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  1. How is it spam when I have 500 hours into the game and I post issuse that need to change and number facts that back it up. You guys are class A haters and just want people to post how great things are... its like you want the game to fail
  2. Get ready for the hate bro... the trolls gonna tell you thats its your fault you cant enjoy the game and nothing is wrong even thought post after post day after day people sound just like you and quit! Another one gone... Hahahaaaaa oooo k
  3. I have been saying the claim system is bad all along but the kool aid drinking lairs will tell you everything is fine... game all ready sunk its never seen green only red
  4. Really because I can post prof on the numbers. So you can make up lies but you cant change the numbers There are a lot of EA game that stayed in the green for the first few months
  5. Funny I posted facts and they pulled my post down. This is just more toxic behavior!
  6. Read my post "Atlas vs Ark first 30 days"
  7. Arks numbers in the first 30 days vs Atlas numbers I mean there is the prof right there no matter how much yall want to spin it and tell everyone its normal.
  8. Oh you done did it now kid! All the mega companies coming to wipe you off the game. Oh wait everyone is quieting the game nevermind
  9. Another one gone... The only thing to help this game is for these devs to save any reputation they have left and hand the game over to a real gaming company. Otherwise there maybe a patch or two here and there that will spark some kind of hope that things will get better only before they end up doing a bunch of other really bad moves. DARK AND LIGHT!
  10. Yeah i agree only thing is... There was a big notice about grapeshot giving $500.000.00 to modders from Ark to help make Atlas and that was a god damn lie! Someone tried to justify the lie by saying they hired the Ragnarok modder but that person was all ready on the pay roll. This was clear its a cash grab and not a real project. I would bet they are working on another game that we have no idea of and will be posting that one up for sale in a year or so. This is how these people do business "Dark and Light"!
  11. I have made many post about changes that could fix this game and I also have made post that show facts the game is failing. If i was just making post saying how great the game is and that its thriving then I would be drinking on that kool aid and yall would be praising me... but the truth as you see my dear lady, hurts!
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