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    Latest Patch & Happy Holidays!

    Ahoy Pathfinders,

    :anchor: Happy Holidays! :anchor:

    Later today we’ll be pushing out an update for both PC and Xbox, which contains a number of bug fixes, QOL improvements, and balance changes. We have a lot more changes to come and will be following up with another patch in January next year and more shortly thereafter! 

    We’d like to celebrate the holidays with something special, so we’ll be running a bonus Magic Mythos event! From Thursday the 19th of December, until Monday the 6th of January, the following bonus rates will be applied to our Official Network:

    3x Taming
    3x Harvesting
    3x EXP
    2x Gold

    :anchor: Latest Patch Notes (v402.5) :anchor:

    - Emergency ship ladders are now easier to use
    - Bow and crossbow can now damage Army of the Damned enemies
    - Added a new inventory sort option to “sort by type”
    - Improved inventory functionality to prevent items from randomly shifting around when transferring between inventories
    - When multiple items are sent to the hotbar, their “equip delay” timers will now countdown simultaneously rather than one at a time
    - Ships that are still being built in a shipyard will now refund resources for demolished parts
    - Weather and temperature conditions no longer drain hunger or thirst meters when refilling stamina
    - Increased meat and fish stack sizes to 100
    - Further reduced the shark aggro radius
    - Improved compass visuals to make it easier to read
    - Tiers of Nature’s Cry no longer stack with each other
    - Human NPCs can now ride in cargo harnesses and carriages
    - Removed all XP gains from the guillotine and noose
    - Players can no longer gain additional altitude when using a glider
    - If an explosive barrel is destroyed while being held, the damage is now always considered to come from the holder (and not a different source)
    - Decreased grenade damage vs. puckles and swivels by 80%
    - Decreased grenade damage vs. structures by 66%
    - Decreased grenade damage vs. players by 50%
    - Decreased grenade crafting cost by 40%
    - Decreased sword damage by 20%
    - Decreased blackjack chance to knock riders off of horses by 50%
    - Increased two-handed mace damage by 30%
    - Increased bola immobility duration on players by 10%
    - Increased puckle and swivel damage vs. players by 100%
    - Decreased Equilibrium buff attack damage bonus from 20% to 10%
    - Added a 20% Stamina Recovery Speed bonus to the Equilibrium buff

    Thank you so much for all the support you’ve shown us over the year and we like to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


    Happy Sailing,

    Grapeshot Games

    :skull: For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information :skull:

    Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas
    Hear ye, hear ye on Twitterhttps://twitter.com/sailtheatlas
    Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas
    Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame

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    Got on as soon as update finished and all our large tames were dead, all our elephants, giraffes, rhino and bears. Apparently starved which doesn't make any sense, that's weeks of taming work gone, can anything be done to fix because this is out of control? Not even worth the 3x if we don't have tames to gather with

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    How to recreate the barrel roll bug.

    1. Have a Brig
    2. Have a bear with a cargo saddle on it
    3. Sail to sea, wait for it.

    If you remove the cargo saddle, the Brig won't roll.

    Warning: If you have a ship with a animal + cargo saddle, your ship is probably toast.

    Windows 10

    Official PVE Gorgon's gaze



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    I still cannot get into the non-dedicated that I host on xbox.  Every time I try and join it crashes when it starts loading in "Oceans".  I have logged out, hard reset, I've tried all I can think of.  I havn't been able to get in even once since the update. 

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    We lost all of our elephants (8), pigs (3) and at least 15 bears due to the starvation bug. For some reason the rhinos and giraffes were unaffected. I’m not sure if anyone in charge cares but we do.

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    There was an unannounced change as well. They cut the number of building pieces you could use in an area even more.

    So, they don't let us clip into terrain, and now to DEAL with that terrain and make everything EVEN AND FLAT, we had to use more pieces and now we can't even do that?

    Building was going fine when I logged out, when I logged in... capped. Weeks of work ruined. What, to help XBox players!?!? 

    Most of the XBox players I know, my Son included, can't even log in on XBox because of all of the crashing. He hasn't played in weeks. So, you roll back a nerf to "pillar bases" that hide flags, and INSTEAD YOU NERF REGULAR BASES AT GROUND LEVEL!!!!!!

    Yeah, I think I'm done for awhile. Enjoy your XBox players... the ones that you can actually keep logged in without crashing and memory issues.

    And this is NOT in a Lawless area, but an owned island where I was building a GUILD port!!

    Edited by Mortavius

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    On 12/19/2019 at 8:56 PM, Driven Madders said:

    Same here.

    Still haven't seen it, that and 3x XP, I killed 7 Alphas and harvested on my island last night and only got about 500 XP total!

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    I have an idea. Let's set up an award ( ex.: Developer's Darwin Award ) for the worst communication developer team and the worst update category. I also have a nominee for it.

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    Just so it dosnt get lost.
    They fucked up and patch 8 hour later.
    No roll back!


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    I know the saying, "No news is good news" is usually true. 

    However the lack of news can also be a bit unnerving. 

    I did read when we started playing that it was going to be radio-silent while they did some fixes, and the last update was true to that fact. We had heard nothing for weeks and then over the course of a day or so there was an update and a patch that went out to all. 

    Now here we sit again, in the dark, waiting for something... anything... about what might come. 

    It would be nice if they took this time to give out some weekly or biweekly teasers or discussion points. What sort of fixes are they working on or looking into? What are the things they plan to focus on for the next update? What sort of items do they hope to include eventually? 

    I am not asking for things that are set in stone, or things that we will get tomorrow - but something like "coming to an Atlas near you in a future update" or "Something we are thinking about - what are your thoughts?". 

    I know constant communication with the players is a lot to ask, but I would think that a weekly or biweekly something isn't too much - but that is just me. 

    Overall, still loving the game thus far and can't wait to see what it manages to grow into. 

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    As someone who decided to give this game another shot (after i quit shortly before the last reset) im quite concerned actually. The lag seems to be worse than ever (with less players than ever), so they seem to have reduced the hardware/Server part. Even twitter went kind of dark. Last time i played, it at least looked like they tried. Now it feels like they just completely gave up. All the problems, annoyances and bugs the game had before i left are still there. But hey. We have cats.

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