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  1. New Ships Frigate A frigate is a sailing ship that is made out of wood and has three to four masts but in game could benefit from having 5. It is usually an armoured to some degree as it's a golden age war vessel. In game it could be very resilient and have good weight capacity to allow large amounts of cannons and ammo to be stored on it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frigate Carrack Usually three or more masts, large amount of cargo capacity and is used for very long voyages, it also has a bowsprit at the front. In game the ship could have a huge weight capacity to help with long voyages (better then the galleon) but smaller then the galleon in size. Probably the size could be inbetween the Brig and Galleon. Could have a speed increase or able to have an extra sail on to make it a good choice for going further. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrack Man-of-war A galleon varient suited for being a warship. Good durability, good weight carrying capacity. Able to take a lot of punishment without being sunk easily. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man-of-war New Sail Types Would be nice to see some more new sail types added so we can customise our ships further. -- Lug Rig Sail -- Crab Claw Sail -- Lateen Rig Sail -- Bermuda Rig Sail
  2. In multiplayer it would be great if you could add in some new ship threats other than the ships of the damned. Flying Dutchman An NPC ship that resembles the myth of the flying dutchman would be an interesting new threat on the sea to deal with. Perhaps it could be smarter then the ships of the damned but has to rely on the wind like we do. NPC Pirates Normal NPC pirates who roam the seas, if you manage to kill those on board perhaps you can claim the NPCs ship as your own. This would be a good addition for PVE players in multiplayer who have nothing much to do aside from the usual fighting the ships of the damned, treasure hunting ect.. and an alternative way to get your hands on a ship. Ships are the same as ours, they can be common, fine, journeyman ect.. obviously the latter are quite rare and could spawn as a sloop, schooner, brig, galleon. They also may have loot in the chests on the ships.
  3. Atlas devs need to balance it to make it fair for both sides not just for the NPC animal side.
  4. Cyclones Cyclones should not be spawned in, in groups of 4. There should only be one cyclone that is huge and moves in an unpredictable manner. The current cyclones do not add to the game and only take away from the fun of sailing in stormy weather because the game spawns 4 cyclones close to you and you can predict their movements because they'll 90% of the time come at your ship and try to stalk you. Heatwaves Heatwaves in Atlas don't make sense. There is no way to cool yourself down once you've been in a heat wave for a while, going in water in cloth clothing does not help and even eating ice does not help. It does not make sense Atlas devs, come on. Heatwaves belong in desert areas and tropical areas should only have them once in an game week, not every single morning. Cold Fronts Cold fronts should only happen in Tundra or Polar areas. Not in every different biome type. Cold fronts should consist of snow or an increase of cold wind. It doesn't make sense to have a cold front in the desert at the same time as a heat wave. Make your weather make sense Atlas devs because right now, it isn't adding anything positive to the game, only negatives. New Weather Types Only after you fix the current weather should you perhaps consider adding new weather and each weather should only effect certain areas. For example have a high wind storm without stormy weather in tropical/jungle biomes with a chance that a cyclone will happen on land and does small amount of damage to your structures. By small I mean really small because over time the damage will add up and those who are lazy will eventually have to repair and tend to their structures instead of leaving them for days without having to worry much about them. To go along side this allow NPCS to fix your structures and have a building resource box that you put resources in and this allows the NPCs to fix your buildings. It gives a new purpose to having NPCs on land as right now they are only really beneficial for ships.
  5. Market place where you sell goods to NPCs in the freeports who sell that onto other players. Perhaps you could have an option to rent a market stall for yourself to sell goods to other players and NPCs. Would also be good to see NPCs wandering around in multiplayer sessions because right now the world of Atlas does not feel very alive at freeports.
  6. Could we have some more new tames added, would be nice to see it as varied as ARK is tame wise and also could you spawn in more colourful varities of animals. -- Buffalo -- Camel -- Zebra -- Owl -- Maned Wolf -- Lemur -- Gorilla -- Otter -- Cheetah -- Chimpanzee -- Kangaroo -- Jaguar -- Okapi
  7. All are pirate based foods/drinks and what pirates really did eat and drink Drinks: Brandy Port Sherry More rum based drinks Coffee Tea Root Beer Food: Salted meat dishes (food) Oatmeal Foods with Butter in Foods with Cheese in Bone Soup Black Bean Hash Pancakes Waffles Croissants Muffins Yogurt Granola Sausages Caesar Salad Grilled Trout Grilled Cod Grilled Salmon Scrambled Eggs
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