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    Cluster Support

    I am also interested in this, no one has an anwser, or at least a link to a tutorial?
  2. No responces' to this? I am also interested.
  3. Myers3235

    Setting up multiple servers

    Can anyone please provide a link or describe how to set up multiple servers together? I currently have one server supporting 30 grids but I would like to have another server host another 30 grids. However I can not figure out the reddis configuration. An online guide on how to do this would be great! But I am not able to find anything straight forward on this topic.
  4. Is there any word yet as to when the dedicated servers will have access to the wild pirate camps?
  5. Can anyone tell me or send a link as to how to switch my dedicated server from the old claiming system to the new one? I can not seem to find much info online.
  6. Can anyone please tell me why this start bat is not working for blackwood? My ports are forwarded correctly, and I rather not use a 3rd party program to run one grid. There is very little info for setting this map up, so I'm assuming I'm making a simple mistake. start /high ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ShooterGameServer.exe Blackwood? AltSaveDirectoryName=0000? ServerAdminPassword=12345677? MaxPlayers=50? ReservedPlayerSlots=25? QueryPort=58005? Port=6205? RCONEnabled=true? RCONPort=25710 -log -server -NoBattlEye -NoSeamlessServer exit