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  1. Begur

    iso: Blackwood

    will it ever come out?
  2. Begur

    cant get into ICE CAVE

    what island is the cave on?
  3. can u give us the names of the islands plz?
  4. Begur

    Mega Update 2 & 48-Hour Sale!

    When will we get an update for the Server Grid Editor?
  5. i think we have to wait for the new grid editor
  6. Begur

    Is coral random?

    coral is so far a useless resource
  7. any new info on this?
  8. Look in the game.ini for: TamingSpeedMultiplier = x EggHatchSpeedMultiplier = x MatingSpeedMultiplier = x
  9. Begur

    Squid!? Not the Kraken.

    i saw him but did not want to risk my sub
  10. Begur

    Submarine no longer in game ?

    what is fixed?
  11. Begur

    Submarine no longer in game ?

    this is just stupid to hide it behind a quest
  12. Hi! How are the new Islands called in the Server Grid Editor?
  13. Begur

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    technical issues= they lost the key to the server room