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  1. Gumpnstein

    Statement from Dev's

    This line: "A large number of you have expressed that you are unable to make enough progress to reach this stage of the game, due to our hardcore design" In what reality do you people exist to think you have a hardcore design. It's an insult to the word design. Like you people realize that people have played games here since the 1970's right, some, through the 80's, 90's and almost 20 years through the 00's. You are talking to people who were playing Mario Bros in 1984 and in that timeline there exists this thing you released....and you think players struggle because you have a design that is "hardcore". The arrogance and complete delusion of reality of your situation, and the disconnect between you and your playerbase is astonishing. I really do think that if you plan to make a career out of creating video games, that you guys take a huge step back and re-examine how you are viewed as game developers and why. Because that statement is delusional. Like how did you manage to place blame on the players in a statement to said players for your own failures. Not ours.
  2. Gumpnstein

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    Oh not entirely, we still log back on to check the patch notes and return to this thread to see a single dev response and watch every player in the game walk away lol
  3. Gumpnstein


    Part of early access use to mean that you tell developers that the direction you are going is making people quit. But people insist on taking no feedback anymore and allowing other users to attack those giving feedback. That has became a pretty typical experience in EA of the last two years. So IDK, I just say ok, your direction doesn't line up with the direction of the majority, so you ignore majority, game has less people than it would later on, who really cares. But the only card I have for myself is that I remember the development process of the devs from EA games I try out, and then when they release something else, I decide to purchase based completely off that previous EA experience. But yea for the OP, it's not a secret they have left the majority of people simply shaking their heads. Someone else will come along and repeat this type of game I thought this was, and I'll but that instead of the next game this company or any of these devs produce regardless of studio they work for. So for instance, Rocket Dean Hall over a project would mean a no buy for me.
  4. Gumpnstein


    It's not the players griefing you, it's this dev team that are the griefers.
  5. Gumpnstein

    Fountain of Youth/Stone Nerf Combo: Fatality

    You don't even need these numbers to know that people quit because of the early direction of the game. All you have to do is ask people. I watched one by one every single person I played with quit, I watched a company who built beside me quit, and a team whom we fought with everyday all quit. I have not played in days, I see less and less people coming through, a few chinese seemed to have built a farming area and have not logged on in days, and despite days of playing online my base hasn't been touched, not even a boat. Anthem is releasing, Division 2 is releasing, means very few testers for a game that needs full servers to really be tested and bugs reported for all the islands. I'm afraid the game was simply released too early, had a horrendous launch, and those like myself that are not from the Ark community got a good taste of this company and dev team. They may or may not care, but without a doubt the future of this team to make money has been significantly tarnished, that's their problem not ours. It's the cumulative effect of it all really. But the mind boggling direction they seem intent on taking their game is what scares me off from wasting too much more time to test their game or help improve it. They seem dead set on making nothing more than another survival game with a bunch of servers tied together. It has very little depth and insane decisions like requiring sap for stone when islands have no sap for grids is just horrendous and pointless. So it's just the SMH reaction to changes that has been the final like what am I doing wasting the time they are requiring for what? To offline raid someone? Grief someone? Attempt to PvE god awful content... Like you just have a big sandbox that is too grindy and grindy without real purpose of any kind. That's not hard to create, and it's even easier to put down for other titles.
  6. Gumpnstein

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    I mean whatever, they can triple it, its all the same if your on an island with 0. Making it 20k organic paste would actually fix the issue.
  7. Gumpnstein

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    Servers down, new patch. Hopefully they reverted it, even if they increase a mat like fiber, but it has to be a revert plz tell me its a revert lmao
  8. Gumpnstein

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    And even building with trees in some of these areas to build wood is not realistic for some. And literally people that are level one can break into your base with a stone pickaxe. And enough time.
  9. Gumpnstein

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    Yes, I would like to abandon my entire region. I will join your group and we will deconstruct my entire base since I can no longer build here and I will give it all to you just to live a sap island. GG devs.
  10. Gumpnstein

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    I just wanted to come back for a third time and just make sure this isn't a joke. Cause I mean they know we are not playing right? I mean they get where we quit playing. Patch tested, it makes everyone quit. GG. Now get rid of it.
  11. Gumpnstein

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    I'd like to add that you literally just made stone itself, useless. A decision that makes another material almost meaningless can't be good. You really don't have to be too smart to understand what the issue is here. I suggest reading an intro to economics book before you try to make another game built around resources.
  12. Gumpnstein

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    Insane decision. There are literally entire regions who will be building with wood while people sitting in sap regions will be on a throne of stone. WTF
  13. Gumpnstein

    stone crafting---INSANITY

    This is the worst decision I have seen yet by this dev team and it proves they have no clue where resources are or how things go together. You added METAL AND SAPS TO ONE STONE FLOOR? There are literally entire regions with no sap on them, while other island lay full of it. How the hell are people going to build, and how can one entire region have an advantage over defenses? I am on an island with no tin rocks and no saps. I understand making it easier to raid bases but what in the hell people. You literally just killed so much of your playable area? Who in their right mind would play any area without sap now, to build a block you gotta go 3 grids away, and pay 30% tax for a stone block? It's insanity. I'm done, the game is unplayable in my area and many many others. Organic paste and metal are resources for assaulting before this change, rock, fiber, and thatch was for defending. It was perfect the way it was. You want people to get off the base building and get out into sea, but why the hell would i sail around the world to gather things to put in a thatch base that a damn flame arrow can bring down. Its a horrendous change for the game as a whole. Adding this: I am on an island with no sap and no pure metal rocks, no sap within 3 or 4 regions. I played where I am because that is where I decided to stay. Noone wants to be there. I'm the only freaking person living on this dump of an island. But one thing it had.....mats for stone blocks. You may be short on other resources, but damnit I got a monster base, and I'm about to go out and start stocking up mats that are for assaulting. The island im on will not be played on if you keep this change. ITS AN ENTIRE ISLAND that will be empty post change. Every single island in the game should have the resources on them for stone buildings. So I suggest you dump sap and metal rocks on every single island like you dumped fiber on the people who wanted to live in the Artic. It is without a doubt an unfair advantage and will create less playable land. Literally logging out. Won't be back till something changes
  14. Gumpnstein

    Whole Company Banned

    Ban an entire company for a sign in a game because it's deemed racist....yet one of the largest clans in the game live streams cheating openly to the public, attacks the physical server through ddos, and at least 50% of it's playerbase cheats and you won't even put them on their own server....These devs are special.
  15. Gumpnstein

    Unable to start Transfer

    Every region is like this, noone in the entire game can transfer servers or even spawn at a freeport even. Just wow at this point.