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  1. DEVS !!!! please change this fucking griefing problem ... its sad to play this game only if you had 24 hours time that sucks so hard, this game lost day for day more and more players i mean is this a good option that 1-2 players can grief over 20 ships?????? PUT A Warning if some ships (anchored) got damage its so sad griefing destroyed this game so fucking hard WOW "ahh sorry Devs ignoring everything" RIP Atlas ( Atlas: world of griefing )
  2. true we lived 2weeks in tundra and no corals
  3. WIPE THE SERVERS! there is no balance until they wipe the servers for more balance with maximum tribe members ....
  4. For all smaller tribes <50 merge with greater tribes "they want only MEGATRIBES" best option for having fun now
  5. tundra islan Tundra Island are more useless xD
  6. I think they want 10 mega tribes in this game .... because tribes under 30ppl cant handle it, you need so much stuff now but a wall needs only 20 grenades WOW rip tribes/game now all the greater tribes with 150ppl above are raiding now gj...
  7. this new option with metal and paste sucks so hard .... all the great tribes got so much stone structures and the little one cant build them so fast after the last patch GJ kill your own Game WoW RIP ATLAS ( WIPE SERVER best OPTION )
  8. Wild animals spawn on ships also wtf?
  9. Alpha Lion spawned into our TameHouse and killed all our animals .... WoW so many high lvl animals are dead now .... This shit sucks so hard!!! Taming are useless since release ...
  10. thats a good idea with an alert on anchored ships
  11. Nerf SHip dmg ... with fire arrows... you destroy 1 plank so fast with 1 bow under 6min and after that the enemy loosee their ship so fast haha........ naked with bow + 50 fire arrows + hook = trolling people and destroy all ships. no one see any dmg and they loose it 100% this game sucks so hard.... ist more then ARK you cant defense any ships in this game.. U need so much stuff/hours for nothing ( 1 naked person with bow and destroy 1 plank ans this ship is sinking, no one see the dmg or water breaks or whatever, please fix this fucking shit, its not "set sail" "play farmerama"
  12. Fire Arrows are so OP, we didnt see any dmg, and 1 ppl hooked to our brig and shot only firearrows and sunk this ship, with this mechanic they destroyed all 3 ships. 1ppl per ship. You see the dmg in a low range, any mechanic for warning if someone is attacking your ship????? You need so much time for building a ship and it sunk so fast with low fire arrows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHANGE THIS !!!!!! THis sucks so hard.. Atlas = ARK FARMING FARMING but not Sailing .......
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