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  1. Limit them to one per company per grid or something similar. People are spamming right now placing them just like they place pillars lol. It’s a poor and rushed attempt at helping the almighty PvP players have more fun on the ocean...
  2. Hello Devs. Either you have never been into or engaged in a PVE server in your life, OR you simply don't give a damn about half your playerbase... FARMHOUSES ARE NOT FOR PVE!!! They ruin our game! We have nothing fun to do in the ocean anyways! Now you are ruining the use for any farming tame at all. That effects breeders which work toward getting nice Mutations in pivotal stats for Elephants and Giraffes. Jesus Christ stop treating PVE like the redheaded stepchild!
  3. Idea 1: Please allow us to set specific rules for Folders (in our characters and tames) when farming. It would be lovely to be able to have all food items go into a folder of our choosing when farming with bears, giraffes, etc. would also be nice to be able to place armor/tools in a folder in our inventory with fear of losing everything after death. (Items sometimes disappear from dead bodies if those items had been previously placed in a folder. IDEA 2: It would be nice if a Whistle command for “All stop wandering”. (Mainly assist breeders with having to click multiple settings in the when during a large breeding batch. IDEA 3: Would also be nice if the “tame groups” system was better implemented and streamlined. Perhaps a toggle or a wheel to more quickly change/select a tame group. In it’s current state, it is nearly useless.
  4. That’s all good and fine but this information does not help the PVE players at all! We need to know your plans for PVE and PVP so we can know how to plan accordingly with the new update. At this moment we have no idea if you plan to incorporate a PVPVE, which would benefit us to start fresh on the PVP Server. Or do you plan to leave them separate which would benefit us to start fresh on the PVE server. Do you plan to ever have NA PVE back up and running? Does “focusing on pvp” mean that PVE will effectively be unsupported or improved at the same level as pvp? Cause then some Pve people may choose to try out PVP since we are being forced out of the office like Creed Bratton. Jesus Christ the first few months of a wipe are pivotal to get the best possible area and start our lines of breeds mutations/supply/etc... It’s not as simple as join and play any time. Especially on PVP with the countless griefers.
  5. Grand Exchange (Runescape) styled databases. Placed on every freeport.
  6. Is the game not already grindy enough? I mean it’s hard to have a real life and keep up your Atlas base, while also going explore the fun things/end game Atlas has to offer too. It’s a game for Christ’s sake we should be able to play the game lol
  7. devs skip whole holidays now. Game is dying and devs know it.
  8. dang! You tryina donate some gold and stuff to a fellow solo??
  9. Some people weren’t allowed to feed their children. Cause a patch was pushed with no warning . Jk.jk. I’m not concerned about the slow progress cause I agree with alot of what you said. But the COMMUNICATION between these devs and the community is atrocious. I love the game. You love the game. We all love the game. But we should all still agree about the terrible communication or lack thereof and it needs to be fixed. People want to feel heard by the ones that bought the game.
  10. I love this game. It is so rewarding when you put a lot of grind into it. The issue is, it's still broken. The devs go months without posting any updates and ignore their player base. As a result, the game is dying, clans are quitting in droves and there is no longer a decent player base. This results in even lower Morale, which causes more ppl to quit. ITS A REVOLVING DOOR!!! My entire clan quit because of the lack of updates, fixes, communication. Dear ATLAS DEVS, It is not too late to make the game an amazing game. Begin communicating with us! Maybe try to actually read a damn review or two and comment?! Or is it just much more fun to sit on a beach drinking Mojitos using the cash you stole from steam players with empty promises?
  11. I agree 100% with what you are saying. People should be able to play a game they enjoy and also tend to their normal life responsibilities without suffering. It’s a large flaw in the system in my opinion and is why the game constantly loses/gains players. Its a revolving door of players because it takes so much time, which is why it’ll never retain a large playerbase in this current state. Majority of people don’t care about their game being hyper realistic. They want to have fun...
  12. And the ability to hot search specific words in a log too.
  13. ----------Can we get the ability to set specific rules for Folders on our Characters, as Well as our Tames, and Storage Boxes? This would help in so many ways. On a game that takes hours upon hours to do proper upkeep. This would save a bit of tedious actions that no one enjoys doing. Keep the fun stuff and faze out the tedious so that the player base remains large please! (Example: When I create a Folder, I can check off which type of item I want to go automatically into this folder) Food Thatch Metal Fiber Stone Keta Hide Mythos Clothing Weapons Ammo And so on, so forth. -------Please also increase the berry stacks to 500 or 1000!
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