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  1. Skyroguen

    New Islands

    look for Islands with the EU climate tag.
  2. At first I thought this is a great idea, then I read Udo's comment and the little light bulb went on. But I thought of a something as well. Allow everyone to build as normal but with a rapid decay rate like on Lawless. people to a "white List" that would exempt them from the rapid decay rate. of course this opens more ways to grief someone.....sigh...like removing an established player from this white list and watch their hard work decay away.... oh well. we are all doomed....
  3. Skyroguen

    offline protection

    Thank you for that clarification. I don't think I agree with that way of philosophy but it does make sense. I understand your perspective.
  4. Skyroguen

    offline protection

    just curios, but I thought the point of PvP was for Player to fight other Players. Not Players fight Other player's stuff while they are unable to defend said stuff. I guess I'm missing the point. sorry.
  5. Skyroguen

    The simplest solution

    Definitely something to consider. I think one problem with the game is the need to have a shipyard to build your ship. maybe they need a way to either allow folks to rent out their shipyards. or allow folks to purchase or build a ship at a Freeport. you would only need a base hull. then add sails. Customization could be done at sea. I have talked to quite a few folks that would rather not own land at all and just want a ship to sail. If they made it so I could sell my ships to others or even allowed me to rent out a shipyard then that would go far to reducing the need to own land. Maybe the Freeports could have prebuilt shipyards that you could rent from a NPC vender a period of time to allow someone to build a ship. this would also provide a reason for folks to return the the Freeports on occasion. The Freeports would now have population of new folks as well as veterans looking for crew. New folk could get aid from the vetrans by signing on as crew to earn the gold that allows them to return and rent a shipyard and build their first ship. or maybe thier could be some tutorial quests on the Freeport islands that would allow them to earn some gold. Allow people to purchase ship hulls and sails. that they launch from these rented shipyards. The main idea is to get folks unto their ships quickly without the need to own a shipyard.
  6. Skyroguen

    The simplest solution

    The old claiming system was just fine with a few exception. instead of rewriting the whole system they only needed the tweak what they had. 1. limit flags to one per person. it has been said many many time by a lot of people. this would allow everyone to have their piece. Companies can have their people place their flags near by each other. 2. Do not allow any over lap...alternately only allow a limited overlap, say about 10%. this includes allies or co-company players. 3. When an attempt is made to take an abandoned claim, then once it has completed, despawn the claim flag and require the player to now claim the vacant land. This insures the flag does not cause overlap issues. Also a declaim attempt can only affect one flag. the nearest one. 4. The flag is owned by the player, not the company. if the player is removed then the flag reverts to the player. 5. If a player wants to place a new flag the old flag will be despawned. Please provide a warning to prevent accidents. If the player is in a company then a warning should also go to the company. provide a company option to prevent members from removing their flags without leaving the company first, or with leadership approval. okey dokey. These are just my thoughts. Thank you for your time and fair winds to you all.
  7. I Remember Star Wars: Galaxies. got into the Beta. I loved the skill system. Had no Idea what the super secret Jedi Progression was going to be. Most of us in the Beta like where the game was going. It was release with the original skill system. Then the first Jedi and the truth of the Jedi Unlock system was revealed. and it was stupid. It was another case of the Devs not listening to the forums, the ideas of the players. It was unbalanced and broken. Then come the new folks who complained that the learning curve was weird and to hard. At this time a skill based system was unusual. all of the new folks wanted the tried an true leveling system, and the were very vocal about it. The folks that liked the system as is didn't have much to say on it as they were actually playing the game. So they reworked the Jedi system to more in line with what it should have been, but... The Vocal Majority wins and they completely overhaul the system to be level based. The players that like the skill system left in droves. Many of us felt blindsided by the whole thing. A clear case of the Devs Over reacting to complaints. I saw it again with Atlas. In stead of tweaking their otherwise working system they overhaul it in major ways. They fix problems with a sledge hammer instead a screwdriver. One other thing I have noticed. Those that like the system are usually quiet and more interested on PLAYING the game. while those that don;t like the system are the most vocal on the forums. To be honest if it I could be playing right now instead of killing time I would probably never even look at these forums, let alone post here. But alas I can't play while at work and I do happen to have some time to kill.
  8. Skyroguen

    Getting Rid of Ship Frames

    they will despawn after about 24 hours.
  9. Skyroguen

    question Pillars of Eternity

    good point, but I was assuming that diplomacy has failed.
  10. Spending hours baby sitting is tedious, not fun. i could understand spending up to an hour. but spending most of a night just isn't worth it. Funny thing is real baby animals have no problems surviving after birth with out human intervention. i think the time it take for the baby to grow up an become useful would be penalty enough. heck make it take a few days or even weeks. the only action required by the player should be to protect it from wildlife, not drastic climate changes. it shouldn't from temperature changes. maybe get sick, maybe risk losing some bonus taming levels, but not die.
  11. Skyroguen

    question Pillars of Eternity

    so on the PvP server you will use your submarine to destroy the pillars. or you will submit a ticket and wait for a response.
  12. i agree they should designate certain areas of each island as permanent no build zones.
  13. Skyroguen

    People left the game ?

    there have been So Many posted requesting a claim flag limit since day one. Devs still not listening.
  14. if you build a man a fire he will be warm for a day. but if you set a man on fire.....
  15. Skyroguen

    Connect the dots.

    i can't post any more because i'm dead....see last post.