paste you can as well get from spiders when chopping them up, I found that out early on but, it is not a wide spread thing as far as, its hard for some to get ahold of sap, sugar cane/sugar or honey in some areas. Metal, you can at least get small amounts in any stone you hit.