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  1. MasterFiren

    Mythical shipyard

    but the % is only the shipyards durabilyty. i think its a flat bonus. green +5, blue +10 and so on. Maby...
  2. I think you need more foundations or pillars. Fixed it for me. Had a Large stone gate that destroyd itself like 5 times. That was expensive
  3. MasterFiren

    Audio game crash

    Same here. When switching sources on Sondblaster Pro Studio, Game crashes. Pre Pach i was just loosing all sound, now it just crashes.
  4. MasterFiren

    Items changing into Engrams

    There is a topic about that. it has allready a lot of upvotes. This Bug is here since Launch -.- go ahead and give your upvote too!
  5. Well, after the wipe and the MEGA Update nothing changed.... Stuff still morphs into blueprints -.- at least we have now axe blueprints that we can loose.
  6. MasterFiren

    Are the discoveries broken?

    Or is it just me? I don't get any Discoveries like before Wipe.
  7. MasterFiren

    couple of questions

  8. MasterFiren

    THE PVP vs PVE dilemma, some thoughts and ideas

    Every kind of punishment for diing ist just a Design failure. It only achives that the player is more annoyed and maby wont play anymore. There schould be a buff that encourage players to stay alife. Death in Atlas comes mostly with dead Tames, sunken Ships and/or lost Equippment. Its enough punishment for PVP and PVE. And sorry for my bad english
  9. MasterFiren

    @devs PLEASE REMOVE 6X!!!

    that was not what i wanted to say. Sure negative feedback is ok. Only if you have fear that after the wipe it will be x1 again. As said. Testing reason. And pls stop calling everyone Fanboii or whiteknight. its getting old
  10. MasterFiren

    @devs PLEASE REMOVE 6X!!!

    As allready said above. x6 is for testing. So play or dont play but your feedback should be: "Yeah, x6 is great" and eventually they turn x3 or something after the wipe,
  11. This is not an global EU PvE Problem. It is server specific Problem. Every grid is a standalone server. I heard in chat that many "K" regions have this many crashes.
  12. This looks like a ASAP thing to fix if you ask me. But nobody asks me -.-
  13. So i will document all server crashes from now on here. K7 24.02.2019 14:45 pm K7 24.02.2019 15:02 pm K7 24.02.2019 15:19 pm K7 24.02.2019 16:36 pm K7 24.02.2019 17:19 pm K7 24.02.2019 17:38 pm K7 24.02.2019 17:53 pm K7 24.02.2019 18:40 pm K7 24.02.2019 18:57 pm K7 24.02.2019 19:28 pm K7 24.02.2019 19:47 pm
  14. This is not fun. Pls for the love of god. Fix the servers. I love this game but it leeches all the fun away right now
  15. MasterFiren

    All grid is crashing all day

    Its allmost for two weeks now. K7 and potentially other servers crashing every 10 - 120 min. Half of my clan won't play anymore becouse you loose all your tames and ships with all this crashes and rollbacks. Pls fix this Devs