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  1. It's not supposed to give discovery for home region to prevent people setting their home region and teleporting around. You have to set your home region somewhere else to get the points.
  2. Bump, this is still a bug.
  3. My crew spent many hours over the past week building a galleon with the hopes that we would be able to design a nice roleplayish ship that we could stock up and sail around Atlas and explore, trade and pillage. Partway into our interior renovations, we discovered that the galleon has a structure limit, and this limit is incredibly low for the size of the ship and the weight it carries. Currently, our ship has enough cannons to fill the gunports, a few walls to make rooms, a couple of beds, and some staircases. With just this, we have found ourselves at the structure limit. This limit needs to be increased to make galleons viable for more than one simple task.
  4. After dying in M3 and attempting to respawn, I now only get host pending connection timeout when attempted to reconnect.
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