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  1. Jorm

    Im out

    Nope they drowned. The Gold is also Despawned. Everything is now gone.
  2. Jorm

    Im out

    Hi Guys, im out, i despawned everything, Scuttled all Ships and Deinstalled Atlas. Till this Game is Bugfree(i assume never) i wont come back! Have a Nice Game! bye!
  3. Eat Shit, a Millions Fly could not be Wrong
  4. Ohh no not this shit in this Forum. Get over it, the series sux!
  5. In freeports it costs 1400 gold per day i assumed? I dont think they can do this for long. And Player shops in Non Freeports can easly be destroyed
  6. Better no date to announce and then no Delay. Than Announce and then a Delay! Kepp it up!
  7. I understand your Argument, and Yes Working Together is all about. Only if i would get 120% if i farm on a Claimed Island, and the Owner would get say 1 % of it, only then i would accept a Tax.
  8. What Content? Explain it to me, please!
  9. Realist is like the 40 Year Old Virgin that gives all Advice how to have Sex
  10. I read something that says, Only the "Wild Razortooth" is tamebale. Not the "Razortooth" maybe this is the reason?
  11. Im pissed because People like you build Island full of use less stuff, because they got nothing better to do. An blocking other People from Properly Playing!
  12. Foundation spam is another Thing, than playing and Blocking your (i assume ) huge dock. I saw islands with hundreds and hundreds of Foundations Pillars and more.
  13. Sounds like hes trying to Enjoy the Game as much as he can. Are you really this greedy, that you dont want him to have 2 Beds in case he needs to spawn faster?
  14. It Should be , its ugly as Hell and keeps other from getting a Foot in the game!
  15. And another REasong for people like him and me not going on a Claimed Island. greedy ego Island Owners
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