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  1. Eh, they won't listen to pve players anyway so why bother.
  2. If you don't think all the changes aren't going to kill off big chunks of the player base you aren't paying attention. Ark was something new and fresh. If you look at every other survival game out there that decided to go an even bigger grind rout, they have no players. Players want to build grand structures and/or build fast and pvp. I think you are pretty accurate on your reasoning why though.
  3. And you are acting like the 12 year old not getting his way because everyone else wants something different than him. But no, the devs need to know when they do something stupid and some of these changes have been pretty dumb. Hell just look at the elephant changes. One day. One day is all it took to balance the weight. Something they KNEW they would have to do. So what do they do? Instead of being smart and just holding off the weight change for a day until they had all of the fix in, they just give part of it, pissing the player base off and not mentioning the other part of the change (increased weight) in the patch notes. Now the age mechanic. a pretty big debuff and the only way to fix it is to reroll or do content over half their players aren't even ready for or capable of. Doesn't matter there are going to be other ways to go about it because whoever is making the decisions is doing a horrible job and should not be making those choices.
  4. Its a terrible idea, at least right now. Most players are probably over 90 and I doubt many players are even capable of doing a PS island yet. Just like half of their other changes though, they are being stupid and doing half of something with fixes coming later on. Once everything for the system is in then okay, maybe it will work out, who knows for sure. But putting in the most basic part of the system, the worst part (debuff) and most difficult part most of the player base isnt even capable of yet (fountain of youth) is just piss poor planning and piss poor design. They need a new game director the way these changes/mechanics are being decided on because this one doesn't seem to have a clue how to do anything other than piss the players off when waiting a couple days or a week could fix it all at once.
  5. Equilibrium buff is amazing. But lets see, that buff every so often or a perm nerf until you can get enough people around to take out a powerstone island. Hmmm, nope. Not even close to the same thing.
  6. So why wouldn't you wait until the balance was completely finished instead of doing half of it, the half that will piss off the player base. That makes zero sense what so ever. Even more so if its only a week out.
  7. On our server we don't want to change to much. But I guess we may just have to set the weight stat to silly levels and do 5x gathering to offset this. No point in spending a couple days to build a scooner to go out and have some fun pvp in after giving us the ability to do it in a couple hours, not days with tames.
  8. Just my personal opinion there are 3 things that would easily fix cooking. 1 get rid of the water requirement. 2 increase amount per craft to 2 or 3. And 3, increase cooked food spoil rates to at least 2 or 3 hours per. I don't mind the need for a massive farm. I don't mind needing 6 different components. I do mind such a fast spoil time, needing to fill up my inventory with water skins or jugs do any cooking of any amount, and I mind it requiring so many mats for 1 cooked item. But that is just my personal opinion.
  9. The solution to broken alphas is not broken fire arrows. Its keeping on the dev team to balance. I'm not complaining, its early and the devs have been pushing out fixes/attempting to balance pretty quickly so far.
  10. Its almost as if I said I know its an MMO but my argument was that in its current state its completely unplayable for new players unless you wanna rid around on a raft and never really build. But I guess that would require you to read past what the topic says and I know that is difficult.
  11. I don't think this would really work. Do you really think those that claim everything they can get their hands on they will let the land go cheap? I spent nearly 10 hours sailing around yesterday grabbing what loot spawns in the ocean I could and I barely have 100g. A new player likely isn't going to spend 10 hours or more just to get enough gold or materials saved up to satisfy a greedy player just so they can build in a survival crafting game. There are to many other options out there without such a huge time/frustration investment to get started. Edit: Yes I spent that 10 hours but that was only because I being stubborn trying to find land. Never did before giving up and logging off. Either gonna wait to rent my own server, single player mode, or they figure something out.
  12. Totally agree. And nah they don't attack rafts. If there is one good thing about there being no room to build for new players I spend 90% of time time on rafts only having to worry about rare sea critters and not the 2-4 ghost ships I see at any given time. Even if I could find a spot to build a smaller ship I doubt it would be worth the time even with current ghost ship spawns.
  13. They don't need to worry about players that start a week from now. Even starting yesterday there is no where to build/claim anyway. They have much bigger issues for new players than how many mats people are gathering right now.
  14. Ghost ships "were" overboard? You speak as if they still aren't lol. I can't comment on how hard things are. I can't find a spot to set up shop and start getting anything but basic gear to even attempt anything difficult //shrug
  15. I know it will be an unpopular opinion since most people can't see past their own nose and realize some people enjoy solo play. Don't get me wrong I understand the point to the game is an MMO but please listen to my reasoning. As we all know PvP is virtually pointless till the devs stop lying/ignoring certain groups getting a free pass to dupe/hack and run around destroying anything they want. Also for both PvP and PvE if your wanting to start playing now you may as well forget it. There is no room. None. Okay maybe there is 1 or 2 islands somewhere that has some room. Probably not but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. So my argument for Single Player mode, which we all already know the structure is there for since its ark coding and the npc crew hires are in, is just allowing people who buy the game to actually play the thing if they chose to without having to spend the first 10 hours just trying to find a small hovel to get a basic start in, let alone trying to find room to build bigger stuff. If they want to make it clear that once they get balance figured out and enough islands/servers to handle the amount of people that want to play they will be disabling the single player then fine. But having started yesterday I spent nearly 10 hours sailing around trying to find even a small area to build a temporary house and everywhere is either claimed or to high in difficulty to survive long enough to even build a basic house to hide in. I'm all for disagreement but please if your going to disagree explain why. Git Gud or stop sucking etc just makes you look like an ignorant child even if you aren't smart enough to realize it.
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