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  1. This one is pretty reliable: https://atlas.hgn.hu/grid/na/pvp
  2. I agree with many of the ideas here. I used to not complain about sailing taking too long, but I have become pretty bored with it. Most people in our company now watch a movie or screw around on youtube - hell, some even play another game while they are sailing! It was more fun when we would be on a ship together, but we all tend to sail our own ships now and it is pretty boring. I was hoping that there would be a magic element (tarot) that would be able to affect sailing - buffing the sails or something to that effect. I don't think its possible to have something in game that can actually have an effect on wind as that would affect everyone in the zone. It would have to be something that is specific to your ship. Mini games can be cool, as long as it's something other than the current 'click in the green' that is currently used. Even something like a 'mastermind' game the captain at the wheel or admiral can engage in that would increase speed or turning radius. For those of us who sail alone, it would be cool for a NPC lookout. Someone in the crows nest that can shout out SotD or land when getting close. One possibility for moving long distances faster... I am not sure if I REALLY like this one though... Fast ship travel... sort of. Say you plot a course to go 4 or more zones. You have to sail to the edge of the first, and then log in at the edge of the zone you are going to. You don't simply transport directly to the island you want to go to, but skip a few zones in between. Again, just throwing ideas out there... LOVE the map chain idea!!
  3. Do you put the ice in a preserving bag? I was unable to put food items in the fridge, which would make sense to me.
  4. As an active member of Grampy's company, I can tell you what we are about. We are fairly small, 6-10 active players. Some of us are east coast, most west, so we have varied playing times. Our group is a mix of builders, explorers and we each have our own ship to take out when we want to. A small group, or maybe just a twosome looking for a little land to call home would be welcome!
  5. corpse


    10:21 PM] Jat: It's a few hours out really, we're generating the release candidate at the moment and if everything checks out we'll be deploying.
  6. I'm with you on this. Realist can of course say it doesn't look like it is worth it to them - based on what others are saying, but you get out of it what you want. Most of my crew is waiting for the NA PvE server to come up, but I really missed the game while it was down. A few of us are playing on the EU PvE and it is great to play again! We are more of a build and explore type - not a true pirate type as you are, but people can enjoy it their own way! To be more on topic - I have been a gamer since the early days of computer gaming - UO was my first MMO and I have played MANY! I am a little torn regarding the EA thing, but in all honesty, I knew what I was getting in to. I do not feel at all that I was deceived by GS about what they were selling. They said from the get--go that it is a 2 year development process. They said that wipes could and most likely will occur. I honestly believe that the dev team has been listening to complaints and suggestions - the new claim system (like it or not) is evidence that they are willing to change things and try something new. If this wasn't EA, they wouldn't have had the number of players that it really requires to see how these systems will/won't work. Bottom line - I didn't go in to this blind - none of us did.
  7. Same, no discoveries last night. 3 Islands visited.
  8. Thank you all for the great recommendations! I will share this with my crew. Of course, we are all NA, but it would be tempting to join a great crew on EU!
  9. I have not played ship to ship (PvE only - SOTD) I was wondering about swivel canons and boarding. Should maybe the swivel canons damage your own ship? That way they could be used to fight off a boarding party, but they are going to damage your own ship at the same time?
  10. We would probably move to a new server. We have been considering moving from PvE to PvE as my post mentions. Even tough we are on PvE, we would still welcome a wipe, and look forward to starting new with the knowledge we have gained so far. Personally, I think even though there are people pretty unhappy with the wipe, better to get it out of the way now, with a system that might work better than wait 6 more months. Try new things early on, before the game is that much more established. It really has only been out for just over 2 months! They realized there were some big issues that needed to be dealt with, and they are doing that. So... we would probably move to the new servers if there was the choice.
  11. My small company of 11 (about 7 very regular players) is considering changing from PvE to PvP when the wipe happens. What are the pro's and con's? I guess a better question would be what are the perceived pro's and con's? We really are more about exploration and building, not so much battle. We like the idea of possibly meeting another ship at sea and having to worry about a possible battle. It would add another level of excitement to the game. We are not looking to head out raid and pillage - not our style. We are not looking to grief people by destroying their bases, killing their tames etc. Basically looking to have a little more excitement than PvE. Is this a bad idea? Will we just get completely destroyed? We do understand that we will need to build defenses, and look forward to that, but we do not plan on doing any attacking. What are your thoughts?
  12. I do understand the problem people are having with this. I would have preferred a 1 week notice or something like that. However, I am actually kind of happy about this. I have over 200 hours in and there are things I have not tried yet, that I am more willing to now. If I lose a big ship, or a tame at this point, it's no big deal. My group and I are even considering starting over in PvP... not too sure about that one though. I am going to use this time to build crazy things, head out and explore places I have not yet seen.
  13. You do reset them if they are EA, basically alpha. I expected one, but not this soon. I am pretty sure that on the steam purchase page they even mention a 2 year dev. plan that will include server resets. I only hope the best for the new claim system, or lack thereof.
  14. This may be a good idea for PvP, but not PvE. My company (fairly small at 12, but 7 or 8 active members) do not always play at the same time. If one member sailed off to explore an island, or do a few treasure maps, we can join them at some point by spawning at their bed. This is a lot more fun than 'Hey, I sailed from A12 to F5, come join me' and then have to sail that distance as well. As it is, any loot we receive can not be fast traveled with us, so we need to wait for the ship to return. I think this is a fair way to play, even though my best gear is often on a crewmates ship, and I am stuck waiting for it to return. tldr: fast travel is a better group play mechanic for PvE. Please do not consider removing it or making it restrictive.
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