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  1. Cascco

    SEA BATTLE/LAND BATTLE (New features)

    I think...no im 100% sure that they dont read threads and that kind of suggestions no more, i am starting to believe they dont read this Forum at all. I dont play ATLAS for over 2 months , all i do is just check new updates and this Forum. I see only some ppl who still are in "hope" zone , they think smth will change in future....nothing will change until they will add crossplay and NPC bases.
  2. How much players are now on PvP servers ? SOmeone said he sail 6 grids and there was 4 players in total count. I assume there is like 200 players per day who log in just to check "if its all ok ".
  3. Cascco

    New Players

    You did all of that and probably in 4 month, you get to the point were all you do is feeding your pets and NPC and wait for another content. Its EA ok but still for over more than a month devs are focusing on singleplayer, non dedicated and unnoficials. So for over 1 month ppl are logging only to check "if its all ok".
  4. Cascco

    The Ocean is too Big

    The problem is , its not big its just empty. If there would be smth to do on evry grid it would be much more interesting.
  5. Cascco

    When should we just pull the plug

    I bet only half of them are playing more than 30 minutes, other half is just feeding their Animals and NPC. Checking if it is all good and than quit to play smth more interesting.
  6. Cascco

    PVP idea (fix to pop issue)

    Ally company limit is 5 now i think. I have wrote it couple of times, smaller companies were forgotten by devs . The quiestion is, qhy smaller companies quit game, we all know why. Its cause of unfair PvP ballance. Big companies can defend their land by having a lot of NPC and online ppl. Smaller can have only a lot of NPC. And NPC can be easly killed with 1 bear and canon. So they were wiped out easly, smaller companies were building for days, weeks, months their defence to have some chance against bigger companies, and they have lost evrything in 1/2 hours. I think its unfair, whats the point than of trying to protect your island if 1 bear and cannon or flamethrower can wipe your defence so easly.
  7. Cascco

    New Players

    I think you all have forgotten about having a kid and character dying from old age. It supposed to be implemented also i hope devs didnt forgot it. Back to the topic. I changed my review while ago to positive but still i think ATLAS have not much to offer now, its playable, i had almost zero issue with performance or DC. But reviews will not "invite" new players to the game. There have to be some Mega update , mechanic change or smth like that. Or this game will end like Citadel Forge with Fire. Look at this game, it is also as i know made by some few ppl from ARK. And after 2 years of making there is still not much to do in game and there is almost zero players on servers, there is like 60 ppl who are giving some feedback . I wanted to install it again and try to play after so long time but before that i have read comments after update...its suprising how old players lost hope for Citadel, they wrote that there is zero content and when they do they add 1 creature. Sounds fammiliar ? ATLAS will need new players but to have those smth have to be made quickly.
  8. Cascco

    New Players

    Oh does Mega Company have noone to raid so they want new players, so they ask old players to change their review so new players can come and be raided with 1 bear and canon.
  9. Freeports should have Taverns, fast travel to freeport, less freeports so more players can met there radomly. Some kind of safe storage for your best 10 items, better economy for trading cause now it even dont exist. I wanna see 10-20 player ships in freeport like in trailer. And better fighting music like in ARK.
  10. Cascco

    How Atlas died.... :(

    For those who dont believe that EA of ATLAS is dying, just watch your Island and visitors, i hade plenty visitors for gold evry week, for over 2 months there is noone who came to dig up treasure on my island. ATLAS Storyline looks like this. AFTER WIPE FIrst month 1)HOPE and excitement, A LOT OF Player set sails to catch their Islands. 2)Taking Island, beeing polite to others, ppl were discovering gameplay, trying to build up as quickly as possible. 3)Making Alliance, trying to keep up with neighbours cause they were bigger or just quicker. Gathering res , taming and trying to get gold. 4)Freeport were empty after this Second and THIRD month. 1) Ppl had nothing to do, all they were dooing was waiting for another patch with new content or gathering more gold , making defence and watching fights . 2)MEGA vs MEGA vs MEGA and some MEGA were kicked out so they never came back they just left game and went to play ARK. 3)Freeport were still empty so there was actually nothing to do cause small company was afraid of raiding by big company so they were gathering res and trying to build great defence. 4)MEGA vs MEGA vs MEGA vs MEGA were still fighting so others were wtaching who will win or who take which island. Fourth and Fifht month. 1)AFTER winning MEGA were establishing their Island, preparing to more fighting. 2)Freeport were still empty (that means no trading, no purpose to go there, no other players, nothing) so smaller company were leaving game after so many days of boring building and waiting for other company to raid them. Which was not coming. Most of them already quit game cause MEGA were starting to wipe smaller company. 3) Many Island have been left free. 4) Those who were still playing were making better ships or just trying to tame more Animals (BTW there is not much to tame) Last Month 1)Freeports are still empty 2)There is nothing to do expect PvP 3)That means MEGA have no enemy now so they wipe smaller company 4)PPL are leaving cause they have been building great defence but who cares....1 bear with cannon can wipe all their defence. 5)So they realised it have no sense to build anything cause sooner or later some guy will come with 1 bear and 1 cannon. 6)Smaller company have left ATLAS 7)MEGA Company are still trying to wipe all Future Month 1) There will be nobody to play cause MEGA will have nobody to fight with. 2)Some players will play still PvE or Single player 3)Some of them will play non dedicated 4)........ Thats all folks PS: Game is made in this way so you can easly revuild what you lost on other islands but the problem is you dont want to. Not cause you lost much, its because you didnt had fair fight.
  11. Cascco

    Battleeye makes game unplayable, help?

    I have the same problem now after latest patch i guess.
  12. Cascco

    Is another wipe coming in the near future?

    The problem is traveling, its SUPER BORING, its interesting in a first few trips, than its super boring cause with the fastest ship traveling to lets say 4 grids farther than yours, it take like 40 minutes. Thats a lot, you just stare in fron of monitor, watching if Ghost Ships are in front of you, thats all. It would be more interesting if i would see a lot of whales, ships traveling from freeport to freeport and i say more than 1, 6/7 ships, ARMADA it is called ? NPC PIrates, whatever. Just sailing have to be more interesting. And maybe a little bit faster.
  13. Cascco

    What is wrong with the game.

    About Vitamins, for now you can die and respawn with buff from vitamins. No point on investing time to cook for buffs or vitamins, on PvP it doesnt matter much, you just take horse with canon thats all. The same with great armors or weapons , it doesnt matter what you wear, you die so many times on PvP that most of raiding ppl or defending are running naked. For me Blue Prints should be much more rare than they are now.
  14. Cascco

    Is another wipe coming in the near future?

    I also agree that wipe on realase day is more than expected but if they will include in a couple of few weeks new gameplay mechanic ,claiming or fresh new PvP system , than a new wipe also have to be done cause new players and the old ones will come and again we can report bugs. For now look at PvP server, more than 60% Islands are free and ne wone comes, before wipe we all wanted to have our own Island, now there is more than a plenty free Islands, now we just need more players and new content to encourage new ppl. Reasuming all points, there have to be new major changes and new fresh start with it. Do you know who is still playing on PvP servers ? Hardcore players from "non stop pvp servers" (ARK players) or lucky bastards who have ally with big ones or just lucky bastards. Most of us left game cause there wasnt much to do, well yes there is but what i mean they coudlnt do what they wanted like, trading, or making big trading Company. Other left game cause they were to greedy on PvP and they aatcked bigger ones, they lost Islands , Ships and they gave up, some ppl lost Animals cause of greefers using bugs with treasure maps (spawning agro NPC inside of animals stable). In the end only some hardcore PvP players will be online but not to long cause there will be nobody to raid. Whats the solution for this problem? Totally new gameplay mechanic and we are gooing at the begining....
  15. Cascco

    Treasure Map - Frustration & Rant

    "There is 2 guardians remaining...." i love this sentence. Got it almost always when i go for treasures, cant find any Guardians near treasure well....i wait 15 minutes till it respawn got a coffe ate a dinner, and i got this message 3 times in a row. I have lost 1 hour to get nothing.