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  1. One of the major issues of Atlas right now is the grindy nature of its logistics, given the large travelling times to collect rare resources or do high quality maps/hydras and/or the difficulty of doing any trade that is not 1 for 1 (eg 20k copper for 20k cobalt). This post is written with the intention to provide some feedback on the grindy aspects of the game, taking into consideration that any open world pvp focused game's lategame should not focus on grinding out bazillions of resources and waste hours transporting around the map, but be able to give reasons for players that cannot commit 4 hours a day, to be able and do PVP that will actually can be rewarding and fun. The fact, after all , that easy access on PVP action, along with content that promotes replayability is the reason why other type of games, like MOBAs and battle royales dominate the playerbase. Lastly, I believe that the developers of ATLAS, given the roadmap they have created, are actually understanding most of the problematic core features of their game. 1)Production Make late game tools yield more resources. Provide late game buildings(mines, lumberyards) that provide boost/generate resources if they have the necessary nodes close by. Make them maybe a gold sink by having npcs work on this buildings. Have animals automatically harvest resources as an animal option. 2)Logistics This is another major issue, right now, given the travelling times with the ships/land, it is kinda tidious to travel resources between place A to place B in the same Island. Although there are some ways and/or exploits to make it a bit faster, like using ziplines way overburdened or make cargo convoys with tames. The same issue exists with transporting between islands. The best way to overcome those obstacles is to automate the way transport is being made. Make cargo convoys or rails that can be looted/intercepted. Make trading ship npcs that do not get aggroed by SoDs but they can be sunk/boarded or looted. Lastly, make sailing faster. Implement them as late game quest rewards. 3)Trade In game economies are always hard to get right. The reason is that, unlike the real world economy, it is hard for gold coins to act as a monetary equivalent between different item values. How much exactly does a unit of cobalt costs compared to to a unit of iridium? How much does a silver ingot (which is harder to make taking into consideration that it needs keratinoid and gems) costs compared to a cobalt ingot? And even worse, how much does a lightwood cost compared to rubies or bamboo? According to value theory, what sets values apart, is the time it takes to find and craft the resulting commodity. Another problem is when the game overfloods with money. The main way to balance it is keep overall gold rising slowly, in order not to create inflation in the markets and gold to have a meaning. This can be done with creating sufficient coin sinks. For the trade itself, make the freeports the hot trading spots. Create a prebuilt building that companies can assign as their preferred Trading Port. Make it easy to access the trading menu and have good delivered in that trading port after a timer. It should not take more than 5 hours for even the furthest route to be delivered to the destination. Make maps also tradeable that way.
  2. Implement rails as a way to transfer resources fast. This must be a mid to late game way for enstablished companies not to waste much time getting overecumbered do the tidious resource transports from vaults to harbors, from heavy nodes( like metal farms) etc. This is a way to make logistics way easier
  3. Breeding as of now is too time consuming. The most tedious part is of course having the baby be raised to juvenile so it can feed from the trough. I honestly do not mind the long time it takes for a baby to be raised to adult, but there must be a way so you don't have to stay on the baby's side for 3 hours.
  4. How long have you let the reservoirs fill?
  5. I am trying to connect an under water pipe to a system of water reservoirs. Those are not connected to a fresh water lake or something. But it seems that I cannot snap the underwater pipes, even though they get "stickied" to the pipe.
  6. I politely remind you that cooking is a daiily activity that needs a LOT of time investment which is usually a nono and not enjoyable
  7. Right now, some things regarding cooking needs to be addressed. 1)The cost is a little bit over the top, given a recipe requires a lot of different ingredients. So decrease the cost a little across the board. 2)Make the produced recipies produce 2 plates instead of one 3)Make water jars count as 20 units of water if they are filled 4)Make chicken produce more than one egg at a time.
  8. Right now melee really sucks. Swords are so slow swining, maces also and spears are 2 handed. Given how everyone justs jumbs around there is no point on goin melee making it very trash to hit players properly. The melee combat system needs to be reworked. Proposes: 1)Tone down the speed of players a bit. Characters that are too short and try to hide should be slower as well 2)Directional Swings like Mount and Blade could be decent. 3)Stamina management. Maybe sprinting takes more stamina. 4)Fix the damned melee swinging cooldowns on something not useless. 5)Block with right click, as default like in every other game around. Blocking makes the enemy lose more stamina
  9. I am bumping some points made on a previous post, mainly because it fells like cooking is being overlooked The Situation Right now, cooking takes a lot of time and the produced result is not what it would be expected for the time spent. If someone wishes to keep up with the production of a mid sized group, he/she has to spend about 2 hours cooking. Moreover the resources (mainly the animal and fish meat, but also some herbs - for example rosemary) are eathier tedious to find, or get wasted to something else. The Point The reason of this post is that nobody should do daily 2 hours of playtime for something that is a little bit tedious and generally unsatisfying. Cooks should not play to cook daily in game, but they should play to have fun and travel around. The fix Below is a list of some suggestions that would help the lives of us cooks, the undervalues proffesion. 1)Decrease the amount of resourices need for some recipies (mainly Meat, Fish and Eggs) 2)Increase the amount of produced result (either x2 or x3) 3)Address the issue of the raw meat getting slowly cooked, meaning that you end up wasting a lot of resources as raw meat is one of the most used ingredients. 4)Up the egg production, or add a coop. Multiply the amount of eggs you take or increase the decomposition time of the eggs. 5)Up the rosemary gatherin rate. Right now it sucks 6)Make Jars hold 200 units of water, instead of 1 that is now. 7)Increase the spoil time of the dishes 8)Increase the size of stacks, especially the ones that are only 5.
  10. 1)Are you going to work on melee combat rebalances? Right now chasing is slow, using anything else that a spear or cudgel is not worth it as their animation is bad. 2)Are you planning on cooking rebalances, to make the reciepes easier to craft/increase the number of produced crafts?
  11. By the way, vitamins are really easy to manage with proper food. You don't even have to think of it. Also, no i don't want the jar to weight as much a wter barrel. But more like a water skin. Also make it so you can't drink from it and used only for cooking. But to count as 200 water.
  12. Have you ever done mass production of berry tea? You really need to spam waterskins inside a watertap again and again. This is no QoL Guys don't get me wrong. Cooking is possible after the farming patch. But it is a huge chore to make and if I wanted to spend my gaming time cooking, i d that in real life as a job.
  13. Rosemary is Tundra. By the way, I had my guild going on a desert to take like thousands of salt, and on tundra to take rosemary and elderberries. I don t mind that, because they do like travelling around
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