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  1. There is a way to find discoveries. Use the telescope. look around and if you see a shiny blue bubble, there's an undiscovered discovery. It will be an island or POI. I think the whole skill tree needs some re-work. The order of many doesn't make sense to me.
  2. make sure your keys aren't sticking?
  3. not really. go through the forum and look for posts about them. they are so bugged.
  4. from what I've seen, treasure maps for the freeports (only checked on ones for M7) are all pointing in the same place. right at the front step of the town. They used to be all over the place but they changed something and now they're bugged
  5. I can see the reason for having a crew count, if there wasn't you'd have companies put 50 people on a raft and sail in and attack another ship or base... so a crew limit helps prevent that scenario. But tames shouldn't count and definitely not wild creatures
  6. those ladders... Gah! DWHITLEYCE - it almost sounds like you were finding one of the other bugs of WPE - multiple spawned camps. You may have blown up a door, but there was another directly in the same spot. Sometimes they're offset a little sometimes they are in exact same spot. I finally decided to disable them and just go exploring
  7. I've done the grapple hook but ended up in the same position as you did. I tried climbing picks and these worked a little better in that you can climb up under the pirate and attempt to climb on to the pirate which has knocked them off a few times. multiple spawn encampments... wait until they go underground completely, Can't do anything about them unless you use console commands I finally gave up and disable WPE. This got rid of all new WPE but the camps where I discovered the island but ignored the camps, it got rid of most of the duplicates but left some behind some. Actually claimed one that hadn't duplicated
  8. That's what I found out so far. I disabled WPE and the islands in the area I was in, disappeared. Then I traveled to another zone and the first island I went to had camps. The problem though is the one of the camps was completely underground, far enough to be below the water table. Which means that I couldn't get to it. finally decided it was a pain in the arse and used console commands to destroy all the structures belonging to the WPE and then to destroy all the pirates. Will probably have to do this on every zone I went through and didn't claim camps.
  9. I've said this many times ( maybe more in my head and yelling at the screen) that a wild animal should not count as crew. In fact, animals should not count as crew period. They (tamed animals) should count toward weight, so we don't have "arks" of ships sailing around.
  10. yeah, before they think about more content, they need to optimize and bug fix. I would like to see more updates and not on twitter. These forums should be the place and links to it can be put on the social media places
  11. the pirate ships are flippin crazy. As noted, they take so much to damage, repair like crazy and on top of that, they can backup like a flipping sports car. If you can't find an encampment, you could use the "fly" command and zoom around until you find it. Look way up on top of mountains. I've found the best thing to do for ones that mesh underground, use "ghost" and go underground and "kill" it. Use the "kill" command to destroy your way through multiple layers of building to get to the loot or free a pirate stuck in between. Or finally, like myself.... just disable WPE and go back to trying to find treasure maps that are bugged and give thousands of gold and blueprints
  12. depending on the cosmetic... ie the eye patch for pirate, drag it and drop it on a hat. to remove it hold shift and drag off the hat. (xbox methods are unknown to me). For things like figureheads, click on it, select use and walk to front of ship and it will snap there
  13. you're kind of close but not really. depending on size of the cannon there would be more crew. 12 lb cannon crew 18-lb gun crew Constitution 24-lb gun crew
  14. If you look at pictures of real frigates, the body shape of the brigatine in game is very similar to a fifth or sixth rate frigate (based on guns, 12 gun ship), I'd like to see more heavy frigates (28 or 32 guns (14 or 16 per side). A ship of the line would be cool, something like a 64 gun ship. I'd like to see the galleon have all the guns removed and made more of merchant ship with lots of weight
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