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  1. My group went on 4 day fishing trip, we realised it's not worth the effort at this time to keep playing as we love lawless but 4 days isn't enough. Not here to fight for land but to enjoy the game. Mexico trip soon and that's a week long....When we found it harder to log in and keep our land than actually play the game , we new it was time to leave. Back at some point to check it out in a few months.....maybe
  2. Lots of options, end of the day we are just gonna spam storage boxes and are deleting base, sad but this is how it goes. Can't play some games and have a life. Seems if we spam the storage boxes on the ground with a few smithy's we can save the land. We are gonna line up our ships and back them in and hope for the best. At least new update made it harder to sink anchoured ships. But warning to you all living in lawless....If you have any type of life be ready to do the same thing as we are. Also want to say thanks for added info on how to solve this problem we had. We don't want to count on outside help as in the past we have been burnt. Also we don't want to rent land as we have already been burnt by this system and our stuff stolen. But we thank you all for the offers. We be sailing again when we return . Also we tried the NPC idea and it doesn't work. If your going away pack up your shit and hope for the best when you return or count on other people to hold your stuff the choice is yours. Your ships are pretty safe now . We don't need land to enjoy this game anyway. Already in fishing mode ........let the beers and whiskey flow with painted pictures in the snow.
  3. Not saying this is a good or bad idea but per claim is a bit much.
  4. No it's a thing we do every year, ladies go one way and the men go the other way. We gonna try storage boxes and see what happens. I feel after a combined 3k hours of the company and much support on the forums that our days are numbered. We shall see, got a week to figure this out still.
  5. I personally love the fog especially when the wind dies and night rolls in. The faint glow of the ships of the dammed are scary. Bring much need excitement to sailing and I'm not being sarcastic.
  6. I can confirm this is a bug. A few times this has happen to my group going for treasure maps. Each and everytime we were using climbing picks and instant death and you will not find your body. Also if you have a shoulder pet it will also have an instant death. Welcome to Alpha
  7. All that is gonna do is make it worse. Now people will have 2 connected, if that gets changed then they will connect 3 and so on.
  8. Lawless life sucks...... So what options do I have as I'll be gone for 5 days soon. Odds are my land will be stolen, was thinking of putting my valuables in my ship and just see what happens when I return. Base is pretty big as I been there since launch. Saw someone say I can put storage boxes on the ground and they last 16 days. Question is if I put like 50 storage boxes all around will it atleast save my land? Sad to see base destroyed. I play with the same buddies for years and we always go winter camping same time every year. So my whole crew is gone lol. I can leave my animals on my boats so they are off the ground . If they starve at least we tried lol. We don't want to move to land as we have enjoyed our lawless base and is our home. Any other ideas how I might be able to save my land? Trying to find options so my crew continues to play after we return and not feel like hundreds of hours are wasted. Maybe we just delete whole base and save what materials we got and spam 20 rafts around our boats to save land . Not sure what other option we have. As we really don't want to lose the spot we have. So question is how can I save the land in lawless that we have now so we have something to come back to after our boys winter camping trip?
  9. I blame the community......this is why....There is suggestions section where you post a fkn topic and you can up vote it..Well community ask for NPC cannons to be fixed so they don't shoot fish but guess fkn what......Everyone is up voting a fkn gate , yup a gate we more more styles .......where is the cannon and the NPC up vote? I can't find it but there is another up vote for new fkn ships.........lost for words........next flower pots will be up voted.
  10. We offline raided someone on the weekend, it wasn't fun so we went back and put a storage box with all the stuff we took. Never again will we do that as we had zero enjoyment from it.They were still angry and demanded a ship battle. So we did. After we did the first raid we felt like we should have Vagina stamped across our forehead so everyone could see it. But later after we did have the battle we all shook hands and went on our way. Now we felt like warriors. Cowards destroy the game, Man up and fight face to face ! This is when the game becomes fun.
  11. So what your saying is the oil jar needs nerfed that way the barrel is more meaningful lol
  12. Well while everyone argues over what should and shouldn't be or how you should go about and do it, I'll add to the original post. Since we do have tames and a tame tree in game I guess if I had to vote for a thatch animal I'd vote Giraffe . Have a Wonderful Day.
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