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  1. So true this +100. It's like they seriously don't know what fun is in a game.
  2. They still don't get that the reason people got this was because of ship battles and pirates ho! gameplay? Hilarious..
  3. Yeah, theese devs development tactic doesn't make much sense, if you look at Ark now, the team there now make updates that make sense. It's like this group are gluttons for pain.
  4. Lulzwhat? Having admin account compromised is very common in EA games, and has to do with it being in EA? Please tell me thats not what you mean. 0_o
  5. Yeah, you'd think they would have learned something from DnL and PixArk..
  6. You are wrong, and you will sell more copies by catering to solo players. Otherewise, hello DnL and PixArk 2.0.
  7. Another thing that wasn't broken, but they fixed it for you.. Seriously devs, are you sure you're not the guys from DnL and PixArk, because you keep doing the same wierd stuff as those teams!?
  8. Its things like theese that makes games like this so awesome. Too bad about all the crap though. They need to plain rip out the skill tree and start over, same thing with the claim workings.
  9. Well, what they did in DnL and PixArk killed the game and stopped future sales, making them no money. Where on earth is that a wise business idea? They literarly refused to listen to the point of killing the source of their income. That should worry customers, buyers and employees. It literarly makes no sense.
  10. Yeah, I mean, why cater to more people to actually sell more copies, to make more money. I dont understand the business idea here..
  11. Yeah, ARK had some questionable ideas for gameplay, think NerdParade did a really nice video about it. They didn't have to fix things the way they did, the meta could have stayed Dinosaurs! but, nope. The ground idea for Atlas is pretty darn nice, but the implementation is a wierd one, and this game will only be filled with Alpha Companies controlling the server. The sad thing is, how do you control a map/server? Simple, fill it with 150 people, and it's yours. Though, I don't get it, cater to more people, you make more sales, and more money, isn't that what any company wants? Why such a limited scope, when with just a few tweaks, people would be throwing their money at the game. Just like Pixark and Dark & Light, so many wasted interesting foundations squandered. PixArk could have become the new PokeMon like game, sold in millions, with just a few tweaks anyone can imagine if they just look at it for a few minutes. Not sure who's in charge of this, death needs to be a part of games like this, but there is no reason you couldn't make it interesting and fun, instead of a frustration and a grind, for example.
  12. This is ark 4.5, look at the files. That means it has all the glorious bugs it had back then too. Rubberbanding was fixed for example, 9 months later?
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