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    Livestream Q&A

    Hello, Would it be possible to create caves and players to dig in the ground to hide objects or to create a small hidden base, which would avoid the total wipe especially for small groups and solo ? Is it possible to make the constructions more solid and the defenses more robust. This would allow for smaller, more aesthetic bases and fluidity in the game. In addition, it would rebalance the grounded pvp, which is currently largely in favor of assailants if they have a high level of gravity and grenades. cannon bear available ? The game is great but it needs rebalancing Thanks
  2. Hello This is a good game for me, pvp, but needs to be improved to allow solo and small groups to survive without being connected 24/24. Solutions exist, mods used on private servers, among others. But it is important to rebalance the pvp because being raided by 3 people in 20 minutes, it is not possible. High level players are totally unplayable. Creating factions, pve zones, real off-raid, strengthening the effectiveness of basic defenses, could greatly improve the situtations to fill the official pvp servers
  3. chukmaurice

    base defence Cannon cart nerf.

    Hello, Yes and also reduce the impact of grenades that can destroy NPC very quickly.
  4. chukmaurice

    base defence Cannon cart nerf.

    Hello, i totally agree with that. It's the big problem. We are currently spending a lot of time creating an impregnable base that can easily be raided and put all the effort away. It is very frustrating. The advantage should be in defense of the base on the attack in order to focus more on naval and land combat.
  5. chukmaurice

    Atlas "Nations" System

    I hope the developpers will adapt the pvp server to be playable by the solo players and the small tribes because many little tribes give up. I have tried pve but pvp is more fun i find.
  6. chukmaurice

    Atlas "Nations" System

    good idea it solves many problems
  7. chukmaurice

    Captain's Log #31: Sharpshooting Meowtiny!

    hello have you a date of release for the cats ? I would be very nice. Thanks
  8. chukmaurice


    Hello, I totally agree that it is too easy to destroy a base. It should be made much longer and difficult, why not by creating a new type of walls or making the defenses much more effective. Grenades are too powerful.
  9. chukmaurice

    Which games in Playatlas for girls to play?

    Hello maybe atlas in pve server for the beginning
  10. chukmaurice

    Add Small Tribes Servers

    Hello, I think it would be a good idea to create a real server for small tribes and solo players. The only thing to do is to find a solution to avoid raid off. It would be possible to mix pve and pvp islands, or activate raid off. It would be also possible to add more point of life to the wall of the base or defense npc more effective and harder to kill. It's not normal for 3 players level 100 to destroy a base with 500 npc. Thank you to the developpers to studie this possibility