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  1. Build a ramp. A lot of players will like you for doing that!
  2. Full price for EA, yes. If you look for expensive games, just check the Ubisoft site. What would you feel like, if you bought a game including the season pass and the company decided to not do any more DLCs for your game, instead they make a new company, tell you that this has nothing to do with the game you already bought and take 25€ for that? What would you feel like in the moment you realize, this "new" game is nothing more than an unreleased DLC for your game. If your answer is still: but it is a new game. Get a little familiar with the unreal engine and compare ARK with Atlas. It´s a new game? No it´s not. "This game has a long way to go" What if i tell you, this game is on it´s journey for about 6 years now? (pre production on the ARK/DNL/ATLAS build is even longer) I think you would not believe me. So be it. Everything has another view, understanding perspectives is the key to this story.
  3. I once tried ARK VR. Since it would be the same in Atlas it is instant motion sickness. Ark is running with 50 FPS maxed out, Atlas with 30 FPS same hardware, You would need at least a RTX2080 for it to run a little big good looking, cause Atlas is horrible optimized.
  4. First of all, you are far away from being a troll, thats for sure. You are right in some parts. I played ARK since day one of EA and still play it. ARK is still bugged and some of the decisions the devs made are still ugly. But nothing in ARK ever had been game breaking. Ok flyer nerf sucked, but i even that i could understand they had to be nerfed. But wildcard never showed up with absolut bullshit crap ideas like FOY and you where not instant killed by anything (SOTD, annoying cyclones, whales, alphas etc). EA is not an excuse for everything which is going wrong. Atlas is and very old ARK build, maybe it´s even pre-ARK, i´m not sure about that. But the point is, many problems had been solved in ARK already. There is no "it´s EA" excuse for many problems Atlas has. If Atlas had been an ARK-dlc i wouldn´t bother at all. But Atlas actually is nothing more than an ARK total conversion, for a full price. That is not ok at all. Sure if they had sold it as an DLC they would not have earned much money with it (too many season pass owners). So in a business manner, selling someone something he already owns, but with a different company name, is bullshit. So at least we can expect much more effort from Wildshot Grapecard do get this game right and not surprise us with "new" ideas in every update. All these "new" ideas are not new. They already have completed most of game mechanics, but just keep on feeding us with little surprises, so no one can say there are not working on the game. And yes: communication with the community is non existent. That is a shame! I like the core idea of the game. I like it a lot. Same as all the players who defend the devs by any means. But if the don´t change the direction soon and start listening to their community, this game will never have an official release. Wouldn´t that be very sad?
  5. Here we go! Something useful from you to read, thanx for that. Fact is we don´t hate all of this game. Otherwise we wouldn´t bother writing in this forum. I know this is pretty hard to get for random guys like you, and you obviously seem to be overchallenged with understanding this . There are a lot of things that are great in Atlas and it could be a way better game. But i see, you are doing the moron checklist "go play <place random kids game here>"
  6. Oh, a new troll showed up on troll-kindergarten. Hello random internet bitter-troll. Salty?? No, you are not salty, you are bitter.
  7. to get this right. All is left on this sinking ship called ATLAS are the cheating rats and the captains feeding them? Ugliest developer team ever!
  8. Excuses are no easy thing to do. Much harder than playing bullshit bingo or doing the troll checklist. And finally the random internet tough guys: everything is so easy and your just to dumb to play! Seems like they need this forum to show those with serious concerns how hard they are, in their snowflake phantasies. For you trolls who probably read this, there is a guy called Paul Watzlawick. If you are really interested in how communication works and how not to completely suck at it, try to read stuff of this brilliant person. WARNING: could be tldr; but don´t complain then if you still suck at simple communication. @jozzie mctowel: still the best post in this forum, thanx for that.
  9. Ever heard of the backfire effect, please read about it. but i doubt you do cause of tldr ignorance.
  10. Hey random internet tough guy. My statement had been: you don´t want to buy any apple product again IF: you are aware of apples ANTI REPAIR POLICY. Did mom and dad bought you an iPhone with the wrong color for xmas, or why do you think trolling can be a solution to deal with your inferiority complex.
  11. It´s ok to not care about sustainability. Environment says: thank you for giving a shit about me. Did you actually READ what i wrote, or did you simply not understand it? ANTI REPAIR POLICY. Apple products are produced to be thrown away. That harms our environment. It´s infantile to believe that personal actions have no influence on anything.
  12. If you ever have to make the same decision again, just look at apples anti repair policy. That will make you never ever buy any apple product again. Sustainability should be more important than a kind of lifestyle apple claims to deliver.
  13. These are boats build of concrete: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concrete_ship
  14. First if all, please specify "all these posts". Betting and repeating an assumption does not make it more true. You just try to give your arguments more weight by adding suggestive claims. Maybe you should just try to tell others your opinion about specific topics. That way you will allow an constructive discussion, and that´s a good thing i think.
  15. Do you have any proof of that? Do you have more to say then common internet narratives like: throw tantrum, all toxic, acting infantile and so on. Just guessing that there are more people with the same opinion like your own does not make a truth out of that. So think about that: If players start to take their time to write about their concerns in an internet forum there must be an intention to do that. For some the intention is clearly to troll, no doubt about that, but most of them just love the core of the game but are upset with the direction the game develops. Let me repeat this, they are upset because they love the game, otherwise they would just stop playing and thinking about this game. BTW we all already gave them honey! We bought this EA title with the hope it will be a great game some day.
  16. it´s O7. did it one minute ago. What a dump shit stupid thing to do, really. What are they thinking of adding so much bullshit to the game? take the "Atlas O7 Powerstone" video on youtube as reference for the best way in.
  17. Where will this "dry humping the cash cow" go next? We have ARK, Dark and Light, Pixel ARK, Atlas? ARK I still hate you about the flyer nerf, but at least i can understand that. You listened to us players…. somtimes. I still love ARK Dark and light Spent 500h there and had fun. But downward spiral of bad decisions took it´s toll. Dead now. Pixel ARK Bought it, tried to play it. Got no luck or any fun with this. Guess what: it´s dead now. ATLAS I adore the concept of this game. That great feeling when i left the lawless zone with my planks of freedom, that blew me away. SOTD wtf, alphas everywhere wtf, useless tames, PVP ship sinking in PVE mode, AGE mechanics, nerf here nerf there with no concept. You know the list. So is it dead already? I think the developers know the answer. Budget is running low and costs not dropping. That is simple economics. THE NEXT ARK BASIS GAME BY Snailshotwild Games Cool Concept, i will buy it (poor little me), Release delay: we release tomorrow, watch the twitch streamers, they already love the game(this will repeat for four weeks till release, EA RELEASE: yeah i´m so excited, damn servers all full. FPS sucks, lag sucks, rollbacks suck, etc etc. And the forum will just be a copy paste version of this one. You have the chance to change it and become a good game development company, but not with repeating mistakes!
  18. He is writing about the ignorance of the developers and a dead forum cause they ignore it anyway.
  19. Ich gebe dir so verdammt recht mit allem. Atlas ist als hätte man einen Sportwagen in der Garage, aber keinen Sprit im Tank. Naja, eigentlich weit schlimmer als das.
  20. Maybe the developers spent all of the budget for drugs and the server company came up with the bill? "we have to get those so called players from our servers, we can´t afford them anymore. how can we do it?" "let´s make game changes that pisses everyone of, maybe" "employee of the month, btw is there any dope left?"
  21. But we have a "early access early access early access" troll thread now. The "you don´t have the right to criticize"-narrative is doing it´s job. Even though the causal chain is really easy to understand: we like the game, that´s the reason we discuss bad decisions and bad communication. If we didn´t like the game we would not writing threads about what could be better. Playing bullshit bingo with "it´s early access" "delete if you don´t like it" "we will not miss you" "it´s too hard for you, that´s why you don´t like the game",etc etc. boring. I can complete my bingo row with every single post of those knockout argument trolls.
  22. You won´t believe it, but i actually like Atlas, but i don´t like the direction it takes. Just in case someone thinks he has to post something like "hey it´s EA" I know that and i know what that means (Acronym for early access). Just another reason to hope the game develops in a good direction.
  23. Just in case someone of the developers has any kind of interest on players opinions -> Bump
  24. I think the "ATLAS FOY" clips will be the next big meme. These videos are even more funny than russian car crash compilations. Damn i can´t stop laughing
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