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  1. mine too and the log says it starved to death even though i have a full trough
  2. my elephant has suddenly starved to death apparently
  3. compass is harder to read coz the damn lettering is pretty much the same colour as the background there on
  4. yeah at high level i've found that treasure maps are the only thing worth doing for xp
  5. pretty sure im not getting x2 gold for sod's and sunken treasures either, not tried a treasure map though
  6. So is the whole of the blackwood map classed as lawless? I've tried every island if I disable settlement claims then I can place territory claim flags but those don't allow me to use the silo
  7. i'm having the same issue with 2 of my bears both lvl 42 but no other tames have had the issue, hopefully devs will see this thread and start on a fix pretty soon
  8. yeah and pretty soon wow i'm crying over 2 schooner's lol
  9. oh so they tried to fix an issue affecting a hand full of people but ended up giving everyone in the entire server the same issue lol? also my game says im on patch 9.0
  10. I'm still on version 9.0 but in patch notes it say's 9.11 has been released and in them it say's "Company Member, Company Groups, and Alliance data loss issue should hopefully be resolved." so fingers crossed
  11. my base is in d3 but im currently in e7 and ive noticed that the bed on my ship is gone so I really hope they rollback too
  12. I've got the same problem, would a rollback fix it?
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