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  1. are you planning to make ATLAS for MAC ? i cant wait to play it again and know i've changed my PC for a MAC and cant play
  2. ok, now i die and have an eternal cooldown to my boat, any admin of the game to help me ?
  3. any ideas to solve this problem ?
  4. i take a screenshot but i cant play because my boat stuck on a rock for no reason, idk what to do because i have everything in my boat
  5. im playing like 2min and then i get disconnected, i try to connect again and fails like 2 or 3 times, the 4th try i can connect but again passed the 2 minutes i get disconected again, i cant even play i lose 3 characters for that error. (DATA= Im playing in the PVE US server and still in the main area, the game works at 30 stable fps and 190ms of ping)
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