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  1. MasterFiren

    exploreatlas ExploreATLAS Resource Navigator is back :D!

    It is a great Tool. I use it all the time when planing routes. Thank you for your hard work! Are there plans for dividing metals into Pure and just stone metal? And maby some indicators for recource hotspots? (Spots with dense recource patches / easy to farm) Maby a Map where you can log in your tresure maps and save it for later? So much ideas and so little time, i know Anyway, keep up the good work! o7
  2. MasterFiren

    ExploreAtlas: NEW! Taming and Imprint Calculator!

    Maby you could add a button to report false informations? Someone added a new island to K7. A Polar Region Island on a Tropic Region Also, is there a way to report found recources or is this a ExploreAtlas Team only thing? edit: Ah and also, realy good job with the website! Keep up with the good work!
  3. This Bug exists since Launch. Everytime when i switch the Sound output on my Soundblaster Live software from headphone to boxes or otherwise, the game went silent. Only workaround is to close the game and launch it again. Am i the only one with this problem? And sorry for my bad english. Not my native leanguege.
  4. MasterFiren

    Crab nerf WTFrick??

    Pre Nerf you could overload yourself wirh unlimited cargo, hop on a crab and jump with full speed. now if you crab has 400/1000 it can't jump anymore but still walk/run.
  5. That is the only Metal that i want to be loud! So turn that down pls
  6. MasterFiren

    How do you guys kill Army of the Dammed ?....

    Why do you assume he knew that he build on a spawnpoint? When i Build a house i don't wait till some dude maby have a tresure nearby to check.
  7. Also Waterfalls. Waterfalls are loud as F
  8. MasterFiren

    Open gunports increase weight!!!

    v18.6 - When gunports are closed they now reduce their specific snapped-cannon weight by 60% (previously 50%), open-ports are default cannon weight.
  9. MasterFiren

    Thank God, i'm not mental!

    I'm using the "transfer all" button to stack all the food in the loader. The Waterjar is transfered with the food and then i solo transfer the Jar back, but sometimes it went missing. Now we know! Filthy NPC's!
  10. MasterFiren

    Thank God, i'm not mental!

    The answer is 42!
  11. MasterFiren

    Thank God, i'm not mental!

    - Crewmembers will no longer eat Water Jars from the food larder or their inventories My Crewmates was yelling at me because i lost all my waterjars. The stupid npc's ate them! WTF!? XD
  12. MasterFiren

    Cannonball Collision

    I had 4 Large Cannons on the back of my Brig. Every seccond shot from my NPC's was hitting my planks. But after that the cannonball was invisible, traveled on and hit the enemy ship. I think its that.
  13. MasterFiren

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    I think this is a good change. Hear me out. Where is creativity when the only way to win is a shotgun boat? there is none. On the other side, for people that build semi nice looking ships, this is a bad change. I'm kind of both. It will be much harder for me now to fight Galleon SOTD's In case the dev's will ballance the dmg for the Cannon's that you cant build on top... this is a good change In case they don't its bad. This is my Brig...
  14. MasterFiren

    Painting boats!

    Red on black always works.
  15. MasterFiren

    Crab taming

    @gnihar No, you can't tame a crab with rotten meat. Also if the crab is overwaight, jumping still works. So if you overload yourself to infinity you can still get back fast to your base. But i think this will be fixed. Maby...