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  1. So it's any way to prevent offline raiding? I a lot of combination to defend my ships and land. But I always get raid no matter how many gun man or stuff I place to defend. I try towers. Any suggestions
  2. So what is the deal Whit under water structure is not letting me do explosives to destroy them and if they are to deep can't get to them Whit the morter. Any idea what is this. Any one know how to go around this? They been building traps for my ships.
  3. I was on the impression that human will need to breed to pass the stast for the next generation that was something interesting that I was hoping for in game when it releases on PC like a year ago Thanks man. I try that didn't work but thanks for the try
  4. Thanks for the guide ... Si hold back The stick ? What will be the Equivalent on Xbox sorry I didn't get it meaby is my English.
  5. Do you have the amo box on your ship? Or what is the issue?
  6. So I am new to the game in xbox. I wonder if any of you guys know about baby's how to get them. Advantage vs fountain of youth etc. All the info is welcome I haven't been available to find info on this. and if there a key banding or command to be available to see what mats you get from the source. Like PC can youst look into a rock and see what type if rock is it. In advance thanks for your comments and sorry if I misspelled something I am Mexican so it's not my frist lenguage.
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