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  1. Hello, Super annonces, franchement il y a de très belles choses. J'avais hâte d'avoir des factions. Les navires de commerces et les bases flottantes vont aussi être une excellente chose. J'attends aussi les forts avec des trésors et pnj à attaquer. Continuez ainsi c'est la bonne direction. Bravo aux developpeurs pour leur travail. J'ai fait une traduction française ici de l'article : https://multijoueur.online/2022/10/23/roadmap-de-la-saison-10-pour-le-mmo-atlas/ A bientot sur les mers
  2. Top merci pour ce nouveau contenu à venir. Ca me plait bien ! N'oubliez pas de prendre en compte les joueurs solo et petits groupes notamment pour le PVP. Traduction en français ici : https://multijoueur.online/2022/03/05/road-map-feuille-de-route-2022-pour-le-mmo-atlas/
  3. Bonne nouvelle, J'espère que cette mise à jour sera "monumentale" et qu'elle apportera des modifications utiles et souhaitées comme : Des factions pour permettre aux joueurs solo de s'en sortir un peu plus de PVE avec des events et pourquoi pas donjons de l'activité en mer etc... Sinon j'adore le jeu. Longue vie
  4. Hi everyone, because there are and always will be players who prefer to play solo or in small tribe, here is an idea that could be simple to implement and would rebalance the pvp. Why not limit alliances to the total number of players in the alliance. Let's say 50 players. A big guild of 50 would not be able to make an alliance. A guild of 10 to join with 4 other guilds of 10 players. 50 solo players could ally themselves... Obviously it would require some serious management of the number of players per guild, but it could balance the pvp. Don't hesitate to put a like if you like the idea so that the devs look at the post ;) Good game
  5. Good Idea. It could also be the place where we could retrieve future quests and trade
  6. Hi yes it would be nice to be able to access the animal's inventory, while riding it.
  7. because they are on the ground and the fenders are usually a little high up. Physically, the range should therefore be smaller on a cart than at the top of a tower or turret. exact it would be closer to reality and more equitable
  8. cannon bears should have a shorter shooting range than puckle and cannon on land and boat guns.
  9. Exactly and I'm really looking forward to the developers looking into it.
  10. What would be great would be to leave the NA PVP server in hard mode server and test something a little less hard on the other servers like a pvpve, factions, offline protection options or even simpler a more efficient ground defenses (canon, puckle).
  11. Good question, since this is the point that made many small guilds and solo players run away. Solving this point would keep a maximum of players. I'm a little scared for inexperienced xbox players if it stays as currently
  12. Hello, Would it be possible to create caves and players to dig in the ground to hide objects or to create a small hidden base, which would avoid the total wipe especially for small groups and solo ? Is it possible to make the constructions more solid and the defenses more robust. This would allow for smaller, more aesthetic bases and fluidity in the game. In addition, it would rebalance the grounded pvp, which is currently largely in favor of assailants if they have a high level of gravity and grenades. cannon bear available ? The game is great but it needs rebalancing Thanks
  13. Hello This is a good game for me, pvp, but needs to be improved to allow solo and small groups to survive without being connected 24/24. Solutions exist, mods used on private servers, among others. But it is important to rebalance the pvp because being raided by 3 people in 20 minutes, it is not possible. High level players are totally unplayable. Creating factions, pve zones, real off-raid, strengthening the effectiveness of basic defenses, could greatly improve the situtations to fill the official pvp servers
  14. Hello, Yes and also reduce the impact of grenades that can destroy NPC very quickly.
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