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  1. This thing barely runs on windows, which is was "developed for" and you want to run it on linux , my man, you have more patience than i do. Hell, could try it on a z/OS mainframe and see what happens lol.
  2. did the patch take place last night? Looks like my xbox version is 536 and no updates in the queue.
  3. They should call D7, hotel california. Some folks are to young i assume.
  4. Good catch. So i logged in this morning and you are correct. None of the trade routs are completing nor making money.
  5. I just relogged and its all good now . Still have over 2k ships on trade routs but i am back in my company.
  6. just happend to me a few minutes ago. See my trading ship post above.
  7. Yep, confirmed. I am no longer part of my company. As a solo player with only me in the company that means all of my pets, houses , market and buildings are now no longer owned by anyone. I dunno maybe 30k gold, lumbermill, mine and quarry that were all connected to my market are just slowly rotting away. Lol. Oh well
  8. Ok, so i log off to grab a shower, log back in after multiple failed attempts to find myself locked in my own house. Like i am not the owner of my stuff. Still says its owned by me but no interaction wheel comes up. Seriously cant make this stuff up. Am i upset? Nah got a good chuckle out of it. I am assuming they might be doing some changes or tweaks to the backend.
  9. i have 4 trade routes established and logged in this morning to see more than 2000 active ships trading from my market lol. I guess its catching up from the prior week where trading wasnt working? This is on xbox, pve.
  10. Had a good base with a market all going well, made some lawless claim flags and jumped in my ship headed out of rookie cove to start some where else. After 6 hours of searching and crashing, i mean constantly crashing on my series S. I could not find a place to setup a single market place / farm house to start trading, thats what i like to do. So thats it im done. Cant do it anymore. Might try a private server or single player but doutful. Good luck all.
  11. Hah, i think my base is still in rookie cove. Didnt realize it goes from A1 through D4. I am assuming thats why trades arent working...
  12. i think i have everything setup right but apparently not. Trade setup asking for things and a route is accepted. Looks like our trades are compatible but no ships are going out after a few hours. Do i need to add gold to the warehouse or do anything to kick the trades off? This is on xbox if that matters
  13. Its you! Hah, nah im just kidding. But remember devs are just that, developers. They get specs from management and just write the code to match the specs given to them. I honestly think its management getting pressure from upper mangement on what to add, and i think that that upper management is most likely from ark. Hence this stuff being added is ark type stuff. If i had to guess there is most likely a fairly lage disconnect between atlas management and their upper management and i base that guess on recent patch content. Honestly the patch content really doesnt make much sense or match the roadmap given 6 months ago. I am or was a developer years ago but now i am in management and i have seen this before with the disconnects like this and unfortunately when this happens projects like this get cancelled after so long. Sure you can say covid put the screws to development teams but its no longer a valid argument due to all the resorces availble at you disposal to tele work and colaborate on your project i.e. teams, skype all that is available. Year and a half ago my cousin and I played this, pve only, and we had a blast. Sure it got boring saiiling just around for different resources but we had a good time sailg and doing silly crap while we were sailing then it just went downhill fast when we had boneheads blocking our port and stuff like that but i assume they were bored too so they just decided to grief. This can be a really good game along side ark but i think they need to get their management together and really think what they want to do and get everybody on the same page. Some pre-built ships and flower pots are not going to cut it. Folks will come back if people start talking about it in a positive light, but the way things are now people will come to this website and see the craptasticc patch notes and just keep playing whatever they are currently playing and not give it a second thought.
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