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  1. The problem with dedi's, is that's its hard to find admins that aren't corrupt, as well as owners that care more about the people versus the income they could get from the players!
  2. I've been experiencing similar issues, as I'm trying expand my dock, and if I remove something that I placed wrong, a random piece(s) elsewhere in my base just vanish without a trace! I've had tames disappear right off my shoulder a few times too, while out voyaging and collecting rare materials not found in K3.
  3. It would be nice to get mating pairs of higher leveled animals off the golden age regions, I'd love a set of bears from there versus the ones we're able to get elsewhere
  4. Still haven't seen it, that and 3x XP, I killed 7 Alphas and harvested on my island last night and only got about 500 XP total!
  5. That's stupid, but ok, thanks for the info.
  6. How do you claim the ship, as I have the perk, but cannot figure out how to actually claim. Do I look at the deck then activate it, I've got a couple of guys that built on my island that quite playing about a month ago. And some friends want to build and dock where there ships are.
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