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  1. Its you! Hah, nah im just kidding. But remember devs are just that, developers. They get specs from management and just write the code to match the specs given to them. I honestly think its management getting pressure from upper mangement on what to add, and i think that that upper management is most likely from ark. Hence this stuff being added is ark type stuff. If i had to guess there is most likely a fairly lage disconnect between atlas management and their upper management and i base that guess on recent patch content. Honestly the patch content really doesnt make much sense or match the roadmap given 6 months ago. I am or was a developer years ago but now i am in management and i have seen this before with the disconnects like this and unfortunately when this happens projects like this get cancelled after so long. Sure you can say covid put the screws to development teams but its no longer a valid argument due to all the resorces availble at you disposal to tele work and colaborate on your project i.e. teams, skype all that is available. Year and a half ago my cousin and I played this, pve only, and we had a blast. Sure it got boring saiiling just around for different resources but we had a good time sailg and doing silly crap while we were sailing then it just went downhill fast when we had boneheads blocking our port and stuff like that but i assume they were bored too so they just decided to grief. This can be a really good game along side ark but i think they need to get their management together and really think what they want to do and get everybody on the same page. Some pre-built ships and flower pots are not going to cut it. Folks will come back if people start talking about it in a positive light, but the way things are now people will come to this website and see the craptasticc patch notes and just keep playing whatever they are currently playing and not give it a second thought.
  2. Anyone know? Id like to buy the rights to all of the ip.
  3. Wont let me place a crew silo. Keeps telling me it needs an island? Wtf am i standing on?
  4. Decided to make a new character last night and see some of the changes that have taken place since the last time my cousin and I played, about 6-7 months ago. Figured what the heck, give it a shot. Created a new character on the only Pve server available, I did read all the NA servers are gone but figured, meh give it a shot. About 5 minutes later Grubby McGruberson is born. Spent some time in the freeport killing boars, getting a few levels and then gathering resources for my ramshackle boat. Get in the boat and look through the map and find a nice island down in the south east corner that says Settler Friendly and off I went. About 1 1/2 hours into the trip I start getting cold and I am like why am I dying from cold. Yeah, I forgot they changed the map and the arctic zone is now in the southeast corner lol but I was determined to get there in my cloth clothes so I added a few campfires to the boat and continued on. About 20 minutes later I figured I would stop at one of the islands and make some fur clothes and continue. No problem. Hit the nearest island, now still in the arctic, make a few wood foundations and get the tannery up. My bad, I cant find any fiber on the island.... Forgot, not much fiber on arctic islands. Figured well I will just make a new character and make my home base in one of the temperate zones. Go back to the loading screen and pow new Grubby is born. Get through all the newbie stuff in freeport, get into my new ramshackle boat and set out for what looks like another good island this time in the temperate zone. Head out to the open ocean and 10 minutes later, zone into another zone, ping goes up to where its almost unplayable and the game crashes. No big deal, try again. 10-15 minutes later the game crashes again and again and again. That was enough for me. Good luck pirates, see you in another few months. I might try single player tonight but probably not.
  5. Were these treasure maps always zoomed in so close when viewing them. Im on xbox single player since coming back and they are zoomed in so much i have a super hard time finding them.
  6. Playing on single player, blackwood and i do not see any treasure map bottles on the shore. Went to a few different islands and nothing. Is there a spawn setting for them? This is on xbox. I also noticed there are no fish in the water.. Funny story though, landed on my first island and got smoked by level 507 skellies, yes level 507. I have the difficulty turned up, maybe to much lol... I was level 20 just off the starter island.
  7. WE do not want pvp on pve servers that why some people play on pve servers. But more endgame content or any content would be welcome.
  8. Perfect explanation. Very much appreciated, thanks for taking the time.
  9. How do that mutations work then, is it a added 2 per stat per mutation? And yes it was bred without any level ups or imprints applied. Ahh I see what your doing, you can use both calculators, the uk one to figure out the percentages then pop them in to globy.dev Either way they give the numbers you said above. So would it be all 3 mutations are in melee damage? Or 2 in melee one in food?
  10. can someone help me figure out the base stats of this bear. Boneheaded me forgot to write down the base stats of the parents before imprinting and now I have a baby level 58 with 3 mutations and not sure what they are in. Health 616 Food 6000 Oxygen 486 Weight 1064 Torpor 4420 Stamina 950 Melee 180.7 If someone could let me know what the mutations are, base stats and how you figured it out it would extremely helpful for me. Thanks for your time.
  11. Im really hoping this is a bug, my cousin and i got smoked on our level 80 bears last night on a quality 20 map. Its just us in our company so if this was intended we really wont be able to do any of those types of maps and in all honesty just move on to a different game.
  12. Oh yeah dont get me wrong. Every other week I get a 3 day weekend from work. I actually start on Friday and pretty much one breeding session goes on for 24 hours, only because of the imprint timer. My wife gets angry when I have to get up at 1am in the morning to get that imprint. It does suck, but for doing maps and stuff the imprint/breeding is not necessary. A level 30 wild tamed out to 40 or so would be the same. Saturday I was getting rid of a bunch of our old wild tame bears so I decided to take them (5) into the arctic to kill those abominable snowmen, it was insane and I didnt have one death for either myself or any of the bears. I ended up unclaiming them and leaving them there because we had way to many bears at the base.
  13. I was doing 9 cubs at a time last week. I had 3 troughs full once they became the age to eat from them. About every 6 hours or so I would fill the troughs back up with the berries gathered from a giraffe. They can eat berries all the time, meat is not necessary and you only need to do a total of about 4 hours standing by them in the very beginning once they are born. Unless of course you are trying to raise them outside a temperate zone.
  14. Not sure if the OP is on pvp or pve but I have spent the last few weeks bear breeding on PVE and this past weekend was the last batch that I will do. This past weekend I had 9 females giveing birth at the same time. It was crazy doing it by myself for the first 15 minutes or so but anyway I ended it up with some level 54 bears that finally equaled out in stats. The next step to this process would be to start on mutations on this line but its just not worth it. My cousin and I like to do maps and kill ships on the way but after this last round of bears we really do not need to get any more powerful bears. Quality 20+ maps are a breeze and on a PVE server all the bears are really good for is maps, besides the gathering fibers of course. I believe that if we had generic wild tame bears at say level 40 or so we could accomplish the same thing between my cousin and I. So really taming boils down to a personal preference if you want to do it or not but for gains within the game right now its just a waste of time.
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