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  1. They spawn a little too much until you sail away to hunt them down. Then, you won't see any for a long time!
  2. I am playing on the official PvE server. Thankfully, I am playing with a friend, so he is the one in charge of fast traveling to bases to check out stuff. I never leave the ship if we're out because in many occasions the game won't let us spawn on the ship. I was told on Discord that changing the name of the beds every now and then helps solve this issue, but I still think it is sad an issue like this still exists. A solo player may lose their ship as a result...
  3. I really don't understand the bed spawn situation. It's been the second time in which I haven't been able to respawn on a bed on my galleon after fast traveling to my base to take care of stuff (animals, market, etc.). That same ship allowed me to respawn on it a few hours later without even moving it. Today the same thing happened. I anchored the ship on another island hours ago. I logged back in, fast travelled home to check stuff, and once I try to respawn on the ship I can't. I would really appreciate an explanation on how to avoid a situation like that. By the way, if I get to land, build a floor and a bed on the island I can respawn on it... so I assume it is not related to any sort of island protection. Thank you in return.
  4. Many games online (if not all of them) have policies against exploiting instances or, in other words, taking advantage of a bug or glitch for your own benefit. You could argue that is part of game mechanics, and it is, but not intentionally. The fact is it is not allowed and those involved in cases of exploiting can be punished. The code of conduct has a particular section for this matter.
  5. It is funny because I have not supported the dev's decision and the way they have dealt with this issue in any of my previous comments. I am aware that there has been an exploit and, when reading you, I am 100% sure you haven't even read the OP. You just came here to spit your bile because you are clearly pissed by the whole situation. I nowhere say I'm happy with cheaters and exploiters getting away with it. The OP is demanding one out of two options on his post, and I'm gonna make it easier for you by using bold font here: EITHER THE EXPLOIT RETURNS OR EVERYONE IN-GAME GETS A FULL LEVEL WIPE, and all that under a thread containing the word 'Justice'. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS REPLYING TO. That is, by no means, a way to fix this issue. Of course, the fairest thing would be to ban those who took advantage of it one way or another, but I am pretty sure a lot of people fit in that group and they don't want to lose players. A summary in case that's too much text for you: I am not happy with cheaters and exploiters, and I think they should be banned, but I can also see why that is not happening.
  6. Sounds good and I'll try them asap, but I'm still missing an official message about the lag present in some lawless regions once they hit 20 players or more. A simple "we're working on it" would suffice.
  7. I honestly wasn't expecting more from you. Keep going with your childish tantrum. If you are that interested in me: I play on PvE servers and I'm not even 50 yet. You asked how to get levels in Atlas, I gave you different ways to obtain them. If you come to a public forum and request something you should expect difference of opinions. If you are not ready for that, you should keep your babycry within your group of friends.
  8. I also heard sturdiness isn't a good stat to level up, which is the reason why i rarely do. I have a lot of points on defense and some in attack power so I'll see how that goes. Weight-wise, when should I start worrying? at what % does it turn into a problem?
  9. Wow.. thank you very much for your time and all the information provided. So many valuable tips
  10. I don't have an answer for your question but I'll have a seat on this thread to see whether there's an official response to it. I reread the code of conduct after having someone killing my entrapped tame and I had the impression it was very vague and incomplete. Sadly this game has been designed in a way that gives players a lot of different ways to grief other players. I am not sure whether actions are being taken against those who block buildings and ships (especially if they make demands afterwards), but the way I see it the real ones to blame here are the devs. If the game gives you options to grief other players, there will griefers all over the place.
  11. You are not demanding justice. You're asking the devs to do something that would be beneficial for you and detrimental for many players who didn't take advantage of the exploit and yet managed to reach high levels. You get levels by doing treasure hunts. Bears are really good for that. Discovering islands will also help you increase the max lvl you can get.
  12. Thank you very much for the informative post. I am currently using a brig which I think will use for SOTD farming once I have the galleon. I am aware of how terrible the galleon is when it comes to turning etc (especially without handling sails, i've always used speed sails on it). Just another question: what sail combination do you use on the brig for SOTD farming? Thanks again in advance
  13. I am currently farming to build a Galleon and I was wondering what people normally use on PvE. I have read that large cannons are not worth it because the ammunition is too heavy but some people disagree with that. Some of those threads discuss PvP and I would like to ask on the forum what you guys normally use on your ships. Should I go for large cannons or just stick to medium? Thank you in advance.
  14. I understand your decision about setting up pillars between his foundations, but I think the wisest thing to do is to remove them. Imagine for a moment this guy reports you and you're the one who ends up with a punishment. I don't know how big or little the chances are, but I'd be worried about that if I were you. There are situations, like the one you explain above, that leave no room for doubts about whether a player is purposefully doing something to bother you or not. I switched to PvE long time ago and I realised the griefing can be extremely annoying. I've had two issues regarding this since I started playing again after the wipe, and both of them were related to random players killing animals while they were caged and entrapped. The last one was a chinese guy who was roaming around with his bear while I was taming a giraffe. The guy would stop by every now and then and after 5 minutes or so he dismounted, got close to the giraffe and shot it dead while it was entrapped. He then said 'sorry' in chat then proceeded to play emotes, basically laughter and dance. A guy was laughing at my face after ruining my tame and I couldn't do absolutely anything about it. I obviously reported him and one day later I got this message about devs looking into it and how they will not let me know the outcome of it because of data privacy or something like that, but I am quite sure nothing will be done against him. This game is unintentionally designed to give griefers all sorts of ways to ruin your day, and I think that's pretty hard for the devs to manage.
  15. I 100% agree with this, and just to give some context, only time I got that achievement was a day I saw a group being formed on the Atlas Discord encouraging people to just go there to get the achievement. I went there with my sloop, didn't shoot a single cannonball and yet I got it. I enjoyed the submarine but it makes no sense that you can have access to end game stuff without doing absolutely anything. As far as I know all you have to do now is deal some damage to it. It is not about killing by yourself or dealing a certain % damage. Anyone can team up with other people even through alternative channels get the achievement.
  16. That would be 10 times better than what we currently have, especially if they can't think of a better taming system. I think the whole community agrees the taming system is horrendous. It is even more hated than the vitamin system. And it is so hated because we have to find ways to overcome all the glitches/nonsense if we want to succeed on the taming process, and death is usually inevitable.
  17. I don't know what the exploit is but as far as I've read it's all about breaking the discovery point cap and being able to reach 100 in no time. I am now a PvE player but I started Atlas on PvP, and I can't believe how frustrating that exploit must be for PvP players. Like someone said on this thread, those who have taken advantage of the exploit should be brought back to lv 30-40. Now, if I was a PvP player right now, I would've probably taken advantage of that exploit if I had known about it, especially taking into account the devs' history when dealing with this sort of stuff. At the end of the day you are spending hours and hours on a game and you don't want to be on a disadvantageous position because that would mean there are higher chances to have all those hours gone in any form of PvP as other players would be taking advantage of it. At the end of the day we players are here to have fun. It should be the devs' job to make sure such exploits are fixed before players can even take advantage of them, and if that's too much asking, at least they should try to either penalise or undo the benefits of such an exploit.
  18. I have been curious about this, too. The only treasure map I've done so far was on top of a not too high mountain whose peak was reachable without using climbing picks or grappling hooks (I could get there with my bear). I haven't had a deep look into the map yet but I am also worried about having twin islands on the same grid. That is a pain in the *ss when it comes to treasure hunting, too. You can never tell which island said treasure may be since the image on the map is purposefully rotated. I'll come back to this thread if I ever find a treasure on top of a pillar.
  19. Although I agree they've kind of laughed at the community in the past, I must also say that the only way believing such a thing was by reading the title of the announcement and not the announcement itself. I was very happy when I read the title since I thought they had been working in a whole new map, but once you read the actual announcement you realised it wasn't like that.
  20. It's still on. I do wonder whether they've fixed the recipes tho. I remember making particular recipes that would increase my vitamins but they had 0 effects. In relation to water consumption I'd say it depends. Hotter biomes can be a pain in the *ss. I'd honestly leave it the way it is. We have enough with the vitamin system to also worry about water.
  21. This is a pain in the ass, especially when it comes to treasure maps. I haven't had a deep look into the map yet but back in the days you could easily have two twin islands on the same grid. It really was annoying to figure out which one contained the treasure. 100% agree. I think nobody enjoys/likes that system. They should either rework it or remove it completely.
  22. Your request makes a lot of sense. However, a lot of people are tired of how this project has been managed since the very beginning. A lot of us were disappointed several times before the game was released (the release date was postponed three times if memory serves me right, and they'd only let us know about such postponement when the game was supposed to be open). I don't know much about game management or devs, but something tells me the bad decisions and terrible planning comes from above, and this team will most likely encounter the same issues the previous team did. I haven't come to this forums to rage (except for the previous paragraph). I check this out every day to see whether there's a more concrete date for the wipe and reopening, but I also read other people's comments and I agree with many of the negative comments. Despite everything I'll play again after the wipe, although I am not sure whether I'll get bored after a few hours like the last time.
  23. You come to a forum to ask someone why are they here only because they're giving an opinion and comparing this game to another that is doing things the right way. People have the right to give their opinions even if they are not playing the game anymore. I understand that annoys you, but that's how things are. I am also bothered by how you don't use a single punctuation mark, which almost made me choke to death while reading it, but here I am.
  24. As many people have already pointed out, I really hope they change the names of the different regions on the map. The names they gave on that picture make no sense. I got really excited when I saw that new map announcement, but such excitement didn't last long. I think it is obvious that they are focusing on the PvP component so I don't have an opinion on whether this renovation is positive or not since I will never come back to PvP servers. I have been a solo PvE player although I started playing Atlas in a 15-men crew. What bothers me the most about the game is the fact that you have to spend a lot of time sailing and doing absolutely nothing during those routes. I think they made a whole post on how they were focusing on making sea life more interesting and I think that is precisely what they should do. I also hope they redo the discovery point system, especially considering the times they've wiped the servers. I don't even understand why there has to be a level cap that is related to how many islands you've 'explored' (i.e touched with your feet). I felt like we were being forced to go from island to island just to get those discovery points, which makes little sense to me. I will be playing this game right after the wipe once more, but given the current state of the game I do not think there is much future for it. I also feel likea lot of the people who have spent thousands of hours playing this game (up to this day, especially on PvE NA) won't be coming back because of the ways things are being done.
  25. What about the discovery point system? I think you guys should either work on it or remove it completely as we're still on EA, especially for PvE servers.
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