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  1. Our animals want to get some fresh air. They smell the scent of spring flowers and meadows that draw in through the cracks and crevices of the medium wide wood gates. The gates will no longer withstand our animals for a long time Therefore, from 20.12.2020 (midnight) to 23.03.2020 (midnight?) We will give a spring discount of 20% on the total amount of your purchased animals. Come visit us at discord. https://discordapp.com/invite/Na7XmZv
  2. new in the shop: giraffe, wolves and lions Giraffes are the best thatch farmers. Depending on the area of application, they need more life. With stamina, giraffes are usually naturally well equipped. You cannot have enough damage, which increases the rate of degradation. https://discordapp.com/invite/Na7XmZv
  3. Now! We have corrected all prices down. Maybe something for you. Take a look at it. https://discordapp.com/invite/Na7XmZv
  4. The first discount for the sales opening starts at 0 o'clock in three hours. Unbeatable 33% on all animals !!! Action runs 24 hours. Registration with discord is enough.
  5. Hello, the first animals are for sale. These include bears, lions, bears, wolves, bears, monkeys and rabbits. And don't forget the bears. And oh yes, giraffes! We don't have the most mythical bears on the server, but from organic farming. Without genetic technology !! Greetings to all alpha bear breeders (experimenting with genetic engineering) Seriously, our bears are good and a little cheaper. come over and take a look at them. You can find us at Discord https://discord.gg/Na7XmZv Monkeys: Monkeys are shoulder animals (T1). Monkeys help you recharge your health faster. The higher the level of the monkeys, the higher the loading rate of Health. Monkey price per wild level: 10 gold Used Monkeys price per wild level: 5 gold Wolves: Wolves are mounts (T2). Wolves carry you when you're not loaded. Wolves are strongest in the pack. Wolves price per wild level: 20 gold Used Wolves price per game level: 10 gold Giraffes: Giraffes are excellent thatch farmers (T3). Giraffes naturally have enough stamina. Skill Giraffes in Damage, Health or Weight. Giraffe price per wild level: 50 Used Giraffe's price per game level: 25 Bears: Bears are all-round mounts (T2). You can carry weight with Bears. And you can do good damage with Bears. In addition, Bears are excellent fiber farmers. Bears price per wild level: 30 gold Used Bears Price per wild level: 25 gold Starter Bears (below level 30) Price per wild level: 15 gold Lions: Lions are mounts (T3). Lions cannot carry much weight. Lions are pure damage animals. Lions price per wild level: 25 gold Used Lions price per wild level: 12 gold Rabbits: Let's face it, rabbits are cute! You can put rabbits on your shoulder. Rabbits price per wild level: 7 gold Used Rabbits Price per wild level: 3 gold If you buy more than one animal, you get a dealer discount: - from 2 animals of one species 12.5% - from 5 animals of one species 20% - from 10 animals of one species 30% - from 15 animals of one species 40% - from 20 animals of one species 45% Example: 2 animals for a total price of 2000 gold, you pay with 1750 gold. 5 animals for a total price of 5000 gold, you pay with 4000 gold. 10 animals for a total price of 10,000 gold, you pay with 7,000 gold. 15 animals for a total price of 15000 gold, you pay with 9000 gold. 20 animals for a total price of 20,000 gold, you pay with 11000 gold
  6. With this post I would like to suggest introducing medium walls. These medium walls should snap into place like normal walls. With 4x4 walls z. B. The following advantages are obvious: - e.g. a house wall of 28x8 wood walls could be saved by 4x4 medium walls 210 structures (on 1/16). The same with floors and ceilings - less structures, less lag - build more comfortably - you don't get to the structure limit so quickly Half disadvantage: - more area is partly built on. However, this is already possible with large walls. So it won't degenerate into medium walls. Best wishes PS: I translated this text on the Internet from German, please check me for possible grammatical errors :)
  7. very nice, for the second time this week a cobra in the stall. all tames eaten, despite double walls. your beautiful announcements bring nothing, if such regressions cause frustration and ruin the pleasure of the game. I wonder if that's how many players feel, and then give up the game.
  8. Hello developers, In order to get water into my cookhouse, I have to lay water pipes over long distances. Since these are limited in number, I switched Stone Water Reservoir in between. Unfortunately, the Stone Water Reservoir does not fill, only the first one fills up. Would it be possible to fill connected Water Reservoir with water? best regards bummerlunder Text translated from German with Google Translate.
  9. During a cruise, I pull my NPC from behind the ship. I'm afraid I'll lose the NPC.
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