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  1. Lol, casuals. Well, seeing as I've got 1600 hours clocked on Atlas in beats, I think it's fair to say I have time to play the game and for several hours at a time. As explained, I have no issue with grind until it seems unfair. So, couple things to address. - You should ask for advice on the most basic of things you need to play the game. - The game needs more sources to invest it's currency. That's stupid. Why do I need to play the game your way, when I've played the game my way without an issue and enjoyed myself. Enjoyed myself enough to keep returning to playing the game. And let's be clear, we're not talking about how to make all the money in 5 seconds. This isn't me asking how to do end game content by myself. This is very basic progression. I shouldn't have to scour the forums in search for a method in which to build a basic ship. I shouldn't have to do even more work. There's enough. This would be a completely different story if I was buying a prebuilt ship. That's fair. You can either do the labor, OR you can pay money for a built one. Boom, solved. In fact, that seems to be the direction they're going with these 'new' ships. Remove the gold cost then on one's you build yourself. Second thing: "gold is worthless without something to spend it on". Okay. What is the actual purpose of the trade system then? Isn't that supposed to be how it works? You sell things to people, make money, then use that money to buy things you need? Why is that not working? Cosmetic stuff is also purchasable, which I've done. And they tend to be pricey, given you have to buy the set in pieces. There's also cosmetics for your ships for purchase. There's tames you can buy for the luls in pve. Helpful in pvp, I understand. And now they have purchasable ships! Whole ships built so you don't have to. What I'd propose, is that primitive ships should not have a cost. Their primitive, and the goal really should be to build a better one. Uncommon, rare, ect. Stronger ship, more levels, so forth. Stronger ship demands more cost, and originally did. I mean, if you wanted a mythical ship, you have to have 6 different types of materials in order to build it. Which was fair, so assigning gold on top of that seems a bit over board to me but. "We need gold sinks" apparently.
  2. Trade should be a choice of play in this game, not a necessity. I actually participated in trade before there was a system. I play PVE, and trade between players and islands was a lot of fun. What I did, primarily, was I would speak to whoever owned an island and ask them if they would allow me to build a small shop on their island where they could purchase materials from me. I'd buy some things from them. They'd request things from me, and I'd bring them whatever material they just didn't feel like grinding themselves. It was a good, wholesome system. I've negotiated with breeders last time I played, and that was super neat. The companies I dealt with, even, didn't even speak english too well- But I found that to be almost authentic in the experience. You had to get by, and usually came to an agreement on what price and what you were looking for. And bred animals usually ran about 5k for large animals, so- Again; Money was never an issue to spend. For a solo player, or even a duo, doing maps around the world. There was a whole island that was dedicated to hosting trade shows for several companies who had shit to sell. They had a set up where everyone had their own stall on a raft, and it was pulled up to a walkway that was built. A legit flea market. Amazing. But again: Trade should be a choice. You should not be required to have a warehouse and trade route set up to play the game. It should just be an option. I can understand, and even see justification, in placing a price tag on higher quality ships. Perhaps even if you build a frame, but want it fully planked to cut back on the grind part. But I'm not getting anything with this exchange of gold in order to build a vanilla ship. The only thing I'm buying is the ability to play the fucking game.
  3. I've uninstalled, and don't intend on playing it again. I'm fine with grind. Sometimes, I find it to be a bit soothing. But I'm not going to invest gold into a ship I'm building myself. I'm not going to invest my time into that level of bullshit. It really isn't worth it. The endearing trash fire, is now just a trash fire.
  4. "Gold sink". Right. Well, I'll tell you, I've played Atlas on and off since launch, and I have never actually had a terrible time. This game has always been a trash fire. They break the game with changes, and sometimes shit gets intensive with how costly the grind is, but regardless of that: It was never so terrible that I actually uninstalled the game and decided to spend my time else where; Until now. I have returned from a break from the game, and my game plan was to get to lawless, build a starter brig to get off lawless and find somewhere else to base out of. Took me a few days to get to the point I could build a large shipyard, and it's a bit of a grind because I don't have tames. I don't have tames, because again- I don't plan on sticking around lawless and don't want to have to move everything in several trips. But 18000 gold investment? On a VANILLA SHIP? Excuse me? Fuck off, Atlas. It was already going to take me several days to grind out the materials just to build the thing. A ship I only mean to use to get someplace, do some maps, and grind for a better one because it's .. a vanilla ship. I already have to invest points into ship building to build my own ships, because I enjoy building ships. It's one of the aspects of the game I love. And now you make it even harder for me to enjoy that aspect. I'm already investing in building my own ship, and it's nonsensical to invest 18000 on a vanilla ship. If you make 5k a day, there is a serious problem with the economy. In that light, Atlas really didn't need a trade system. The players already had figured it out, and it worked just fine. You had people who had discords in dedication to trade and communication. I'd argue that instead of a trade system, they should have put in a mail system in to ease communication when other players aren't online. Discord worked, however. Bought tames from people that way. Requested builds of blueprint weapons from others. Found whole market squares from different companies on islands I visited. I never actually had a problem spending money.
  5. Interesting! Though I still would like something a little less vague. I suggested a talent because it's something I would invest points into, and know that it's not going to be wasted. There is a talent tree in the game currently, but I'm not exactly sure how helpful it really is. Map maker. Map Maker could maybe converted to this, or maybe it could just be added for additional benefit. But again, appreciate the knowledge.
  6. Ahoy, and welcome. Here's some ideas and opinions that I have. And whether it matters or not, I've been playing the game since it launched, I play on a PVE official server, and I prefer to play as a solo player. - Talent Improvement What I enjoy about Atlas is the aspect of exploration. Sailing the world, and finding cool points of interest on any given island. The discovery point system is fun for me because it almost caters to my desire to collect things. I can pull up a grid in the discoveries tab, and see whether I have cleared it or not. Fun! The issue I run into with this is that there isn't any real indicator of where a discovery will be. There's a lot of unknowns that really bug me about it. While some points of interest will have props set up, like a "npc" town, or a damaged ship for decoration; Some of them I just find randomly, and I really don't like that. What it tends to do, is make me paranoid that if I don't essentially comb an island by running up and down it, to make sure that I've literally been on every square inch, I'm going to somehow miss a POI. Suggestion: A talent that allows the player to see that the area is a POI. Similarly to the marker that shows you where the treasure is buried as you get closer to it's location. Maybe some sparkles in the area? Some kind of indication that the area is a discovery. It doesn't discourage me to roam free and explore, because you have to be close enough to see it; But it would dispel the worry feeling. I'm not sure where you put such a talent. Maybe beast mastery? Maybe it's flavored as the ability to track or something. A big point sink is beast mastery. Which is fine if you like to tame animals. But for me, I buy my tames. And the only real reason I have points so deep into beast mastery is solely to ride them; And I don't think that's fair. As it stands, if you want to ride an elephant or tiger, or lion- You have to have taming and breed 2. So while I don't utilize taming 2 or breeding 2, I still have to have them in order to use an elephant to gather. Suggestion: Make riding it's own line progression. If you want to ride elephants, you have to know how to ride horses. This makes it less of an investment for people who don't necessarily want to spend their time taming, but still can have animals that they use. If you enjoy taming, great. It's a worth while investment for you to take taming 1, 2, and 3. But for me, I'd rather spend my time exploring than taming. I will pay gold to a company to tame and breed things for me. And also, while we're on riding. No one is riding sheep or boars, except only to re position them in a pen. Suggestion: We can get rid of Riding tier 1. Have Riding, and Advanced Riding. Riding Talent: Ability to ride sheep, boar, horses, bulls, wolves, ostrich, bears. Advanced Riding: Ability to ride lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, and mythical creatures. And if you really wanted 3 tiers of riding, you could actually put mythical creatures in it's own tier. In the same vein, I don't mind investing in a tree in order to craft something of higher quality. It's something I enjoy doing, crafting blueprints and trying to sell them. But I don't think people should necessarily have to invest so heavily in a tree in order to wear something of quality. While I'm sure there's an argument that you have to understand armor, in order to be able to wear it properly; I just don't think it matters in a game. If a company member takes talents to craft high quality things, people should just be able to wear higher quality gear without having to spec into it. Suggestion: Allow players to use higher quality goods without having to take the talent in order to wear and make them that quality. I feel this would improve some things from an economy standpoint. For a new player who maybe has a little gold to come across a shop, and see a set of green quality tools for sale. Even if he has the gold to buy them, he wouldn't be able to use them unless he took the necessary talents. So a no-brainer purchase for that player suddenly becomes a commitment to investing talents in order to use them. Even if he's got not invested interest in crafting. So you're only really utilizing half the talent.
  7. I've always seen lawless as your starter island to get you some levels and allow you time to build a ship and find your permanent home in the world. Before the wipe, they were your only option to build a base if you weren't fortunate to have claimed land early, or steal someone's land. So lawless, people typically fought over space and resources. Generally you couldn't have a massive compound unless you happened to be on when someone else's space was demolish-able, and in F12 we had people building shipyards to block other shipyards because they simply didn't have any other option if they wanted to build a ship to leave. But, now we can build anywhere for the most part. I would take advantage of that. Because again, lawless is for new players to get on their feet. There are a lot of cool places to build that aren't lawless.
  8. I managed to get land, but not without rigorous effort. We stole land from someone who did own an entire island and then some; And we got shamed for it, if you can believe it. I had a rather lengthy conversation with one of NA PVE's top company leaders, who essentially thought I was rude because I didn't want to join his larger company to obtain land, or do anything in the game for that matter. It was asinine, because all we wanted was a spot to build and be. Before that, me and mine spent weeks in F12 (lawless), on a fairly large island. But it wasn't long before it slowly became unbearable. There's no order. People build walls around metal resource nodes, block each other in with shipyards, lay down foundations all over the place because they want to 'save the spot' for themselves or whoever else. It literally is, every man for themselves. There isn't a sense of community, because no one is willing to stick their necks out for the off-chance someone else won't cooperate because it's a game and there's nothing you can do about it. But, on the same coin, I understand where you're coming from. All those things are preferable to nothing at all, and I get that. But it's really not ideal, and sort of a shame that they put in all this work to 'fix' claim and it sounds awesome but PVE won't get to at least try it. It will just be lawless everywhere. Edit: Forgot to note that the land I did own was about 6 flags. Also forgot to mention that we had one case where someone had laid foundations down all over the island with a sign that read. "10k gold for sale." Which basically meant, they were ransoming space for people who just joined the game to be able to even build a small hovel for protection, and build a ship to leave. Just because they could, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.
  9. And thinking about it, actually, there could be some use to the vulnerability status in pve! Opportunity to design things around it, rather than just removing the aspect entirely. My company leader actually had a lot of fun designing a cannon defense tower. Now the idea was actually sprung from the potential griefer, coming along to bring ships of the damned into our harbor and destroying our ships so they could scuttle them after. It became fairly useless after the change was implimented to make boats and structures resilent to that sort of activity. However! Could it be possible to design random attacks on settlements by monsters, armies of the damned, or what have you during these 'scheduled vulnerability' times the players set? That, instead of players coming to attack your base or island, perhaps a hydra comes out of the depths to attack and eat people on islands? This could further the incentive to socialize and band together as pathfinders on an island, rather than "I just wanna build a massive base and play by myself." It could also give smaller companies who want to own an island a reason to really think it over before actually claiming it. Not only for a resource demand, but also for the potential of it being attacked by a huge monster and if you're only 1 or 3 people, might not be able to defend it on your own. Just an idea. TL;DR Opportunity to utilize 'vulnerability timer' in PVE by designing NPC forces that attack islands as a randomized event possibility. Gives players more incentive to band together, rather than remain reclusive. Also gives incentive for smaller companies and solo players to live on an already owned island, rather than own the island themselves. Randomized island attacks would also make the world feel more real and immersive. If an island is under attack, players simply on the island for maps or exploring could help in it's defense for better loot, and greater experience. Timer essentially would give owners of the island a chance to be online for potential attacks. Reward based on the rank of the attack, similarly to the rank of the island. Rank 3 islands (assumingly bigger) have greater chance to be attacked by larger mobs, like a Hydra. Whereas rank 1 islands would have greater chance of only being attacked by smaller ones. Maybe 3 waves of army of the damned or something.
  10. I agree. The new claim system sounds promising with it's incentive in large companies working with small ones, rather than cutting them off completely or pressuring them to join them so they can have a place to build. Which was the major issue. Large companies consistently spanning their 'rule' over every corner of the map, and maintaining them with a single bed under each flag. By limiting the potential, and adding the need for consistent upkeep over their lands really demands a lot more effort in holding them. The idea that pve is going to be left open to anyone to build on doesn't put me at ease. Because as OP has mentioned, it only really inspires random people to come along and screw up your next four days. (If the decay is anything like lawless. 4 days I think was the demolish deadline.) I get that trolls won't be so obligated to come out and repair the pillars and foundations they've laid out, unless they really get a rise out of you or something. But it's still an inconvenience that I really would rather not deal with. At least with the claim system you plan to implement, there is some control over a situation like that. If, say, Lotus owns an island and someone decides they want to put down pillars to "save the land" or to simply be an ass- People living on the island can tell them, and they can choose to fix the issue on their island. It makes them responsible. And if they don't want to deal with the issue, then they might lose support from the people of their island. It inspires community when previously there was only every-land-lubber-for-themselves sort of vibe in almost every case. Now, I don't know if your system can be tweaked in the way to basically allow it to exist in pve, just turn off the 'vulnerability time' requirement or not, but I think it would work fine in pve. TLDR: New claim system for pve so we have some order. The incentives for large companies, or any companies who manage to claim land, to allow people to live among them. Gives people who own islands a responsibility to actually rule the land they claim, and inspires actual community. Pillar spam makes me uncomfortable.
  11. This is still an issue. Animals fall through boats after coming out of stasis.
  12. I'm not sure if they increased it or not, because the galleon I was working on was not so empty as this- But it needs to be increased a tad more I think. Part of the reason I built a galleon was to design it. So that's what I spent a lot of time on. Designing the interior of the ship, and making it look nice. But I think I've hit my limit, and I have yet to stick cannons on the thing. I don't plan on having as many cannons as physically possible- But I need some defense. But the way it is, I'm thinking I'm going to have to take out a bunch of walls and things I spent a lot of time farming for and placing with intent. Pretty please!
  13. Ahoy again! I thought I should update this thread in case any of things I've run into as of late has yet to see the forums. [Bug] Animals and NPC Crew falling through boat. I can't imagine this hasn't been mentioned already, but it is happening as of patch 18.8. I think it has something to do with not being properly connected with a flat surface, or the boat. My crew members tend to look like they're falling forever. If I unseat them, and they end up floating on stairs- Eventually they'll just drop down a bit into the floor. But sometimes when I log in, all of them are doing it. It's very strange. I haven't lost a crew member to drowning or anything yet, but I expect it to happen eventually if the bug isn't fixed. As for animals, they just seem to drop off the boat and onto the sea floor; And they remain there, as if they're standing on the boat still. As if to connected to the floor itself. Had a pretty gnarly scare when I came back to my ship and found a giraffe submerged. I don't know if they lose oxygen while they're like that. Hope not! Would be quite a disappointing loss. [Bug?] AI crew firing on fish when instructed to shoot only ships. Recently we made a cannon tower to deal with any nasty, griefing issues that may or may not occur. (Playing on PVE) In case someone happened to intentionally, or accidentally bring a ship of the damned into our harbor to destroy our boats. At the very least, we would have something of a defense with the tower. This was of course before the changes had been made to anchored structures but still! The issue with the tower is that if we set the cannons to anything but stand down, they shoot at fish even when they're told to shoot only ships. I'm not sure if this is a bug, or if I just don't understand how the permissions and commands work. But just in case it is unintentional, thought it'd be better to say something. [Bug] Female Lion, and other creatures, seem unresponsive when on ATTACK YOUR TARGET mode. Another command issue, but I know this isn't working the way it was designed. Essentially, the lioness is acting as though she's on passive. We take the carnivores out for a hunt, and when the attack is on, she stand at the back watching. She's been whistled to attack specific targets, whistled on to passive and then back to attack my target. Unless you are controlling her actions, she will not help fight. This happens with a few of my other tames as well. For example, my bears tend to not attack things I am hitting unless they happen to get hit in the process of me fighting for my life. Once they're tagged, of course, they'll annihilate whatever it was. But not before, which is a shame if I get taken off the bears back by a lion, and have to fight my way back to it while it dumbly stands there. ATTACK MY TARGET, means when I hit something they're supposed to respond right? [Bug] More tame and command issues. Some animals don't respond to group whistle commands, even though they're set to heed group whistles and do- But only certain ones. This one seems to only affect tier 3 animals though. Elephants, giraffes, ect. Our base has a courtyard with a gate, and there are times when horses will wander into the courtyard when the gate is left open. We tame those horses. So naturally we have to whistle for all the animals to be passive during the process, so they don't leap on top of the animal when I hit it. However, whenever I group whistle them back to attack my target, the big ones don't actually return to that mode. I have to manually go through them and ensure they are on attack my target. Otherwise, you run the off chance something dangerous gets in and murders things it shouldn't be able to because they wouldn't defend themselves. [Bug] Still cannot paint on canvas! Don't think we've been able to do this since the game launched. Surprisingly, you can paint on nearly everything but a portrait canvas. This isn't a huge issue, of course. Just would be nice to have paintings and things in my company house to make the place look neat. [Criticism & Suggestion] So, I know this thread is really for bugs and things that obviously weren't supposed to be apart of the experience but; I have a small request when it comes to building stuff. I enjoy building in almost every game. I'm your type of player that enjoys the prospect of carving out civilization, and making cool towns and things. The changes that have been made from Ark to Atlas have been very positive changes. I enjoy that the interface has been cleaned up on consolidating the various shapes of wall. I enjoy that when you place a wood wall on a boat it appears differently than it does on land. I appreciate these things immensely! However, a few things that bother me about the building system & other things: Pillars should snap to corners of squares. Pretty please. Number 1 reason I don't use stone in most building stuff, is the weird jig-saw looking stuff that sticks out on corners of buildings. Pillars would solve that issue, and make it look more stylish. I would use pillars more on corners than at the very center of squares. Tiny dockyard looks super cool, and I want to use the same visual for building out on water. Praying so hard for neat little do-dads one can make purely for decoration. Little cups, jars, bowls, little boxes, trinkets, bird cages maybe? It's purely bonus if you can actually store things in them, like jars and smaller boxes on shelves. Actual shelves would also be cool. Cannot paint ships white, or grey. I'm guessing because the way paint works in the game, is it's more of a tint than actual paint. Similar painting issues with walls and foundations, really. Any color that isn't super vibrant just doesn't show up really. Can we have a medium sized gate that allows large tier 3 animals through, but doesn't look ridiculously massive? Not saying get rid of large gates, just give us an option between small and large. We can pick up water barrels, but not preserving bags? Seems a bit odd that some items can be picked up and moved, but other things can't- And yet look like they can. I get not wanting to make the game completely convenient, but you have to take talents in order to even make preserving bags. Not sure why making them pick up able would be undesirable. Same with small chests, tables, and mortar & pestle. Wagons that actually have a storage and carry function would also be something. Like I enjoy the item of mounting a gun on the back of a wagon, but I'd like to also use the wagon to haul other things too- Not just weaponized death and destruction. Farming resources is sort of a big part of this game, so I think it would only be natural to have that option if you're going to have carts and carriages. NPC Traders not just in freeport, but hire-able for player towns in various zones across the Atlas. This is something a company mate suggested to me. He mentioned that it was done in another game, where players were able to establish they're own towns and then have NPC traders in shops in order to attract other people to visiting that town. Currently I have a little shop I designed for giggles. However, it would be really neat if I could hire a shopkeeper NPC and stick him in there to sell stuff from our company. Food items, and the like. For anyone who happens to wander past, and decide they need beets or something. It gives me a reason to ever stop at someone's town they built and spend time there, anyway. If I need wheat to cook something on the go on my brig, I could pop into Atlas Shrugged's town and visit a npc merchant that sells food that they farmed. They make gold, and I get my product. Think that's enough out of me. Take it as you will, or leave it. Hope this has been helpful! Until next time.
  14. Ahoy! More creepy, crawly bug reports! [Bug / Question] Can place new planks over old planks on boats, but not decks? Upgrading the brigs has been something of priority. We've fought baby ships of the damned, but we want to endure more before being holed and taking on water. Making blueprint planks and placing them in over the old ones seems to work no problem. But for some reason decks aren't, or just not as easily done. I'm assuming this is a bug, but it may just be something that happens. Decks hold things on them, where as none of my planks really do. [Bug] Screen suddenly goes black, but my character is still in play. Story time. I've been hunting for discovery points, as I'm sure most people have. So I'm climbing to the top of a mountain in the artic, to see whether discovery points happen atop mountains. Also saw some crystal formations, and was hoping to find gems too. Get to the tippy top of the mountain, and my screen suddenly goes black. It's not my monitor, because I'm still able to open up the menu to quit the game, mess with options, or resume. So I thought maybe I just slipped into the wall or something. Moving around leads to my demise. I stepped off the mountain and killed myself on accident. Respawning on a bed in my ship, still can't see a damn thing. I had to relog to fix the issue. [Bug] Ship won't back up sometimes. I'm sure this is just an issue with parking in shallow water, but sometimes when I dock, my ship doesn't want to back up again. There isn't anything visually obstructing it from doing so, it just won't back up as if there is something obstructing it. Usually I have to bend and twist her to get her out, but it shouldn't be an issue if nothing is there to bar it. I got in fine, so getting out should be fine. Ghost rocks? [Bug] Vanishing Ship. I made another thread about this, so I'll spare you the long winded tail. Essentially, I anchored my ship near a player built dock. Went to do some things. Came back, and she was gone. Apparently my ship teleported into a neighboring cell, anchored and everything. It was really weird. Have no idea why. Maybe it was the ghost rocks. That's all I got for now. Thanks for the game. I look forward to it's growth and improvement.
  15. Ahoy! Just so you're aware, had quite the adventurous bug happen to me a moment ago. My company and I built a dock for our brigs to be loaded and unloaded more efficiently. Nothing fancy, just foundations, ceilings, and some supports. So today, I road up to the dock with 3 elephants aboard after a long taming trip. Unloaded the elephants, unseated some crew and got eager to use them during this 2x gathering weekend. Encountered an alpha on the farming path and decided to deal with it so it didn't murder my elephants. So naturally I went for my blue crafted bow on my ship to find it wasn't where I left it. No where to be seen, in fact. Not underwater, nothing in the company log that my ship had expired for whatever reason. And yet, on my map, it still showed that The Banshee was docked where I left it. Threw all my junk in a box, fast traveled to the bed to find that it had teleported into a neighboring zone some how. Old gods indeed. My ship was still anchored, despite being near a transition wall into my home zone of F14. (G14 to be precise.) Luckily enough, I only lost a singular crew member during the hoodwinking glitch, but getting the old girl back to port was a terribly salty experience to say the least. Ship of the Damned, and a raging hurricane. A true test of my ability to captain and sail. Didn't lose my ship, so I'm thankful enough for that. But might want to take a peak and see why my ship suddenly vanished and reappeared at the edge of a neighboring zone seemingly at random. TLDR; Ship was anchored near land and randomly teleported into another zone, all while remaining anchored at the edge of where it teleported to.
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