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  1. ReilanT

    Cake or Pie

    i cannot vote because it's a lie
  2. ReilanT

    People left the game ?

    people go away and come back, it's normal for a game ... for me i wait the wipe for come back
  3. ReilanT

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    that simple have 2 or 3 claim max and the farming for restor claim be simple
  4. ReilanT

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    Big Thanks for PVE change, know need to see how it's work in game, but that will be better for PVE players !
  5. 1 flag per island and per player it's to small, we have play with only one claim and the radius are just ok for a smaller compagnie, 2 or 3 claim is for me a good Deal, but @Jatheish and other dev have say, make a low limite are difficulte, when you read the captain log, on PVP they have a HARD limite for 20 claim per compagnie .. for me on PVE a Hard limite to 5 or 10 are a good deal too. i hope dev will make a special claim for PVE because it's cool !
  6. that true, actually i dont have any pleasur to play because i waiting the Wipe. i will back but it's long ..
  7. the only one PVP i'm ok on PVE is Compagny war for me it's a possible PVP for PVE server.. consensual PvP are the Better way, when everyone are ok for fight for me it's OK if you want Griefing PvP, why dont play on PVP server ? i dont know why this thread exist ? you want Unconsensual PVP play on PvP server ?!
  8. i dont care about PvP i play on the EU PvE @Realist for us continue to play before the wipe are Usless. but we will come back after the wipe
  9. and After the Wipe a lot of people Come back ... for our Compagny we wait the Wipe for back, not interesting to continue to play befor the wipe
  10. ReilanT

    Where is the pirate content in PvE?

    i would continue to Dream to dev will make a Real PVE challenge for PVE server. to @Samstag Freitagsson maybe a better sentence no ? sorry english is not my first language, and i dont think google trad make be better
  11. ReilanT

    New PVE claim

    i supported you, need to all PvE player EU and US to support this one
  12. ReilanT

    Server wipe

    actually with the news of the wipe we dont have any interest to play. for me i will continue to play after the wipe because a love this game. i hope dev will be think about a real rule systeme for PVE server
  13. @Jatheish i really hope you will make real PVE rule because with your new way, the spam of pilar for blocking other player will be the only rule on PVE player are Selfish, dont forget this universal rule on a MMO
  14. ReilanT

    Game Wipe and PVE

    one again's they dont have think about PVE server. no claim on PVE ? that nice we see the same problem like lawless with spam of pillar. i'm sad about this wipe, lose my Brigantine that make me sad .. but i will continue to play the game because a like it ! but ... Wipe will change nothing again selfish player !