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  1. Since you said ask questions, here they are... 1. Is the PvE aspect of the game ever going to be expanded? Is it on hold? Or is it being pulled? 2. Unofficial Server Customization. Will crossplay servers ever get to adjust settings during set up such as those for ship weights, item stacking, character stats? 3. Will the 120 level cap on creatures be adjusted, or set to be adjusted, so those who would like to play a bit more with breeding be allowed to do so? These are just a few that I was asked when I hosted a cluster. So I thought I would pass them along.
  2. Agreed. I have quite enjoyed my time on Atlas, so much so I rented Grids for my friends and I to play on while we figure out the ins and the outs. However, the silence is becoming a bit unnerving. If the game dev's have truly called it quits - It would be nice to know so we can find another game to move on to. If they haven't - please say something! I know it was posted, once upon a time, that the dev's would be quite during this phase of the development process. But there is difference between quiet and silent. Even a "Hello! We are still here and working hard" is better than nothing at all. I hope someone says or does something soon, because this is a bit much.
  3. Personally, if they provide the code so that unofficial can adjust stacking I will ecstatic. The fertilizer is just one of the many items I would make adjustments to. (though I totally get what you are saying and I agree fully)(which isn't also odd that the stuff is crafted in your character's inventory?) I mean, berries stacking in 100? That could easily be increased. Inconsistencies in how high each food item will stack. Lighter items, like fiber and thatch, stacking at the same rate as bulky metals, stones, crystals, and gems? Hopefully this is something they are looking into, or something they give players the ability to adjust. *this from an steam/xbox cross grid host/admin where mods will not work as an alternative.
  4. I am not suggesting they change to it fully, but that it be added as an option. Some prefer it, some prefer Atlas' method. Adding both to each game could give players to choose the set that best supports they way to play and their preferences.
  5. Honestly I have thought about this a time or two myself. On Ark they have no NPC players. It is something that they have stood by for as long as I have been playing. It has been suggested several times, but never considered for the official game. Mods have them, but not the core game. And when Atlas came to console so I could try it out and they had them, I began considering the possibilities. As it is, there are few things you can have them do aboard the ship. Man sails, cannon's, guns, the steering wheel, or to just stand around and fix the ship when the conditions line up. On shore I believe they can man the elevator and the some land based weaponry. But that is about it. And honestly, I have a variety of crew that I have saved from SOTD's sitting at some tables in a room at my house because I don't want to risk them all at sea and have no jobs available for them aboard my boats. So for that alone, I would love to have some additional work for them at shore. And I can see a few ways for this to happen; Add buildings, like the tax house which is an in game build, as you have described to the building options so that you can store them at the buildings. Add blueprint builds, as they have done in the Dragon Quest Builder games, where you build the building and as long as it meets certain requirements it will be labeled. This label could be, for this example a Tavern. An example of requirements could be.... (these items do not exist in game so they would have to be added)(Items would need to be in an enclosed space, the area inside could be determined by the builder. Must have 3 beer barrels Must have 8 chairs Must have 1 bar stool Must have 1 register Must have 1 light source By using this method you would still be able to design the builds yourself which would keep up a good creative aspects of the building part of the game and could be a way to invite people to be creative in what they build. Add Structures or Items that would assign NPC's to different tasks. Some examples follow; Gardening Station - An NPC stationed near a gardening station would harvest vegetables and put them in the station. If you upgraded the station you could also add fertilizer to a bin so that the NPC would fill the lowest recorded plot as long as the bin was supplied. Forge Station - Place an NPC at this station next to a Forge and tell them what to craft. As long as the resources are available to them at the station, they will continue crafting the alloy requested. This would also work as a work around for the max count given when crafting the alloys in the station Mortar and Pestle Table - You can assign and NPC to use the Mortar and Pestle similarly to how the alloy function was described. Milking Station - Preserving Barrels near a table with a milk bucket. Assign an NPC to the table and the will milk any cows within a certain radius. Upgrade it and they will place feces in a separate bin for storage Chicken Coup Shelving - Place a shelf near some chickens and assign and NPC to the shelf. They will then collect the eggs and put them in a attached preserving bin. Upgrade it and they will place feces in a separate bin for storage. Lumber Yard - Place it near some trees - it will not effect spawns - and if nothing else is placed within the spawn radius to keep the trees to coming back up the NPC will continually harvest said tree. Provide them with an upgraded Hatchet and they will get more wood from the harvest. The results will be stored in the station. Mining Yard - As with the tree, only you would place it near rocks, gems, or crystals. Upgraded Pickaxe will improve the intake. Cooking Station - Placed near some irrigated BBQ stations and they will use the ingredients as you request as the water refills (if needed) and the results will be stored in a preserving bin. You do have to place the ingredients in the BBQ for them to use for this to work. etc... I could keep going, but these are the first few I could come up with. Personally, I would prefer a mix of the three. But that would be a huge chunk of changes. The easiest way to make it happen would be to use the 1st option and the 3rd option as they would only require the creation of a few items and code associated to use them. That is just my opinion though.
  6. This is another one of those things that I believe could be improved by taking the best of both worlds and to create the best product possible. As it is, they each have their very specific methods for taming in each game. For Ark: Knockout Taming Passive Taming Egg Snatching For Atlas: Bola & Feeding Passive From an Atlas perspective, if you were to look at it with some of the Ark taming methods, you could arrange the following: Horse Taming Bola & Feeding or Passive Riding Birds Taming Bola & Feeding or Egg Snatching The Egg Snatching could be added in small hidden nests were added to the game. Either as a low percentage found in trees or small nests hidden behind rocks. Tree Collection: to collect them from the trees, it may need to be left standing and a grappling hook used to grab the egg. Destroy the tree - destroy the egg. Rock Collection: if found behind a rock, the rock would need to be harvested by hand - not with a creature - in order to carefully remove the egg. In both cases once the egg is picked up, all of the creature type for the egg would fly/run into attack mode. Larger Creature Taming Bola & Feeding or Knockout Taming Pretty self explanatory. You can Bola them and feed them as you do now, or you could knock them out and feed them through their inventories as you do with Ark. The argument could be made though... why? Why choose one method over the other. It can't be related to the tamed levels earned as that could cause people to choose the best without considering the others. This is one idea that may or may not work and could be expanded upon. Bola & Feeding is the basic method currently set as it is. Knockout Taming would require the use of prepared weaponry and narco inspired arrows or darts, it would take longer for the creature to eat as it is sleeping, but the effectiveness would be the same. The pro to this method would be the lack of fighting back that you can get from the bolas such as being bloodied by Tiger or the turning of the Giraffe in a pen. Passive Creature Taming Much like the Horse, I do believe there should be a secondary option to taming some of the larger non-aggressive animals. This idea however, would include a new phase in the creatures lives as I have it figured below; If a life cycle was added to the wild creatures - meaning that wild creatures would have infants, adolescents, and juveniles running around with them - a new passive taming method could be added to those in the younger stages of life. You would have to sneak up on them and avoid being seen by the parents as they would be semi protective of their young. You could then befriend the young creature and when the grow to an adult, they would then be available for you to claim. The raising period in this case would the be same as if you were to birth or hatch the creature yourself. This is all really to just a bit more of variety and options to players. I know that the creature taming and breeding aren't a major concern, however should they work on it again I hope they do so by expanding what little they have. That is just one players opinion though.
  7. Regardless of whether or not it will happen, I do believe this is a good suggestion. For both games. They both have their ups and downs, and one will sometimes make up for what another lacks. As I play both - I have noticed a lot of what I like and hate about each. And one thing they are both missing out on, each to a different degree, are larger building segments. For example, you are posting about larger wall segments. And as a builder, I honestly prefer they take it a step further. Below are some examples; Tall Walls - 4 high Medium Walls - 3 high Short Walls - 2 high Single Walls - 1 high (standard in game) Small Square Walls - 2x2 Medium Square Walls - 3x3 Large Square Walls - 4x4 And that is just for the walls. I would also suggest that this be carried over to other building segments; Foundations They would have the square variety outlined above along with a "Long" variety as opposed to "Tall". They would be one segment wide and would stretch forward the number of tiles associated. They would require that all pieces be able to snap within the height allowance of a standard foundation. If even one of the segments would not normally snap the piece would not allow placement. This could be outlines by showing a red outline of the piece when you go to place it as a whole or as the number of square that will fit in blue and the one that would not in green. The second option would show you where your issue would be so it could be scene as the more helpful. Ceilings & Sloped Ceilings They could follow the same terminology as the foundations. Having both a square and a "long" format. Like the foundations they would have requirements for placement. The in case of a ceiling segment that stretches more than two places forward, this could mean that a supporting structure would be required before placement. Pillars This is one that would go well with the "Tall" structures, sometimes severely cutting down on the number of pillars needed to support a structure. Stairs and Ramps These could benefit from both a Tall and Square set up depending on the build Both would require structure support beyond to segments if used, similar to that of the ceilings. Adding large building selections could help with lag just as the 4 high walls did in Ark. Those I played with noticed a severe change in lag once they made the change and I think it would work in this situation as well. Unfortunately they only went as high as the 4 high walls and did not take advantage of making addition pieces that could continue the shift to less building lag. And the best part about adding this to Atlas, because of the way the items are merged as one piece you can flip through the menu of, you could do the same with some of the items listed above if the point is to count the parts involved. That is just my opinion though. *And this is from the perspective of a console player who does not have access to mods that may otherwise assist with this situation.
  8. This is a list of items I have talked about with those I play with that we have decided we hope to see. Some have taken some research, and others were created with a list that we put together during our conversations. I thought to put it here, and then expand on it as more items are discussed below – if they are – or as a group with those I play with. So please read through it if you too are interested in the possibilities that the game to bring with it and add them below if there is more that you would like to see, and the next time I am pop on I would be happy to add them to the list. Section One: Ships Sloops – In Game Barque (Bark) – A sailing ship with from three to five masts, all of them square-rigged except the after mast, which is fore-and-aft rigged; a small vessel that is propelled by oars or sails. Schooners – In Game Brigantines – In Game Square-rigged Ships - These were more often than not merchant ships, identified by their large square sails and three masts. The large hold meant that they were slow but great for longer crossings. Not very agile, pirates were not likely to choose a square-rigged ship as their first choice, but would be great for stealing large amounts of booty. You might have seen these kinds of ships among a pirate fleet. Galleons – In Game Clipper - A fast yacht-like ship with three sails and a square rig. Cog – A small warship Gally - A low, flat vessel propelled partly, or wholly by oars. Jolly Boat - A light boat carried at the stern of a larger sailing ship. Long Boat - The largest boat carried by a ship which is used to move large loads such as anchors, chains, or ropes. Pirates use the boats to transport the bulk of heavier treasures. Lugger - A two-masted sailing vessel with a lugsail rig. Man-of-War or Man-O’-War - A heavily armed vessel designed and outfitted for battle. Pink - A small sailing vessel with a sharply narrowed stern and an overhanging transom. Pinnace - A light boat propelled by sails or oars, used as a tender for merchant and war vessels; a boat for communication between ship and shore. Pirogue - A small canoe typically used in the Caribbean often used by pirates to overtake much larger vessels. Caraval - The caravel was a small, highly maneuverable sailing ship developed in the 15th century by the Portuguese to explore along the West African coast and into the Atlantic Ocean. The lateen sails gave it speed and the capacity for sailing windward. Carrack - A carrack was a three- or four-masted ocean-going sailing ship that was developed in the 14th to 15th centuries in Europe. Frigate - A frigate is a type of warship, having various sizes and roles over time. In the 17th century, a frigate was any warship built for speed and maneuverability, the description often used being "frigate-built". Junk - an efficient design that is fast, easy to handle and able to sail upwind. Its most distinguishing feature are sails divided into a number of horizontal panels by bamboo slats (battens). These give the sail better aerodynamics and allow reducing the sail area for different wind conditions East Indiaman Ships – Batavia, Gotheborg, Amsterdam, & Arniston – Meant for large amount of weight and long journeys. Section Two: Building Expand Wood Building Items: We have so many different resources, but seldom do they come into play unless you are crafting an advanced blueprint. My suggestion would bring and additional use to the different types. Using a new bench, called the Lumber Mill, the following items could be crafted; Wood– Standard, crafted in your inventory with any type of wood Wedgwood – Advanced, crafted at Lumber Mill, adds slightly better temperature control to enclosed areas, resembles a log cabin. Darker in color in comparison to Agedwood variant. Strongwood – Advanced, crafted at Lumber Mill, adds slightly higher defense, resembles wooden wall from Ark. Darker in color in comparison to Softwood variant. Ironwood – Advanced, crafted at Lumber Mill, adds slightly faster repair rate, resembles lumber wall from Ark Primitive +. Lighter in color in comparison to lightwood variant. Softwood – Advanced, crafted at Lumber Mill, adds slightly higher defense, resembles wooden wall from Ark. Lighter in color in comparison to Softwood variant. Agedwood – Advanced, crafted at Lumber Mill, adds slightly better temperature control to enclosed areas, resembles a log cabin. Lighter in color in comparison to Wetwood variant. Lightwood – Advanced, crafted at Lumber Mill, adds slightly faster repair rate, resembles lumber wall from Ark Primitive +. Darker in color in comparison to Ironwood variant. Expand Stone Building Items In a similar manner to that which is present with the wood types list above, I suggest the following. Using a new bench called the Construction Table, the following items could be crafted; Stone - Standard, crafted in the smithy with any type of stone. Coquina – Advanced, crafted at Construction Table, adds slightly faster repair rate, resembles stone structures from Ark. Light in color Granite – Advanced, crafted at Construction Table, adds slightly higher defense, resembles a brick-like structure. Light in color. Limestone – Advanced, crafted at Construction Table, adds slightly faster repair rate, resembles stone structures from Ark. Dark in color Marble – Advanced, crafted at Construction Table, adds slightly higher defense, resembles a brick-like structure. Dark in color. Sandstone – Advanced, crafted at Construction Table, adds slightly better temperature control to enclosed areas, resembles short bricks and stucco, red in color Slate – Advanced, crafted at Construction Table, adds slightly better temperature control to enclosed areas resembles short bricks and stucco, grey in color Expanding Decorative Items Not all of these items may be appropriate for ships, but should be available when building on land: Beds: The one we have is a cot at best and not a very good looking one. Cot – in game Simple Bed – cot with a mattress and blanket Fancy Bed – bed frame with mattress, blanket, and pillows. Large Fancy Bed – double wide bed frame with mattress, blankets, and pillows. Chair – in game Fancy Chair – with cushions Kings Chair – with higher back, larger size, and cushions. Bench – small wooden bench, looks cheaply made. Fancy Bench – has a back and arm rests Table – in game Square table – just a smaller version of the current table. Wall lamp – in game Hanging lamp – resembles the lamp in Ark Primitive+ Standing torch – resembles the torch in Ark Braziers – resembles those in Ark Primitive+ Table lamps – a light to sit on a table Wall Sconce – a light to hang on the wall Candle – something to set on a table Lantern – a light that you can carry when dark. Woodstove – a campfire in a small stove – can be used for cooking Fireplace – a campfire in a small fireplace with a 3 wall high chimney – can be used to cook meats A chimney add on could also be created it the click-through menu in order to expand the chimney so that it will go higher if needed. Grand Fireplace – larger fireplace with large fire, gives off warmth, can cook meat, and has a 3 high chimney that can be added too. Section Three: Food & Cooking Cheese Pickled vegetables Chicken – could be changed to Poultry as another meat type Porridge Bread Butter Pottage Pie Apples Pineapple Oranges Lemons Melons Bananas Section Four: Clothing Thus far we have a handful of craftables and a number of skins available for purchase in the market. However it would be nice to have it expanded a bit and to have different types of clothing available at different markets. Each “Freeport” could have a style to it and that style could including clothing from that region, both men’s and women’s – not just gender neutral. I say this realizing that yes, it is a pirate themed game – however it is also one that allows people to build homeports and villages and having a few female NPC’s in dresses could make if feel a bit more authentic. This would also allow the use of clothing themes from different nationalities including those from the different types of pirates that exist in the world. Section Five: Creatures Deer Antelope Elk Moose Camel Zebra Cougar Panther Eagle Sea Lion Killer Whale – Orca Beluga Narwhal Donkey Turkey Prairie Dog – Shoulder Pet Otter – Shoulder Pet Llama Emu Goat Panda Walrus Puffin Gorilla Leopards Arctic Fox – following attack pet Cheetah Jaguar Koala Lemur – shoulder pet Okapi Hippopotamus Reindeer Bison Takin That is what I have thus far. But I am sure more will come up. Personally, even if these items aren't added - I will continue to play and can't wait to see what will.
  9. I know the saying, "No news is good news" is usually true. However the lack of news can also be a bit unnerving. I did read when we started playing that it was going to be radio-silent while they did some fixes, and the last update was true to that fact. We had heard nothing for weeks and then over the course of a day or so there was an update and a patch that went out to all. Now here we sit again, in the dark, waiting for something... anything... about what might come. It would be nice if they took this time to give out some weekly or biweekly teasers or discussion points. What sort of fixes are they working on or looking into? What are the things they plan to focus on for the next update? What sort of items do they hope to include eventually? I am not asking for things that are set in stone, or things that we will get tomorrow - but something like "coming to an Atlas near you in a future update" or "Something we are thinking about - what are your thoughts?". I know constant communication with the players is a lot to ask, but I would think that a weekly or biweekly something isn't too much - but that is just me. Overall, still loving the game thus far and can't wait to see what it manages to grow into.
  10. Hello everyone, Soon after the game came out on xbox, myself and a few of my friends purchased the game in order to give it a try. We all started with Ark when it comes to similar games, and I run a cluster of maps that I have been coding for with the Nitrado Crossplay function for over a year with their expert settings. And after giving Atlas a try, we decided to give running a few grids a try. Because we do not have the funds to run the massive grid itself and wanted a chance to see all the creatures and items we could, we chose to use the Server Grid Editor to create the grids. Up to that point, we are good. I even managed to increase character & creature levels and stats without many issues at all. The problem I have run into however, is the weight the ships can carry. We typically play on slightly boosted servers due to all of us on the cluster/grids having families are full time jobs - it makes it easier for us to enjoy the gameplay and accomplish more than we would on official settings. And with having those boosts, we have noticed that our ships can not carry much. If we applied straight weight sails we may have a chance, but then we wouldn't get anywhere fast - let alone avoid the SOTD as we would like. So my question is, does anyone know of a code I can apply to the configuration file in order to increase the weight per stat point limit for the different boats? I have searched the wiki, the home page, and the internet for anything I could find and thus far, the only methods I have found that seem to have worked are those that apply mods - which I cannot with the crossplay set up. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. -Thank you-
  11. Yes please! I know that the first added were listed as the first 50 or something on an interview I read way-back when, so the chances that they may add more at some point could be decent. As for your list, I like it. Especially the Camel, Zebra, lemur, and the Jaguar. I would totally tame a Jaguar. Regardless of the difficulty. I would like to add to your list, if that is okay, ... (just a few we were discussing while sailing from island to island this weekend) Walrus Lizard - shoulder pet Sea Lion Fox - not rideable, can be set to follow on attack. Antelope Condor or Vulture Goat Koala Narwal Beluga Caribou, Moose, Elk, and/or Reindeer. - They are all different and exist in different regions, but similar enough I don't know if all are needed or if "Deer" would suffice.
  12. Having only started playing not to long ago, the concept of the Flying Dutchman is quite intimidating. But very interesting. It could add a new achievement of some sort as well as a some crazy loot. I certainly wouldn't go fight it tomorrow, but think it would fun to do so eventually. NPC pirates, or just plain old NPC ships, you could fight off or hire to travel along side you would be nice. We don't have an incredibly large company on the grids I play on, so we are limited to a few ships on each journey. Being able to hire ships that would follow the orders of the "lead" ship would be nice. (or even allow us to hire "captains" at a higher rate so that they would follow your orders on the lead vessel - following in other ships you have built yourself.) There would have to be a limit set of course, to how many you could hire to follow and such to avoid overpowering the process. In my mind I imagine no more that 2, with possible setting adjustments for unofficial servers. At this point I will cross my fingers that both may be eventual additions to the game. Like the ideas though.
  13. As someone who has only been playing the game for a few weeks since the crossplay release, I haven't had a chance to explore all there is a about the game. However, I will say, that it would be nice to have a few more ship's or items specific to them that we could create. I am still having a lot of fun with what we have, however I can see where it could eventually be seen as old as more is not added. There is hope though, as the game is still in early release. Which means there could be more to come that we might be able to play around with. Of the options that you listed, the Carrack is my favorite. Mostly because I tend to take long trips to gather resources and it would be nice to have a bit more weight. And additional sail skins, if not the sails themselves, would be a nice way to individualize the ships you build to set them apart for others. The colors are nice, but this could be the next step. That is just me though. *From a Xbox-Steam Crossplay server perspective.
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