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  1. I just got the 40% discovery achievement a few days ago. As a solo player this has been a major pain in the butt to get. So yes I agree wholeheartedly with you. Wipe everything you want, but not our discovery points, or revamp the system to not need to get discovery points at all. Afterall, discovery points is a way that people in mega companies have huge advantages in that they can simply have beds all over the map and get them super fast with little work whilst the rest of us have to putz around and work hard at getting.
  2. Try being located in Australia. No matter how good my internet is, or what server I choose to play on, it will never be what you guys get. For the record I've been connecting to NA and been getting around 70-80 ping so that has been pretty good. You will probably find the same.
  3. I would like to be able to see the rates inside the game not just the loading screen. The loading screen can have miss information in it and has been wrong in the past. So why not put all the rates in the extended hud (the info that comes up when you press and hold the H key)? So this would display something like: Breeding X1 Taming X1 XP X2 Gold X1 Harvesting X2 Also why not have an option to be able to see how much XP you are getting on the screen? Currently we only see the shared XP we get when someone in your company is shooting or killing something. I'd like a toggle option that would allow to see the amount of XP we get as we get it. So I'd like this to flash on the screen just like the shared XP does. Even the shared XP text that shows up on the screen could be made bigger to make it easier to see.
  4. Never tried that. Does that mean as they are about to go into the ground you can dismount the tame and they stop despawning? Can you please explain.
  5. I don't see the person you quoted (The Falcon) bitching at all. He is trying to work out what their rationale was with the resistance buff the AotD's got. He is right, all it does is stop solos from being able to do the high end maps. Maps can already be treacherous for a number of reasons. You might be traveling a far distance (danger to get there), to an island you know nothing about. Once you get to the destination, there may be people that sink your ship whilst doing the map (especially if you are a solo with no one to defend the ship), or attack you on land whilst trying to get to the map. Then of course some maps have to get thrown out due to location in people's bases or high up in a mountain. So on top of all this, if you get a good location for the high level map, with no one greifing you, the solo player may not have any tools to be able to do a high level map, not only due to the extra resistance for the AotD's, but due to this annoying despawning/respawnining at full health crap that occurs every 30 seconds. So yes, I too would like to know what their rationale was in terms of giving the AotD's more resistance.
  6. Will a bear that has 200 melee do the same damage per swipe that a tiger with 200 melee? I'm not talking about the bleed damage that tigers do, just the swipe damage each animal does. And again if the AotD stopped despawning and respawning at full health every 30 seconds, problem solved. Extra time to do each map would help too. People might even be able to do maps with other methods if there was more time to be able to do them (and no respawning at full health).
  7. In other words, Solo players can't do high level maps any more. All they need to do if they choose to keep this added AotD's resistance is to stop them from despawning and then respawning at full health every 30 seconds. They shouldn't despawn/respawn at full health at all, but every 30 seconds is ridiculous. It would also help if the time to actually do the map was increased too (ie once you've killed all the guardians and go back to dig the treasure, a new batch doesn't respawn).
  8. Mutations do give 2 per stat they mutated in. The only way to know for sure what the mutations were in was to look at the parents stats. Sometimes you can get a useless mutation that doesn't help. For example, lets say the Mother had 13 Melee, and the Father had 15 Melee. There is a chance the baby inherits the Mothers 13 Melee, and then it gets a mutation in Melee, so the baby has 15 Melee. You might think it simply got the fathers melee stat and not realise.
  9. Yeah it would be. He said the bear is level 58 (I assume he hasn't leveled it up yet either). The stats above add up to 57 which would make it correct as the stats should equal 1 less than its level. Both websites have slightly different ways of using their calculators. The second one tries to predict effects of leveling up your tame (but this can give multiple possibilities). Of course to get the most accurate stats, best to do it when you tame it or when it is born.
  10. Both these websites have excellent tools for calculating the stats. https://exploreatlas.co.uk/ https://globy.dev/ In your case your bear has Health 9 Stamina 9 Food 10 Melee 15 Oxygen 8 Weight 6
  11. As has been reported, high level maps are still impossible. I tried for hours doing a level 18 map. I have a great bear 1300 health and nearly 200 melee. First time I nearly succeeded. Just 3 Warriors were left. These then went into the ground and respawned at full health. I needed to gain health and so I moved around a bit to safety to refresh. Killing those last 3 Warriors took quite a while as they would wait until they were low health, turn around and despawn only to respawn at full health again. I never moved far from the dig spot throughout the whole process and I never died once. I had the map equipped the whole time. Eventually I killed them all, only to go and try to dig the treasure and then the whole hoard of AotDs spawned again! As I was not expecting this, I had to flee, and now I have something like 30 Level 76 AotD's to try and clear up if I want to have another go at doing this map. This will waste more hours. What is with this crap? Although I hate the extra resistence the AotDs got, we can get by with this if they simply stopped despawning and respawning at full health. They do it so damned fast too. Every 30 seconds they keep doing this crap. If they must despawn, why not make them respawn at the health they had when they were despawned? Also when you've given up on doing a hard map, why must these AotD's hang around for days and days? This is the time for them to despawn and not come back. Proposed changes: * Return AotDs to their former resistance level (No need to do anything else) If Not the above: * Stop the AotD's from ever despawning at all * If despawning the AotD's is a must do mechanic, have them respawn at the health they had prior to despawning, * Once all the AotD's are actually killed, no matter how long it takes to do it, or how far you had to move from the dig spot to kill them off, you should always be able to go and dig that treasure without a new batch respawning. Perhaps the proviso being you have to had the map equiped the whole time. Although if you die and then get the map re-equiped, you really should be able to still dig the treasure once all of the AotDs for that treasure map are dead. * The only time we want the AotDs to despawn is when you've given up on the map and left. Maybe the timer for them to despawn for good needs to be set to an hour. The thing is, if some of the older AotD's are hanging around from your previous attempt, after a fairly short period of time, you can still go to the map spot and a fresh batch with now respawn. So theoretically you could fill an island with many batches of high level AotDs that never despawn for days. YAAY. Lets turn all islands into the Golden Age Ruins!
  12. And lets also not have them constantly despawn every 30 seconds and respawn at full health. Or perhaps if they despawn, they still respawn with whatever damage they had.
  13. Not only this but how on earth could you kill them even slowly when they continually despawn every 20 seconds and respawn at full health? I just lost 2 good bears. I isolated one warrior of the damned, thinking this would make it safe to try and take them down one at a time. The single level 76 warrior of the damned did 192 damage in one swing and the rest is history. Absolute stupid update. High level maps are are now literally impossible to do unless you have a team of at least 3 players all on high level bears, and even then it is a risk.
  14. So if levels are going to be reduced to 120, does that mean you will have enough skill points to have every skill in the game by then? Was that even possible at level 150? Yes I know you can respec to change and reassign your skill points at any point. However you would think that by end game, you should be able to have every skill unlocked when you can't level any more.
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