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  1. The meaning of the game was to gather diffrent res, have sea battles, pvp on Island, do some exploring and so on.....now its 3x3 grades PvP and i cant do quests....its only build and fight. Whats the point if i have 50 players on 3x3 map ? Im more than mad now....I feel like i am closed in 9 sectors and cant do nothing than...sometimes shot someone. Its boring as... Where is that big world with wonderfull Islands ? Where is it ? I want my money back...
  2. I get back to Atlas after wipe, and all i can see is Bit tribes vs Big tribes and when 1 Big tribe is wpned they quit and say it is a dead game anyway.... i was playing as Settler in 3 big tribes, all of them were pwned byt some bigger tribes and i had to move from island to island. And this situation happened past this month so in 18 days almost 30 ppl left game and almost nobody joined. So yea, this game is dead. I believe that in next month or two there will be 200 players only on all servers.
  3. To join their Island, there is 3 ppl of us and we want some casual playing with some pvp, we can help to defend Island or to Fight. We dont want to join Company , just to sattle down.
  4. Thats sound fair ok but still would be nice to know when it will be online. I mean servers.
  5. Well its online, i mean its in xbox store but the question is when server will be online
  6. Dont do it man...game will crash several times they will appology for it and there will be post on twitter "we dont know when we will fix it"
  7. I though you are playing on PC, i remember your posts before xbox lunch
  8. They knew i took day off so the decided to lunch it quicker....the same with Microsoft. Can someone write here if server is online im playing Apex now...dont know exactly what is gooing on. If you can of course.
  9. I know i remember this but still i had hope...
  10. You know, sometimes we have to learn smth on our own skin...like me..Goodnight i hope game will be up till thursday.
  11. Y So there i a chance i will get back home and go to sleep woke up in the morning and THAN maybe i will play game with others. Cool...
  12. The thing is all they can is "sry , sry for, sry cause,sry again, we are rly sry, ".....i am tired of "sry" how about smth new like "we did what we planned"....
  13. I totally took 1 day off from work just to play ATLAS today, imagine how pissed i am now. Im gooing to work tommorow and lunch will be at my time work, and yes i also have my own island which i want to take. "There is plenty more" sc...w you....
  14. And now we ar ejust sitting in fron of PC , watching forum, reading comments, dissapointed, frustrated, feeling fun cause of situation....
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