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  1. Skyroguen

    Bottom Right Icons?

    The distance icon represent how far from land you are. you get increases hunger based on this rating. the farther from land the faster your hunger and nutrition bars deplete. i think water is also effected.
  2. Skyroguen

    NOT a game for SOLO players

    I prefer PvE, I love to RP. but I believe they should have started out with PvP only and then branched out to PvE once they got all the bugs worked out in PvP. And I agree, this is perhaps the best idea, But they won't do that. As much as I like PvE they should focus on balancing PvP first. Of course they won't close the PvE servers. And we will still get wierd updates like submarines and who knows what else.
  3. Skyroguen

    NOT a game for SOLO players

    And yet PvE is a part of the game. Maybe they should just close down the PvE servers, focus completely on PvP and lose about 2/3 of their remaining player base.
  4. "shitty programming" definitely can't disagree there.
  5. Skyroguen

    NOT a game for SOLO players

    there is a section of the forum for strictly PvP discussions. This is GENERAL DISCUSSION for all areas of the game. Toxic
  6. I am pretty sure the range is measured from the center of the object you are placing to the nearest part of the enemy model. A shipyard has a much large model foot print so the center point is a good distance from the nearest model of your your nearest foundation piece. thus it was allowed to be placed. But the center point of your roof tiles are now very close to the nearest model edge of the shipyard. this is of course being exploited to prevent others from building.
  7. Skyroguen

    18.6 - next full fail patch

    A Galleon with 52 Large gun-ports and 52 Medium Cannons (because Large Cannons won't work in Gun-ports) at 100 kg each. So 5200 kg reduced weight by 60% that's a reduction of 3120 kg. so if your are close to your max load with gun-ports closed, and you open the gun-ports you suddenly gain 3120 kg of weight. and the ship sinks from being overweight. Yeah fun! seems better to not have your guns in gun-ports and avoid these surprises. Now if the weight reduction was applied regardless of weather the gun-ports were open or closed then it might make sense.
  8. Skyroguen

    They lowered the build limit on ships!

    but that's not the point. I only have ropes on my forward mast. I accidentally demolished on section and when I tried to replace it it said I have reached my build limit. I removed a couple of cosmetic railings and it still says I am at my build limit. With out customization then every galleon looks the same. I want compartments. I have very few. I want a hold deck, I have stripped it to the minimum. I want a weather deck. The build limit is not enough. And PvE is not a bad word. Some of us enjoy RP. Some of us like to build for the sake of building. If this game is going to be ONLY about Grouped PvP then they are alienating thier PvE Player base, A large majority of players. They are alienating the Solo/ small group Player Base, and even larger majority of players.
  9. The Galleon is now even harder to customize. They need to have different build limits based on ship size. There is NO reason a sloop needs a 250 build limit, but a 250 build limit is not enough for a Galleon. Planks, masts, decks and cannons count against this build limit. This is ridiculous.
  10. Skyroguen

    Abandoned Ships issue

    they attempted to address this with the last update. deleting any ship with no activity for 3 weeks. but something went wrong and they had to rescind the code. hopefully they will re implement this as I also have a couple of abandoned ships on my coast.
  11. Skyroguen

    I quit playing Atlas because...

    damn, i wish i had read this before resubmitting the poll. good advise, thank you
  12. So why did you Quit?
  13. Skyroguen

    I quit playing Atlas because...

    closing the poll because i made a error and allowed multiple choice. I will re post it with the corrections
  14. Skyroguen

    Degression of total playerbase (Ark & Atlas)

    I'm sorry I couldn't help myself
  15. So why did you Quit? Link to Corrected Poll