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  1. Bobothewizard

    PVE Needs mixed PVP

    WE do not want pvp on pve servers that why some people play on pve servers. But more endgame content or any content would be welcome.
  2. Bobothewizard

    Add Atlas to xbox play anywhere

    This would be awesome!
  3. Bobothewizard

    Help needed figuring out base stats

    Perfect explanation. Very much appreciated, thanks for taking the time.
  4. Bobothewizard

    Help needed figuring out base stats

    How do that mutations work then, is it a added 2 per stat per mutation? And yes it was bred without any level ups or imprints applied. Ahh I see what your doing, you can use both calculators, the uk one to figure out the percentages then pop them in to globy.dev Either way they give the numbers you said above. So would it be all 3 mutations are in melee damage? Or 2 in melee one in food?
  5. can someone help me figure out the base stats of this bear. Boneheaded me forgot to write down the base stats of the parents before imprinting and now I have a baby level 58 with 3 mutations and not sure what they are in. Health 616 Food 6000 Oxygen 486 Weight 1064 Torpor 4420 Stamina 950 Melee 180.7 If someone could let me know what the mutations are, base stats and how you figured it out it would extremely helpful for me. Thanks for your time.
  6. Bobothewizard

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    Im really hoping this is a bug, my cousin and i got smoked on our level 80 bears last night on a quality 20 map. Its just us in our company so if this was intended we really wont be able to do any of those types of maps and in all honesty just move on to a different game.
  7. Bobothewizard

    First time tamer

    Oh yeah dont get me wrong. Every other week I get a 3 day weekend from work. I actually start on Friday and pretty much one breeding session goes on for 24 hours, only because of the imprint timer. My wife gets angry when I have to get up at 1am in the morning to get that imprint. It does suck, but for doing maps and stuff the imprint/breeding is not necessary. A level 30 wild tamed out to 40 or so would be the same. Saturday I was getting rid of a bunch of our old wild tame bears so I decided to take them (5) into the arctic to kill those abominable snowmen, it was insane and I didnt have one death for either myself or any of the bears. I ended up unclaiming them and leaving them there because we had way to many bears at the base.
  8. Bobothewizard

    First time tamer

    I was doing 9 cubs at a time last week. I had 3 troughs full once they became the age to eat from them. About every 6 hours or so I would fill the troughs back up with the berries gathered from a giraffe. They can eat berries all the time, meat is not necessary and you only need to do a total of about 4 hours standing by them in the very beginning once they are born. Unless of course you are trying to raise them outside a temperate zone.
  9. Bobothewizard


    Not sure if the OP is on pvp or pve but I have spent the last few weeks bear breeding on PVE and this past weekend was the last batch that I will do. This past weekend I had 9 females giveing birth at the same time. It was crazy doing it by myself for the first 15 minutes or so but anyway I ended it up with some level 54 bears that finally equaled out in stats. The next step to this process would be to start on mutations on this line but its just not worth it. My cousin and I like to do maps and kill ships on the way but after this last round of bears we really do not need to get any more powerful bears. Quality 20+ maps are a breeze and on a PVE server all the bears are really good for is maps, besides the gathering fibers of course. I believe that if we had generic wild tame bears at say level 40 or so we could accomplish the same thing between my cousin and I. So really taming boils down to a personal preference if you want to do it or not but for gains within the game right now its just a waste of time.
  10. Bobothewizard

    Do we really need to cuddle?

    I have noticed when breeding that the offspring take the initial stats of the parents NOT including the stat improvements due to imprinting. So if we are breeding to get a breeding line setup do we even need to worry about imprinting until we are done setting the line up or am i misunderstanding something?
  11. Bobothewizard

    Tame levels

    Was playing around with the breeding the past few days and I was wondering how to increase to level of the baby when it pops out. Bred some bears and was laughing so much when the baby just came popping out, was really funny. Anyway, ended up with a level 35 but something I didnt understand was how to increase that level? I understand if I would have had 2 level 41s I would have gotten high but how do the folks get the level 70's and so on to be bornl? It seems like the best level you could get would be 41 or 42 off of the base tames and really only ever 41 or 42?
  12. Bobothewizard

    Some simple questions.

    Thanks for the replies folks. Cleared up the questions we had. Thanks again.
  13. Bobothewizard

    Some simple questions.

    Morning everyone, I have a few questions and was hoping the Atlas community could help. Little background first, my cousin and I play on the pve official server and we are both on Xbox. 1. What is the highest level of a tameable wild creature that can spawn? For instance, the highest level tameable bear we found in the polar region was 29, do they go higher? 2. I understand this is more of a personal preference, but what is the purpose of tames besides gathering? In ARK it seemed like most of the combat, on pve anyway, was focused around land combat with tames where in Atlas it seems, to me anyway, that it is focused on ship combat? 3, This kind of follows up number 2 above. If the game is focused more on ship combat, what would be the purpose of breeding animals when you can get away just as good with a level 40 tamed bear? I read a very detailed breeding guide yesterday and what I got out of it was that it is very time consuming to breed animals so that really begs the question of if it is even worth it or not to sink that kind of time into breeding. 4. Yesterday with Christmas and the day off of work I took our brig, cousin has the galleon, and went from K6 up to, the polar region at K2. For some reason I thought this polar region would be just filled with all different types of metals but I was really disappointed that it had the same amount of metal or sometimes less that our main region in K6. Maybe I just wasnt looking in the right areas? 5. Do all of the resources follow the same latitudes across the map? For instance, if I get copper in K6 does that mean a6,b6,c6,d6's have copper? Basically is there an easy way to determine where different metals would be to get the necessary different types of metals to craft higher end items? Other than that, we both like the game, its buggy sure, but we are having a good time.
  14. Bobothewizard

    Not fully anchored in settlement

    Ok so nevermind, 5 minutes later anchor symbol is green. Guess i just needed to give it a bit.
  15. Bobothewizard

    Not fully anchored in settlement

    For some reason i cannot fully anchor in front of my house any more where i get the green anchor symbol. Anyone else have this problem? I evev re anchored a ship that was fully anchored and now its not fully anchored.