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  1. Where is this "durability is what counts" coming from? Anybody tested this?
  2. Set home region on a freeport, teleport back on a bed, go in the water and re-step back on island, you should get the discovery then. (That's how it worked for me)
  3. So.. don't settle in desert regions ? You are literally crying about environment.. Next you will go in polar area and cry that the temperature is too low..
  4. Ah no, could be mistaken. Found only this "Water Barrels now correctly gain water when unstasising, if the grid has experienced rain in that time" So it might have been something they changed during that time that was broken. Probably the lack of rain in desert areas was not registering with the barrels
  5. Don't argue with the messenger Just told you what I remembered from the PTR patch notes. I think they were added in the discord channel
  6. AFAIK, the water filling up over time was the bug, which was fixed in the latest PTR patches.. (Remember seeing something related to this, that they would no longer fill when in stasis) Not sure they will patch this as it was a bug to begin with
  7. Yup, seems to be buggy (submitted a bug report as well). They seem to not take food when you press "E" even though it says "Press E to feed"
  8. If you read the captain's log where they are mentioned, you will notice there is a "will come later after the mega-update" phrase. So they were never planned for this update, but later ones.
  9. Downed an elephant to tame it, and when I try to feed it, it just wouldn't take the food. It shows with "Press E to feed" but it does not work. Tried from different angles..
  10. maybe stealing works after pve expiration?, maybe go check and report bugs? these form posts in general are useless
  11. Look at your flag and you will see the timer. Read patch notes. It is for testing purposes as previously mentioned
  12. There is a mechanic listed in patch notes, PVE lasts 6 hours. It will be 12 days for when the version will become live. Seems to be some sort of 'activity' timer. As long as you are online you are in PVE, after said amount of time of inactivity, others can claim your stuff like in PVP
  13. We have mineral oil on our island in K3, so it's misinformation.
  14. you would keep both You can claim as many islands as you want as long as the sum of their points is max 250 (checked ingame, thought I saw 200, but it's 250). So basically you can claim 3 islands worth 80 points + 1 island worth 10 points, 3x80+10=250. However, be advised that you need to pay upkeep for each island
  15. Those are you maximum island points (aka how many islands you can claim, the sum of all island points under your control) you need gold to claim an island, you can see the required amount when you try to place the flag
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