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  1. M.Lavender.

    Oh my God !!! What is this bug?

    the mortar weapon has a bug, thats you can shot infinity ...but this was fixed
  2. M.Lavender.

    [PVE official] Overload the ship for sinking and destroy

  3. M.Lavender.

    Destroy PvE Ships

  4. M.Lavender.

    Problem with compagny in PVE EU

    Banish such idiots! -.-
  5. Pay attention to your base. The fraktion "Spanish Inquisiton", hacks through doors and gates in your base and steals everything that is not secured, food and smithy. In the end, they insult you and want to sink your ships. We've been robbing, insulting and threatening our entire alliance on several occasions.
  6. M.Lavender.

    Destroy PvE Ships

    Yes we have the same problem:
  7. We and ALL alliance members have the same problems. Players overload themselves by picking up tons of things. After that, they die and are borne by company members. The bodies are then simply put on the ship until they sink. It exist also a tutorial for such stupid think. And we can not reporting for help! -.-
  8. M.Lavender.

    Color disappearing from Deck

    "push" same problem with other colors
  9. M.Lavender.

    Hud missing since patch

    same problem and company member to
  10. M.Lavender.

    Repair Hammer

    Yes a really suck problem.....
  11. M.Lavender.

    player kill on the pve server with hammer

    Same problem with our company. "Sir Fetzenlocker" use the hammer and kill all our animals and players and insulted us in the end also. When we go outside, he comes again and want to kill us. We cant play anymore.