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  1. Crafting 2 rifles with the same stats is just impossible. Dont even try
  2. Have you seen the stack? 83 on the same kind? Have you ever seen a Blueprint with 83 crafts? Edit * im wrong about this part, it can have that much. Does not explain the rifles tho
  3. Let me explain to you, getting a Carbine that DONT STACK, all with 254.53 damage is IMPOSSIBLE. Its like 1 in 100 billion chance, and I even have one, EXACT same item, cheating scum is what you are! Here take a look again And again
  4. They are still in and still duping daily, and no devs on it from what I see. The dupes spreading all over the place now
  5. Duping of out of hand now, people are unkillable and running around with 1000+ hp
  6. ChemB is openly duping items on EU PvP server. They have a person called Wasp Honey that if duping Legendary rifles with the exact same stats 81 planks with the same stats (More than a blueprint can have in max crafts) There is no point at all playing this game for anyone with this shit going on. Devs? What is going on? RIP atlas The one below is from someone we killed
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