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  1. Hi on several computer i am unable to download your tool, it always have a network error at the end of the download. Is there another adress where i can download ? thanks.
  2. Only mele weapon work on them or tame. even grenade dont work.
  3. Actually it you put the crop in palce and after you reset your talent you need to cahnge the crop again. i just found this today. Best regards.
  4. Collision bug in a8 -93.52 ; - 4.87. I was travelling m5 to G15 for a map, and in the middle of the sea near a platform My ship (galeon 41)i hurt a rock and my ship jump, lot of time and was stuck in the platform, if i raise my anchor my ship take to much damage, and i cant move. How i can use my ship again ?
  5. It take 6 hour to loose your ship if you stay in a freeport, it is not a bug. FREEPORT = FAST DECAY
  6. Hi, now all the pet that you trying to tame escape after 20 second or less . so what did you do ? TEst on pve on O8 with tiger (2) girafe and bear. So please fix it.
  7. It was working one Time for me on a galleon, but not After the reboot.
  8. For thé snow boss, aller need to have aller thé powerstone, not only kraken 2.0
  9. And me i use one Time and it s keep saying net cannot reach sée from here? Galleon with chair on every floor and one at thé limite ouside
  10. HI, how to powerlevel crew membber to be able to recruit more ? the only one i found , is hitting animals , is there a better ways ? thanks.
  11. Hi, i have only a galleon with 50 cannons , do i need to put somme ballista on it ?
  12. Grandfather on M5 and nordsemen (lot of silver node blocked)
  13. All server all grid all pvp pve na eu are down byebye my baby bear
  14. i think you have tiny shipyards raft and diggey small shipyard schooner and sloop large shipyards brig and galley
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