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  1. I want to love this game so much, but I almost broke my keyboard so ill take that as a sign. I got this game for 3 friends and they have all now rage quit. its so infuriating and not just this thing or that thing, but its fucking EVERYTHING! I was excited about the 2x resources this weekend, so I sat for 3 god damn hours waiting for the patch before I started playing just to be killed over and fucking over by god damn lvl 1-10 cats. and the debuff omfg! so this stuff would just be an EA thing and i could get over it and keep playing but after that stream "where the devs were staring at their laptop and going white over the rage in the chat while ignoring everyone" and today's BS i have realized the game will be fucked forever! I might come back in 6 mo or so to see if they prove me wrong but im not going to hold my breath. FUCK I WANT TO LOVE THIS GAME!!!! BUT I CANT!!!
  2. Yes they are locked, and they. and if its a glitch or exploit that is crazy. I am fairly methodical when I do things, Im a big double checker.
  3. I have experienced this several times, just want to know if anyone else has as well. I'm on PVE and I will dump my loadout in a chest before I log. and some or all of it will just be gone when I'm back. no reason. And it has also happened to my company mates as well. and no we aren't stealing each other's shit.
  4. Holy fuck! Stay out of my head!
  5. ROFL I don't even know how this is possible. Is the code that much of a mess!
  6. Holy Shit! Health -10% Stamina -10% Weight -10% Health Regen -20% Stamina Regin -20%
  7. Ohhh a captains desk would be a great way to do that. Not only could it have a Duty Roster but a Ships Log as well.
  8. I would like to see a distillery. can remove salt from water and you get both salt and fresh water, plus make booze, fule and the like.
  9. The buildings and ships in this game are one of the best parts about it, and you can not fully appreciate your builds without turning off the HUD. This floating box system for everything is intrusive and unnecessary. Just move all interaction infoboxes to a static spot on the bottom left of the screen and out of the POV area. They can pop up just like they do now just out of the way You can leave the "E to interact" stuff floating that's fine just not the boxes and wall of text.
  10. No that thread is gone, and the post showing up in this thread is the one I made starting off that thread. its like this thread ate mine lol. but whatever its not really important just thought it was random and glitchy.
  11. WTF!!!! I just made this thread and now its renamed and someone else has the first post! I'm not like upset or anything just confused.
  12. lol there are 2 different conflicting update times 9am EST and 10am EST, and they have both elapsed. Have they released anything when they say they will, seems like it would be smarter to not put a release time. But I guess it is what it is.
  13. ohhh hahaha your a troll. God Damn and i was told to not feed you!
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