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  1. Try Low memory mode. sometimes this will let you connect. not ideal I know but it may allow you to at least get back to a safe place.
  2. 1. foundations take no time to place. 2. foundations take time to demolish. end result is someone can foundation spam faster than a landlord can remove them. eventually the spammer will win.
  3. resources needed to repair is based on the damage taken. more damage equals more resources.
  4. another reason to allow ships to return to dry dock in a shipyard.
  5. just curious, but does the company management setting to allow personal ownership not work. I would: 1. Remove him immediately from the Company. 2. Provide him a box all of his personal equipment. and optionally depending on your generosity and his attitude: 3. Add some provisions like food and water. 4. Offer to turn over all of his tames. 5. Provide in his box a shipyard, planks, sails some resources and other needed item so he can make a ship and sail away. And finally: 6. Banish him from your island and not allow him to remain to cause further disruption. 7. Batten the hatches and weather the storm.
  6. They should be very short ranged, much less than cannon range. A 3000 lb sloop should not be able to stop a 30000 lb Galleon. The ropes should break if too much strain is placed upon them. Like 2 galleons going in opposite directions, shooting one harpoon and thinking this is good enough. There should be a way to defend against them. NPCs or Players with Muskets come to mind.
  7. In this regard I feel we should be able to use the portable rope ladders instead of the regular ones as the portable rope ladders would cover the distance with one object instead of 5 to 12 that is currently required. however the portable rope ladders do not snap to masts so they can't be used.
  8. Planks on ships are already limited by the limit number of slots that they can be placed. they are also mandatory for the ship to function. So here is the problem. I had reached my build limit on my galleon. I freed up a few spots then added some water barrels. apparently waters barrels count toward build limit but were not restricted by build limit. I apparently added too many. Fast forward to a rough fight with a squadron of the damned and although I won the day I lost a few planks. Imagine my surprise when I tried to replace the missing planks while water is gushing into my bilge, and I receive the warning that my build limit has been reached and I cannot replace the missing planks. I had to scramble to remove what ever I could to lower my item limit until I could replace those planks. I see no reason at all that planks should count toward this limit. Sails, Planks, Helm, Resource Storage Chest and Dingy/Diving Davits are all already limited to a specific number, they shouldn't also be counted as an item. There is no reason that I shouldn't be able to replace a missing plank ever.
  9. one possible solution is to have an admin join the payers company and take control of it. have the player make a new toon, then invite the new tune and give it control of the company.
  10. i found that you need to give all other islands that normally have the -1 spawn id an number greater than the id of the free-ports. I just gave every island a number starting at 0 for my first free-port and then adding 1 for each island starting with my free-ports.
  11. look for Islands with the EU climate tag.
  12. At first I thought this is a great idea, then I read Udo's comment and the little light bulb went on. But I thought of a something as well. Allow everyone to build as normal but with a rapid decay rate like on Lawless. people to a "white List" that would exempt them from the rapid decay rate. of course this opens more ways to grief someone.....sigh...like removing an established player from this white list and watch their hard work decay away.... oh well. we are all doomed....
  13. Thank you for that clarification. I don't think I agree with that way of philosophy but it does make sense. I understand your perspective.
  14. just curios, but I thought the point of PvP was for Player to fight other Players. Not Players fight Other player's stuff while they are unable to defend said stuff. I guess I'm missing the point. sorry.
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