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  1. ReilanT

    Captain's Log 21: Hull-up On The Horizon

    An Upkeep systeme it's not for me the best way, we have already to pay for our Crew, and for a small compagny and solo player will have some difficulty for play with a Upkeep i continue to support the Limitation claim, 3 or 5 like @Lorien say, but for me we need a difference with PVE and PVP - PVP : 6 or 10 per player - PvE 3 or 5 per player That can be better, and more fair for everyone but for me we need a special rule on PVE to change the per player to per compagnie like 15 or 20 claim per compagnie
  2. ReilanT

    Galleon Useless?

    Galleon need a Real sail set, 5 larg sail it's just ugly
  3. ReilanT

    Captain's Log 21: Hull-up On The Horizon

    Great news for the Claim system Revamp, player can Be too Selfish and Greedy, impatiant to see the Future Improvement.
  4. ReilanT

    PVE Claim

    i dont know if you have read the news Captain's log, but they speak about Land claim, with some change in the future, with maybe a claim Limitation Number, i really Laugh .. it's a great news, dev's know the problem about claim, and how player can be selfish and Greedy
  5. ReilanT

    Attention Paragon company

    Damn i really hope dev will make a Claim Limiatation for PVE server !! just with honesty how many claim your Compagny have ? people are Greedy, people are Selfish
  6. ReilanT

    PVE Claim

    for me 21 day of protection on PVE is a good deal, we have only one claim, for me the problem stay no limitation claim for a compagny, someone have well say, one player can claim an entière island, and it's true ... we need more spécific rule on our PVE server, i really think dev work on it, but it's true we would have all faster. we need to be patient
  7. Every Week end we have the Bonus x2 week end, no need more for me, Great news, new player can maybe have a land for play ! and Ugly Construction around the world maybe diseaper on EU PVE !! great news
  8. ReilanT

    this is not ark

    for me the problem it's the PvE combat balance, fighting, Soldier of Damned without pet can be interesting, dodge, parry, strike ! it's fun, but when you are in front of a animal ennemi, like Wolf, tiger if your are not the first to engage, you will Die 8 time on 10. Tamed animal are the best anwser agains animal NPC i dont know how is the fight again's gorgonne or Cyclop, but when a wolf or a tiger with one hit of 60 or 80 dmg with a Plate armor and your are near to dead it's not fun and exciting, if the Dev dont work on it's Taming like Ark is the only way.. i Agree, i dont really like that, but it's only dev can be change that !
  9. ReilanT

    18.6 - next full fail patch

    That Sadly True, if you read all of last Patch it's only a lot of Counter again Cheaters and other style of Bad player... Dont blame dev, ok ok Dolphin is not a priority, but it's "easy" to fix they can just dont speak about this fix, but .... the one thing make me upset it's the True, actually because of a lot bastard player, Dev cannot work on bug and new feature, they only work on anwser to Cheaters.
  10. ReilanT

    NOT a game for SOLO players

    we are a little gang ( 5 player ) on EU-PVE and we have the chance to have a claim in no lawless area 2 shooner and 2 brigantine and we can play with the entier feature, just have some difficulty for the Golden age island and the real end game ( kraken ? ) if you like the game, dont Give up, i'm sure Dev will finish to ear us for let's us to have a chance to have a claim for solo and little compagny !
  11. ReilanT

    Server wipe

    a server Wipe dont change nothing, the Faster will place a lot of Claim and other have nothing. For me a wipe is Usless if Dev dont change Claim System with a Limitation to 2 or 3 per compagny or a maintenance cost by number of claim.
  12. ReilanT

    Are you 100 years old?

    my char have 100 yold, and i dont have any plan to go on a FOY.. why ? - Difficulty - my near Golden island are in D12 and not sure can found the foy in and dont have 3 or 4 hours to go on another Golden island - we can play with de Older Debuff, it's not Unplayable - I dont like the FoY cycle système dont have the time for that. - Nude Running for go in the cave dont give me some fun.
  13. ReilanT

    Well this game is dying.

    oh ? Good maybe new player can be found a place for a claim 552 hours, and i continue to like this game, i play on EU PVE
  14. ReilanT

    How will you have new players on Atlas?

    Actually for news player it's not funny. i know and i try again and again, to say we need a Limitation claim of 2 or 3 max per compagny, Selfish player is the problem, a limite of claim is the anwser !
  15. ReilanT

    3 Weeks is Too Long

    For me 21 day sécure is good, actually i play everyday, if a take some dayoff i happy to found my claim here when i back. the real problem stay for me HOW many claim player can have ! IF player/Compagny can have only 1 or 2 claim we dont have any problem, when i see compagny with 30 claim just for the 30% tax systeme, i would spit on this style of Selfish player !