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  1. With this post I would like to suggest introducing medium walls. These medium walls should snap into place like normal walls. With 4x4 walls z. B. The following advantages are obvious: - e.g. a house wall of 28x8 wood walls could be saved by 4x4 medium walls 210 structures (on 1/16). The same with floors and ceilings - less structures, less lag - build more comfortably - you don't get to the structure limit so quickly Half disadvantage: - more area is partly built on. However, this is already possible with large walls. So it won't degenerate into medium walls. Best wishes PS: I translated this text on the Internet from German, please check me for possible grammatical errors :)
  2. very nice, for the second time this week a cobra in the stall. all tames eaten, despite double walls. your beautiful announcements bring nothing, if such regressions cause frustration and ruin the pleasure of the game. I wonder if that's how many players feel, and then give up the game.
  3. bummerlunder

    Stone Water Resevoir

    Hello developers, In order to get water into my cookhouse, I have to lay water pipes over long distances. Since these are limited in number, I switched Stone Water Reservoir in between. Unfortunately, the Stone Water Reservoir does not fill, only the first one fills up. Would it be possible to fill connected Water Reservoir with water? best regards bummerlunder Text translated from German with Google Translate.
  4. bummerlunder

    Shipping / NPC

    During a cruise, I pull my NPC from behind the ship. I'm afraid I'll lose the NPC.